Energy Drinks With the Most Caffeine – 2020

energy drinks with the most caffeineCaffeine levels in some energy drinks can be very high. Often combined with large amounts of sugar, these energy drinks may pose a health risk. Research continues to show an increasing amount of negative impacts from large doses of caffeine and sugar.

Recommendations for caffeine intake are up to 400mg a day and no more than 200mg in a single dose. However, for teens and children, daily caffeine intake should be no more than 3mg per kg of body weight.

We’ve searched through our database of over 800 drinks to find the most caffeinated energy drinks. The list is in order of caffeine concentration. The more concentrated, the quicker the caffeine will hit your system.

This list is constantly updated from our database as new drinks hit the market.

What About Energy Shots?

Here’s how 2 fluid ounce energy shots rank caffeine-wise per bottle.

  1. 10 Hour Energy Shot: 422 mg
  2. Cocaine Energy Shot: 280 mg
  3. Phoenix Energy Shot: 280 mg
  4. 7-Eleven Energy Shot: 260 mg
  5. Rhino Rush Energy Shot: 250 mg
  6. E6 Energy Shot: 235 mg
  7. 5 Hour Extra Strength: 230 mg
  8. Red Thunder Extra Strength: 230 mg
  9. Eternal Energy Shot: 222 mg
  10. Stacker Extreme Energy Shot: 205 mg

There are many brewed coffee drinks that contain similar levels of caffeine. The difference is that energy drinks contain many other ingredients, as well as high amounts of sugar. It is thought that the interactions between the various ingredients are contributing to health risks.


Written by James Foster, last updated on Jan 17, 2021