Guide to Caffeinated Water: List of Sparkling and Still

Sparkling water with raspberries and blueberries

Which sparkling waters contain caffeine? We’ve searched all the various brands, and found a collection of both sparkling and still waters that are caffeinated.

This list shows all caffeinated water brands with caffeine amount. Ordered by the concentration of caffeine.

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Where Are The Big Brands?

The Coca Cola Company owns both AHA Sparkling Water (lightly caffeinated) and the Vitaminwater brand (the Energy flavor is caffeinated).

PepsiCo sell the Bubly Bounce range.

Is Sparkling Water Good For You?

If you are looking for some caffeine the two best choices you can make are:

  • Caffeinated Sparkling Water
  • Black Coffee

Many outlet coffee drinks can be loaded with milk and sugar. Most soft drinks and energy drinks are high in sugar, or fortified with a lot of artificial sweeteners (see list of zero sugar energy drinks).

Sparkling waters are often very lightly flavored, with zero or few calories, and little to no artificial sweeteners.

Why Are There Some Zero Caffeine Waters?

Some users have asked us if to check if these sparkling waters contain caffeine.