Caffeine Content of UK and Europe Drinks

Find the amount of caffeine in coffee, tea, soft drinks, energy drinks, and energy shots found in UK, Ireland, and continental Europe.

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  • Haoey

    I’ve tried most of it but you haven’t mentioned some? Are you mainly naming the ones in the States?
    Im from the UK, I also drink loads of the random ones like Rooster, Kicks, alibi and theres attitude for the health freaks.

    Cool list though ;)

  • Nikki

    You mention IrnBru32 – but how much caffeine in Original (and the most popular) Irn Bru?

  • Aristippos, the Coffee Dramatist

    Every single day I write about coffee, or read about coffee, prepare a coffee, cook with coffee or discuss about coffee.

    It is wonderful to find someone who takes good care of the Caffeine aspect. I do look very much forward to what your Caffeine blog may teach me and provide to my readers.

    Thank you!

  • Aristippos, the Coffee Dramatist

    another thing:

    in this context it would be VERY interesting, if you test and include the caffeine amount in a Ristretto. I would very much like to know, how it varies from an Espresso throught the simple water reduction.

  • ted

    Hey Aristippos, We don’t test caffeine products here or have the facilities to do so, but I could research to see if it’s been done elsewhere.

  • Aristippos, the Coffee Dramatist

    thank you Ted!
    If it is possible for you to find that out.
    would appreciate it

    Perhaps you could also ask about coffein in coffee in its raw state.
    I do know that raw coffee contains high levels of protein, which however get lost in the roasting process.

  • lynda


    I have recently been suffering from acute migraines and been told by the doctor not to touch caffeine which is difficult because most drinks seem to have it in!!!! Does Tonic Water have caffeine do you know, need help cause sick of drinking water :-)

    Many thanks (U.K.)

  • ted

    lynda, I added tonic water to the database, no it doesn’t have any caffeine in it. :-)

  • Debbie

    Re: Lynda – your migraines are caused because you are dehydrated, caffeine will help to make you dehydrated so that is why you have been told to cut down. You also need to increase your water intake – at least 0.5oz of water per one pound of body weight you are. Tonic water is no good, you need to have plain water, just get used to having it – it’s better than migraines. You should also steer clear of ALL fizzy drinks, sports drinks and energy drinks. Hope this helps you.

  • Amanda

    RE: Linda & Debbie

    I suffer from sever migraines brought on by caffeine and it has NOTHING to do with being dehydrated. I drink pints of water everyday and yet if I have one mouthful of anything with caffiene in it within half an hour I’m suffering. When I want a soft drink other than water I go for ginger beer or bitter lemon.

    Watch out for pain relief with caffeine in it as well as most “extra” relief tablets contain caffeine.

    Hope the doctor explained how to do a food diary – caffiene might not be your only trigger.

  • Lymi

    You should add ED to this list o…o
    I was sad to find out that there is no ED on list D8

  • ted

    Ok, you got it. adding ED now. :-)

  • blueflash

    shuda energy shots: distrubted by, sold in home bargains 4 for 99p 25ml each

    contains 80mg per 25ml 320mg per 100ml

  • Neil Court

    I have samples of many of the products here and your numbers are not correct, examples.

    Mountain Dew = 18mg/100ml
    Lucozade Alert = 32mg/100ml
    Red Bull = 32mg/100ml
    Red Bull light = 32mg/1ooml

    I like the idea of the site but let’s get correct data in.

  • ted

    Neil, our data is accurate. Red bull is 80mg per 250ml of caffeine which is 32mg/100mls According to Pepsi’s nutritional information mountain dew has 15mg/100ml. According to Lucozade’s website Lucozade alert plus is a 60ml shot with 120mg of caffeine. This isn’t Alert in a can which would be different. So perhaps you should get your facts straight. :-)

  • Blizzz

    Hey, nice site, but Club Mate ( is missing, would be great if you could add it. The label says 20mg/100ml.

  • poker spielen

    I must digg your article therefore other people are able to see it, very useful, I had a hard time finding the results searching on the web, thanks.

    - Murk

  • insane ashby

    so i can use this in my coursework i need to know how you got this data and thanks its the basis of the whole peice

  • ted

    All sources are cited on each individual entry. Generic things like coffee’s and teas are cited here.

  • kizzy

    Useful list.
    Caffeine irritates the bladder and demands to be let out!!
    BUT I wish Id known when I cut out caffeine drinks to tackle bladder URGENCY, that the red teas (redcurrant,raspberry, cranberry etc) Id put in were actually bladder relaxants and made me pee more. I thought I was a hopeless menopausal incontinent. Luckily a well informed clinic nurse put me straight.
    Im cured- I drink ordinary tea with half the cup thrown down the sink and the cup filled with boiling water – or even just boiling water !
    please let everyone know