Caffeine in Food

Caffeine in edibles: including mints, gum, chocolates, candies, medications, and tablets.

NameCaffeine (mg)Serve
4Ever Fit Caffeine Tablets200per tabletP
AeroLife Inhalable Caffeine100per doseO
Alien Energy Jerky110per packsO
Alka-Seltzer Wake-up Call65per tabletP
AMP Energy Gum40per pieceO
Anacin32per tabletP
Apples0per appleO
Appress Appetite Suppressant20per capsuleP
Arthriten32.5per tabletP
Awake Chocolate110per barO
Baking Chocolate (squares)23.2per square (29g)O
Bang!! Caffeinated Ice Cream125per scoopO
Bawls Mints1per mintO
Ben and Jerry's Fair Trade Coffee Ice Cream70per cup (8oz)O
Bioplus Booster90per sachetO
Black Black Gum sticks5per pieceO
Blast Caffeine11000per packetED
Blitz Energy Gum55per pieceO
Bolt 260110per tabletP
Breyer's All Natural Coffee30per cup (8oz)O
Butterfinger Buzz80per packageO
Buzz Bites Chocolate Chews100per chewO
Caffeinall30per shakeO
Caffeinated Brownies200per brownieO
Caffeinated Maple Bacon Lollipop80per lollipopO
Caffeinated Smart Cookie180per cookieO
ChocoMallows100per mallowO
Clif Energy Bars50per barO
Clif Shot Blok Pieces16.7per pieceO
Cocoa Powder (Hershey's)8.4per tablespoonO
Coffee (espresso) Beans7per roasted beanO
CoffeeMallows200per mallowO
Cracker Jack'D Power Bites100per packageO
Crackheads200per boxO
Crackheads 2 Candy600per boxO
Crunk!!! Energy Stix100per packetO
Crystal Light Energy Candy7.5per pieceO
Dannon Coffee Yogurt36per tub (6oz)C
Dark Chocolate (Ghirardelli)14per squareO
Destim Green and Clear200per capsuleP
Dexatrim200per pillP
Diablo Energy Strips25per stripO
Diurex Water Pills50per tabletP
E Fact Energy67per capsuleP
Ed Hardy Chocolate Rocks600per boxO
Ed Hardy King Dog Energy Mints19.4per mintO
Edy's Grand Espresso Chip90per cup (8oz)O
Energems25per pieceO
Energy Gummy Bears32per ozO
Energy Pix Caffeine Toothpicks7per toothpickO
Energy Sheets50per sheetO
Engobi140per ouncesO
EQ Tablets80per tabletP
Evopak Energy Chews50per chewO
Excedrin65per pillP
Excedrin Migraine65per tabletP
Firestar Energy Booster200per sachetO
Foosh Energy Mints100per mintO
FPSBrain5per pillP
Go Fast! Energy Gum80per pieceO
Go! Coffee Energy80per pinchO
Good Morning Pill130per capsuleP
Green Coffee Extract50per capsuleP
Greencoffex Caffeine Capsules200per capsuleP
GU Energy Gel40per packetO
Guarana47per gramP
Haagen-Dazs Coffee Ice Cream48per cup (8oz)C
Headshot Energy Bar22per barO
HERO Energy Mints82per mintO
Hershey's Chocolate Bars9per chocolate barO
Hershey's Kisses1per pieceO
Hershey's Special Dark Bars18per chocolate bar (1.45oz)O
Hershey's with Almonds8per chocolate barO
Hydrive Energy Chews40per chewO
Hydroxycut Hardcore100per capsuleP
Java Gum65per pieceO
Java Pop60per lollipopO
JavaMallows280per mallowO
Jelly Belly Extreme Sports Beans50per 1 oz bagO
Jet Alert200per tabletP
Joe Buzz Caffeine Pouch130per pouchP
Jolt Gum45per pieceO
Kashi Dark Mocha Granola Bar9per barO
