Nitrous Monster: Truth Behind the Name?

By Caffeine Informer Staff

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Our comments have begun to come alive with information about the new Nitrous line from Monster.

Nothing about the drinks has shown up on Monster’s official website yet, but the internet is already coming alive with reviews.

At energy fiend we wanted to make sure consumers understand what this new line of energy drink really is. Unfortunately, it is a clever marketing campaign by Monster.

These drinks do not contain Nitrous Oxide (laughing gas).  How do we know this? Well it is illegal in the USA to market and sell a food product containing N2O  as a ingredient for human consumption and it can only be used as a propellant such as in whip cream.  So if you were planning on getting some type of euphoric feeling from these drinks, you will be disappointed.

We haven’t seen the ingredient list, but our guess is that they are putting Nitric Oxide (NO) in the drink which is a completely different substance. This gas has relaxing properties when consumed and occurs naturally in the human body, but is not considered an illegal substance and is in many body building products.

So Monster, by calling their new line Nitrous is hoping that people will associate the new drink with what they know about nitrous oxide, which is also used as a power enhancement for engines  and equate the drink with performing according to this prior knowledge, thinking it will give them some euphoric rush of energy.

Clever marketing, but slightly deceptive. What do you think about Monster’s new line?

Update 11/8/09 – Lots of great debate and info in the comments so keep them comming!  We’ve contacted Monster and are hoping someone will reply or comment here about how they are nitrogenating the water. We still aren’t entirely convinced it’s Nitrous Oxide because of the FDA regulations. Maybe someone could test it for us in their school’s  Chem Lab?

You can purchase Monster Nitrous online by clicking here.

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  • Nick

    That is very clever marketing, lol. No doubt it’ll probably be a huge success whether or not people actually enjoy the taste. I’ve never even seen this though, so I’ll have to keep an eye out, but there is only 1 store in my area that has a good variety of drinks.

  • edjunkie

    Thanks for the plug for using my image. I will say one thing the carbonation is a totally different thing in these drinks. They are being a bit deceptive but I think it is nitrogen that is carbonating the drink and not nitric oxide. No where on the can does it mention Nitric Oxide. It does list nitrogenated water. This is commonly found in beer like the Draught Guinness in a can.
    This gives the Monster Nitrous drinks a creamy head of foam like you have never tried before

  • ted

    Thanks for the info. edjunkie, that clears it up…Still not Nitrous oxide like the name suggests…Very Interesting!

  • Evan

    I wouldn’t say they are trying to trick consumers, “Nitrous Monster” just sounds better that “Nitrogenated Monster”. I never thought that they were trying to market it as having special effects (you have to inhale nitrous oxide to get an effect). It’s just an interesting new carbonation method and they taste great.

  • Tim

    I’m sure I wasn’t the only one to email you guys about these drinks…and I admit I said they had nitrous oxide in them as well. I was confused though, knowing that it was laughing gas…I knew something was wrong there. Also you should check out the Java version of these…Xpresso Hammer. 6.75oz, also “carbonated” with nitrIC oxide.

  • The Crowing

    The nitrous bit is obviously a silly idea, but I’ll admit I’m curious to try these drinks. Monster started me on energy drinks, and my tastes have changed enough that I really can’t stand Monster on a normal basis. However they have one on shelves called “Monster Imported” which is basically the same as the original Monster, but I found it much easier to drink because a lot of the chalky flavor is gone (and they claimed on the can that it cut a few calories, but I didn’t bother comparing). Also, it comes in a unique resealable can.

  • edjunkie

    Here is what it says on the side of the can. “Call us crazy but we combined Nitrous Oxide with carbon dioxide in a precise ratio and injected it into our potent monster energy base” So lets all be even more confused now. No where on the ingredients does it mention Nitrous oxide. They also say this “This is no Whip it but it will whip you good”

  • tjg92

    I just drank a can of the Anti-Gravity variety, and I have to say it’s the most delicious energy drink I’ve ever tasted. The texture was so unique for this kind of drink, and they nailed the flavor. I don’t know if I’ll be buying these often though because the only place I could find them at is charging $3.24… just insane.

    Anyway, even if they did carbonate this with nitrous I’m pretty sure you wouldn’t be able to get high off of it by drinking it… Are you sure it would be illegal for them to use Nitrous to “carbonate” the water? Isn’t it also illegal to say there is nitrous in it if there isn’t? I’m not sure, you’re probably right.

  • tjg92

    It will also be interesting to see if this drink gets in the same kind of trouble Cocaine energy got into.

  • Tim

    I found the Xpresso thing…also carbonated with “nitrous oxide.” It says that right on the can. But if you look at the ingredients, it says “nitrogenated coffee,” whatever the hell that is. Could be coffee soaked in fertilizer for all we know…the mystery deepens.

  • Evan

    I don’t care what they used, all I know is that they definitely nailed the flavor of the new drinks (besides Super Dry). How available is the Xpresso thing because I still can’t find it anywhere and I love the taste of the Starbucks Doubleshots.

  • oxycodonecandy

    The can says nitrogenated water, I believe, and the side says a precise ratio of nitrous oxide and carbon dioxide. I highly doubt they would lie about that due to the false advertisement claims that would soon follow. I advise you be sure before you talk about something. You even say you haven’t read the ingredient list.

  • Tim

    Evan, the Xpresso one is relatively available I’d guess, because if I can find it living in rural Pennsylvania, it must be getting around. FYI I didn’t taste any spectacular difference from regular canned blended coffee…perhaps a tinyyy bit smoother, but that’s all. Costs less than a Starbucks Doubleshot, and tastes better too though…

  • jane

    I tryed all three of them their ok but I’m not really a monster fan in the first place. definetally something different flavor wise.

  • tim w

    ive actually indulged in one of these so called “nitrous monsters”. 2 actually.

    the green, “super-dry” isnt too bad. taste pretty good, quite a kick.
    the yellow, or “killer-b”, is another story. a group of me and my friends compared it to…overly sweet beer.
    the orange is still a mystery, me n my friends didnt get the chance to try it, but i hope it’s more promising than Killer-B.

    lifting for football, i’ve taken lifting supplements before, and in most situations it’s used to help dialate blood vessels, increase blood flow, put more oxygen into your body. giving you more pump during your work-out

  • ted

    Everything I’ve read on line says nitrogenated water is made using plan nitrogen not nitrous oxide. The beer industry has been doing this for a few years. Here’s a good link that explains how they do this. .

  • me

    “Call us crazy but we combined Nitrous Oxide with carbon dioxide in a precise ratio and injected it into our potent monster energy base”

    0:1 is a very precise ratio.

  • Subway

    Oh wow. If they stooped that low I’d be pissed.

    However there is a precedence in the food community for using nitrous oxide for carbonation… (5th paragraph is the relevant bit)

    The press release also claims “nitrous oxide” is a part of the carbonation.

  • random

    Have you guys even tried one yet? lol. I bet half replying haven’t. “internet… serious business”

  • Hope

    Where do you find these in Australia?


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