Dunkin’ Donuts Coffee Caffeine Content Guide

Dunkin Donuts CaffeineDunkin’ Donuts started as a donut bakery shop back in 1950 in Quincy, Massachusetts and since has become a worldwide franchise comprising almost 10,000 stores worldwide and almost 7,000 USA locations.

Here’s how Dunkin’ Donuts’ coffee and other beverages break down according to caffeine content.


Caffeine Amounts in Dunkin Donuts Beverages

(10 floz)
(16 floz)
(20 floz)
(24 floz)
Coffee (Brewed)132mg178mg244mg284mg
Decaf Coffee (Brewed)9mg13mg18mg22mg
Espresso75mg (single)97mg (double)151mg (triple)n/a
Hot Chocolate12mg17.5mg24.5mg27mg
Vanilla Chai40mg59mg82mg89mg
Hot Green Tea60mg (6 floz)
Iced Latte75mg
(16 floz)
(24 floz)
(32 floz)
Iced Coffee70mg
(16 floz)
(24 floz)
(32 floz)
Coffee Coolatta16mg
(16 floz)
(24 floz)
(32 floz)
Iced Tea57mg
(16 floz)
(24 floz)
(32 floz)
Iced Green Tea40mg*
(16 floz)
(24 floz)
(32 floz)

* Dunkin Donuts’ customer service stated that their ice green tea has 40mg/6 floz of the green tea mixture which is not including the ice and water added, therefore this is an estimated amount.


In addition to the above listed beverages, Dunkin’ Donuts has several flavored versions of their brewed coffee and espresso based coffee drinks. Some are available seasonally and others all year long.

The caffeine content of the flavored varieties would be the same as above, but would only depend on whether it is a brewed coffee beverage or an espresso based flavored beverage.

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How Does Dunkin’ Compare?

The caffeine content in Dunkin’ Donuts coffee is less than other restaurants such as Starbucks or  Caribou coffee.

Less ground coffee is used to make Dunkin’ Donuts brewed coffee and their espresso based drinks don’t follow the standard shot amounts.

For instance, a true double shot should have double the caffeine as a single shot and a triple shot, triple the caffeine. Dunkin’ doesn’t use double the amount of espresso ground coffee to make their ‘double’ shot, which results in less caffeine than a standard double shot.

Over the last 10 years Dunkin’ Donuts has strengthened their coffee brand significantly by introducing espresso based drinks as well as cold coffee beverages such as their popular Coolatta. Their coffee tends to be more affordable than other coffee houses and they have become just as popular for their coffee as they are for their 52 varieties of donuts.

For people who prefer less caffeine in their coffee and espresso beverages, Dunkin’ Donuts is a good choice.

Are you a fan of Dunkin’ Donuts coffee? Why do you prefer Dunkin’ over others?

Source: Dunkin’ Donuts Customer Service

  • Lili

    Answered my questions. Thank you.

  • Goldina Y. McIntyre

    Even though your hot chocolate is low in caffeine there are alot of people who for health or health conscious reasons can’t take even that much caffeine. There are many wonderful items to choose from on your menu, and not every one comes in for coffee==me included! I can buy Nestle’s 99.9% caffeine free hot chocolate in the grocery store but have never been able to get caffeine free from business’s such as your own, green mountain coffee, starbuck’s, etc. I would think that expanding your caffeine free items to include hot chocolate would apeal to many and perhaps attrack new customers. I wouldn’t think it would be that much more expensive to obtain. Just a thought, keeping in mind people are becoming more health conscious and mom’s might purchase it more often for their kids if the caffeine factor was eliminated. Thanks for letting me give you my input.

  • Marilynn Higgins

    I am trying to find out how much caffeine is in Dunkin Doughnuts decafe – I know there’s some – just want to know how much!

  • steve

    This varies very much, because some dunkin donuts taste so watered down that the mg in a hot cup could vary by like 100-150 mg depending on how strong they make it.also. even though they are all supposed to.be the same. It’s never the case

  • http://www.caffeineinformer.com ted

    You’re right Steve, I’m sure some stores don’t follow the corporate guidelines in oder to save a little money. :-(

  • Joshua Karpoff

    I am trying to find out the caffeine content of the Baskin Robbins Cappaccino Blast (posting under DD since it is a sister company).

  • cynth

    The espresso count is wrong. I worked in dunkin and for shots they did double and triple the single shot. I thought it was weird that a medium latte had the same caffeine as a double shot of espresso.

  • http://www.caffeineinformer.com ted

    The information came directly from Dunkin Donuts. A medium latte, usually is made with a double shot of espresso.

  • Joe six pack

    Wouldn’t a double shot of espresso have double the caffeine of a single? 75+75 doesn’t equal 97. Are they jipping us on the second shot?

  • http://www.caffeineinformer.com ted

    You would think right? These amounts are from Dunkin’ Donuts so a double isn’t a true double there. Better off ordering a drink with two single shots.

  • mlavec

    what about their iced teas?

  • nik

    its not actually a “double shot” its a “medium sized shot”. just a different button on the machine. same amount of grounds are used in the small medium and large shot of espresso, its just the amount of water thats different. ive been working for dunkin since before they had espresso and before they stopped brewing flavored coffees. the only time you actually get a “double shot” of espresso is if you order an extra shot for a buck or if you order either a large iced latte or turbo ice. only large iced drinks get two small shots.

  • Mburg

    What about the hot tea??

  • http://www.caffeineinformer.com/ Ted

    Don’t they just use a tea bag for hot tea?

  • Dunkin Manager of five years

    If you just search the drink, you’ll find it. I just looked it up and it’s around 232 mg of caffeine per 24 oz.

  • Dunkin Manager of five years

    yup, and for iced it’s a large tea bag.

  • Bratista

    I’m pregnant and I get a half decaf medium iced coffee almost daily. Does that exceed the limits of 100 mg per day?

  • http://www.caffeineinformer.com/ Ted

    A medium iced coffee is 91mg so 1/2 decaf should put it around 50mg.

  • Colleen

    How much caffeine is in a med iced green tea from DD?

  • http://www.caffeineinformer.com/ Ted

    I’ll see if I can find that out for you.

Last Modified: May 13, 2015