Caribou Coffee: The Complete Caffeine Guide

By Caffeine Informer Staff

Caribou Coffee Caffeine
A lovable beast has been making its way down from the far north and serving up java to the cold and weary.

Caribou Coffee began in 1992 after it’s founders made a trek to Alaska and were inspired to start the business. Caribou started in Minneapolis, but is now in 16 states with 500 company owned locations.

Caffeine in coffee can vary (due to coffee origin and blend used) and may be more or less than the amounts shown.

Since they are gaining traction across the country and into a few other countries as well, we thought it was time we developed a handy guide to the caffeine content at Caribou.

BeverageSmall (12oz)Medium (16oz)Large (20oz)
Brewed Coffee230mg307mg383mg
Coffee with Steamed Milk153mg192mg230mg
Brewed Decaf Coffee4mg5mg6mg
Caffè Latte180mg180mg270mg
Caffè Mocha (also flavored Mocha’s)180mg180mg270mg
Caffè Americano180mg180mg270mg
Cappuccino180mg (6oz)270mg (9oz)360mg (12oz)
Macchiato180mg (4oz)270mg (5oz)360mg (6oz)
Chi Latte15mg20mg25mg
Depth Charge (coffee + 1 shot of Espresso)291mg368mg445mg
Espresso180 ( 3oz)270 (4oz)360 (5oz)
Coffee Cooler (lite version & other flavors similar)124mg154mg185mg
Espresso Cooler (lite version similar)190mg221mg252mg
Cold Press Iced Coffee192mg230mg268mg
Iced Late, Mocha,180mg180mg270mg
Iced Americano270mg360mg450mg
Iced Chi Latte20mg25mg30mg
Hot Apple Blast000
Caramel High Rise180mg180mg270mg
Mint Condition180mg180mg270mg
Lite White Berry180mg180mg180mg
Hot Cocoa000
White Hot Chocolate000
Reindeer Drinks000
Green Tea Smoothies44mg55mg66mg
Iced Tea (all flavors)30mg37.5mg45mg
Black Tea (hot)97.5mg130mg162.5mg
Green Tea (hot)45mg60mg75mg
Herbal Tea (hot)000
One product that stands is the “Depth Charge” with a whopping 445mg/(20oz) of caffeine and the Iced Americano with 450mg/(20oz). Now that’s some bang for your buck!

Caribou Bottled Coffee Drinks

Caribou plus Espresso159mg
Caribou (regular)149mg
Caribou plus Vanilla124.4mg
  • Tim

    I’ve had the…experience…of sampling these products in their bottled form. Here’s the nutritional info:

    Iced Coffee + Espresso 12oz
    100 calories
    .5g fat
    5mg cholesterol
    200mg sodium
    20g sugar
    2g protein
    Assuming this is the bottled version of the “Depth Charge,” coffee with espresso, this would contain 291mg caffeine.

    Regular Iced Coffee 12oz
    120 calories
    1.5g fat
    5mg cholesterol
    210mg sodium
    24g sugar
    2g protein
    Assuming this is the bottled version of “Cold Press Iced Coffee,” the caffeine content would be 192mg.

    Vanilla Iced Coffee 12oz
    120 calories
    1.5g fat
    5mg cholesterol
    210mg sodium
    24g sugar
    2g protein
    There seems to be no comparable served product, but there’s no reason to believe the caffeine would be much different than the regular iced coffee. So about 192mg caffeine.

    I’ll do the mocha when I find it.

    As far as taste goes on these, they’re alright. The espresso is only for true coffee lovers though, it’s pretty strong.

  • ted

    Thanks for the info Tim! To bad they don’t list the actual caffeine content..We’ll see if we can nail the actual amount down.

  • ben

    Yea I wouldn’t assume it’s the same caffeine amount for the bottled coffee. But isn’t 230mg really high for brewed 12oz? I thought 8oz was averaged to 100mg.

  • ted

    nah, not really for a coffee house as they make a pretty strong brew i.e. Starbucks 12oz has 260mg. I usually have to put milk in it because it’s a tad too strong for me and I like it strong..

  • Mike

    I enjoy the taste of Caribou far more than any other chain (Yeah, I’m looking at you, Barsucks), and I’ve always enjoyed the depth charge. Sometimes, I’ll even get an extra shot of espresso. Considering it has a nearly a half a gram of caffeine, no calories, and costs less than three dollars, it is the best way to get your buzz on without breaking the bank. I will have to give the Cafe Americano a whirl next time I’m in one though. I figured everything else just quaked in the shadow of the depth charge’s caffeine content.

  • Tramp

    I haven’t had the pleasure of trying Caribou since I live in California, but my friends from other states say it’s the best.. Still I’ve grown used to Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf (helps that I get it for free). And I’m not a hundred percent sure what was up , but the last time I had It’s A Grind not only was I completely satisfied with the coffee, but I felt like it gave me quite a buzz for normal coffee.

  • Gilly

    Never been a fan of coffee. Bad flavor, bad breath, yellow teeth. ; )

    But I admire it all for the caffeine and the smooth effects. Caribou is one of my favorite places here in town. (and their french toast muffins are a must-have).

  • Evan

    I’m in Maryland and I have still never seen a Caribou coffee place, but the bottled Iced Coffee + Espresso is pretty good. You should make a Dunkin’ Donuts chart. I drink massive amounts of their coffee.

  • ted

    Good idea Evan, I’ll have a look.

  • KarlieMildraed

    Website seems pretty slick. That’s about it.

  • John

    I am from Vermont but have lived in Minneapolis for about 8-9 months carribou is everywhere… i like it for a chain… but i still prefer the black coffees from the smaller shops as well as thier deapthcharges.. and i like coffee black to get the full flavor and jolt.. so caribou is good but Dunn Bros. for a chain is superior in my book but still prefer spyhouse or the Beat in uptown Minneapolis MN. THanks for the chart great info by the way

  • Grace

    the large cold drinks are actually 24 ounces so the graph is a little off.
    hot drinks come in 12, 16, and 20 ounces – cold drinks come in 12, 16, 20, and 24 ounces.

  • Paul

    Complete guide? Afraid not… Dont see your Keurig cups anywhere in sight. As a matter of fact I cant find anywhere that lists the caffeine content.

  • ted

    We have K-cups listed here. they are pretty standard across brands give or take a few milligrams.

  • Hooga

    There’s a Caribou in Hunt Valley, MD. I love their coffee.

Last Modified: November 28, 2013