KickBrix Energy Chews90per chewO
Kickbutt Amped Energy Ballz40per ballO
Kit Kat Bars6per barO
Koru Instant Energy Strips40per stripO
Lake FX Energy Gummies100per gummyO
Leptiburn by BioTrust106per capsuleP
Lightning Rods60per stickO
LiveWire Energy Chews120per chewO
M&M's Chocolate candy9per packageO
M-60 Energy Mints7per mintO
Mad Croc Energy Gum40per pieceO
Mad-Croc Energy Chews8per pieceO
Magnum 357 Caffeine Tablets200per tabletP
Mega T Green Tea Supplement50per capsuleP
Midol Menstral Complete60per pillP
Military Energy Gum100per pieceO
Mini Thin 25/50200per capsuleP
Mini Thin Rush Gum40per gumO
MintMallows100per mallowO
MoccaMallows200per mallowO
Morning Spark Energy Instant Oatmeal60per packetO
Movit Energy Gummies32per ounceO
MPower Energy Mints120per mintO
No-Doz200per pillP
NRage Energy Strips20per stripO
NRG Potato Chips175per bagO
Nuclear Energy Powders90per tubeO
One a Day Energy90per tabletP
One a Day Weight Smart Advantage120per tabletP
One a Day Womens Active Metabolism120per tabletP
Oral Fixation Night Light Mints11.5per mintO
Oreo Cookies1.3per cookieO
Outburst Energy Bites20per pieceO
Peak Performance Caplets200per capletP
Penguin Chocolate Mints7per mintO
Penguin Mints7per mintO
Penguin Reds7per mintO
Pep-Back Recharge Caplets200per capletP
Peppgum sticks77per pieceO
Perky Jerky35per ounceO
Pic Me Up200per tabletP
Pit Bull Energy Bar165per ouncesO
Plow On Gum100per pieceO
Prolab Caffeine Supplement200per tabletP
Pure Caffeine Powder4706per teaspoonP
Pure Energy EPH-25200per tabletP
RageQuitRelief100per capsuleP
Raging Bull80per pieceO
Red Chinese Super Cap200per capsuleP
Redline Gel Caps97per capsuleP
Reese's Peanut Butter Cups4per butter cupO
Reload Energy Strips20per stripO
Revive Energy Mints102per mintO
Revivo Energy Chews20per chewO
Rite Aid Stay Awake100per tabletP
Rocket Chocolates42per pieceO
Rockstar Energy Gum40per pieceO
Shock a Lots Chocolate Coffee Beans20per beanO
Spot On Energy Patch65per patchP
Sprayable Energy100per doseP
Starbucks Coffee Ice Cream60per cup (8oz)O
Starbucks Frappuccino Bar30per barO
Stay Puft Caffeinated Marshmallows100per mallowO
Study Buddy40per capsuleP
Sumseeds120per bag (3.5oz)O
Super Caps Xtreme250per capsuleP
Theazine Energy Supplement75per capsuleP
ThinkGum10per pieceO
Turbo Snort Energy Nasal Spray1per sprayO
Turbo Truffles150per truffleO
Uber Cube100per cubeO
Umph Tablets99per tabletP
UPTime Energy Tablets66per tabletP
Used Coffee Grounds41per 7 gramsO
VE 2 Energy Gum35per pieceO
Vibe Energy Gum40per pieceO
Vivarin200per pillP
VoJo Citrus Mints2.2per mintO
VoJo Energy Mints2.2per mintO
Warp Energy Green Tea Lemon-Lime Mints10per mintO
Warp Energy Mints10per mintO
Wired Waffles200per servingO
Wrigley's Alert Energy Gum40per pieceO
X8 Energy Gum50per pieceO
XTZ Energy Mints15per mintO
Yellow Subs Xtreme250per capsuleP
Zingos Mints15per mintO
Zoom Energy Pills100per pillP

More caffeine amounts?

Drill down into even more comprehensive caffeine charts.

Starbucks McDonald’s Caribou Dunkin’ Donuts Tim Hortons Seattle’s Best Costa Coffee Caffe Nero

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Tea Green Tea

Store-brand Soda
Store-brand Cola Store-brand Soda

  • Trying to be caffeine free

    To Cheryl from October 7th – I too LOVE Dr. Pepper and they DO make it caffeine free. You just can’t find it anywhere. I guess all the Dr. Pepper lovers must unite and insist that our local stores carry it.

  • Linda

    I am very sensitive to caffeine and have to avoid all caffeine. I would love to have a chart of all foods and drinks that contain any amounts of caffeine.

    How much caffeine is in a semi-sweet chocolate chip?


  • Kevin

    I think your site is great – thanks for all of the information re: caffeine contents of various drinks and food. For some reason, drinking coffee or tea in the morning now makes me sick to my stomach — never ever had this problem before (the last 3 weeks or so). Could it be from the caffeine? I know coffee contains more caffeine than tea, yet I get this reaction drinking either one now. Any thoughts?

    PS: from your chart, it looks like I would have to drink 3 cans of Classic Coke in the am to match the caffeine in one cup of coffee — could that be right? Jeeze, I always thought Coke had more caffeine in it than that!

  • ted

    Kevin, I doubt that it would be the caffeine unless you have developed an ulcer. since you never had the problem before. Do you put milk in them? Could be that.
    yes, coke doesn’t contain as much caffeine as most people think.

  • charlie

    wow. it’s amazing how one feels when one gains some idea of the limits of the human body. I mean, 58 no-doz? that’s a pretty small number, but now I know to only take 50 lol

  • mike

    Caffeine can also cause stomach issues if you have gastritis – similar symptoms to having an ulcer, but not as serious (caught early). At three weeks, it’s really time to see a doctor. In the mean time, cut out caffeine, chocolate, dairy, fatty foods, rich foods – that could help. (I’m not a doctor, would love to play one on TV, but been there / done that with the symptoms.)

  • brianna

    thanks for this information it is a great help =]
    but its also kinda scary. i think im gonna change some of my eating habits.

  • Kurt

    I think you are on to something here. I love your site–it’s fun and educational. I think you have something wrong though…isn’t the substance in chocolate called “theobromine”, not “caffeine”? And isn’t it true that theobromine has different effects on your body than caffeine? Similar, but not the same, right? I got this information from the encyclopedia. Maybe you have better sources, or at least different sources, so you can check it out and update your site, or correct me if I’m wrong.

  • ted

    The two are practically identical chemically and there really is a lot of debate whether there is any difference. The chemical in gaurana has a different name as well but is identical to caffeine but companies try to say it works differently and try not to include it in their caffeine amounts, but their isn’t much scientific research to support that.

  • sue

    Can you tell me how much caffeine is in a heaped teaspoon of Milo . Thanks

  • Alicia

    You listed the caffeine content for Hershey’s Chocolate bar and kisses….but as a fan of “DOVE” chocolate, I was wondering if it contained more, less, or about the same amount of caffeine as Hershey’s?

  • ted

    most milk chocolate is about the same.

  • Ashley

    I’m curious to know about the caffeine content of the new McDonald’s cafe beverages – specifically the medium latte. Everyone’s chatting about what a bargain it is, but if I’m really gonna make the switch, I need to know price/mg of caffeine. I’m not finding it anywhere via google.

  • ted

    We have the caffeine amounts of latte’s, espresso, filter coffee, etc. iin our database. Coffee is coffee despite the branding and will have roughly the same amount. It is impossible for us to list every brand and every store’s varieties.

  • Kelly

    Also wondering about dove chocolate, the bite size squares?

    giving up soda to try to conceive, but i figure these chocs dont have that much.. please help

  • ted

    chocolate is listed in the database, we aren’t listing every brand sorry.

  • Razberry Smoozie

    Caffeine in softdrinks can cause you to sometimes have sleeping disorders,bipolar disorder, sometimes schizophrenia, which is a mental disorder. It increases the risk of having parkinson, raises fatty acids in the blood, irritates stomach lining, makes digestion lest effective, and many other problems. I like tea, but I also think it is destructive to my body. :)

  • Razbeery Smoozie

    Go on to find more info and what caffeine does, it’s information is reliable.
    I really like the “The Death By caffeine” on energyfiend, it’s cool. B-)
    I have a question, does Diet Coke actually not make you lose weight, or is just full of aspartame?
    I don’t know the answere. :( :(

  • ted

    There’s lots of research out there about artificial sweetners and weight loss here’s a good post

  • Martin R.

    Caffeinated beef jerky – didn’t see it in the list, and it does exist; 3.5 oz bag contains 110mg of caffeine (that’s about 3 times the caffeine content per ounce (although it’s not fluid) of many brand name energy drinks).