Phoenix Energy Shot

This item has very high levels of caffeine.
  • Caffeine level
    280 mg
  • Caffeine strength
  • Serving size
    Phoenix Energy Shot
    fl. oz bottle
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Phoenix Energy Shot is an energy/nootropic shot made by Phoenix Energy.

Their mission is to create an energy shot that gives consumers more than the typical energy shot like 5 Hour Energy does while being completely transparent about exactly what's in their product. 

Flavors of Phoenix Energy Shot

  • Blood Moon
  • Starblast
  • Arctic Storm

All flavors have the same ingredients and the same caffeine level.

The company sent Caffeine Informer free samples of each flavor for review.

Phoenix Energy Shot Review

I can't even count the number of energy shots that I've tried over the years, so it's always interesting to see if a new player actually has anything new to bring to the table. In the past, most shots were just a different alliteration of the same basic energy ingredients.

When I was first contacted by Phoenix, I was excited to see that this new shot actually offered something different.  


I tried all three flavors of Phoenix Energy Shot and the company did a nice job in this area. As I'll get to in a minute, there are a lot of ingredients in this shot so it would be quite a feat to make them undetectable. I could definitely taste the active ingredients but the sweetness and fruity flavor did a good job of making the shots drinkable. 

Most people consume energy shots quickly and don't sit and sip them like a fine wine, so the taste is on par with that notion. 

Active Ingredients and Effect 

Phoenix Energy Shot contains 12 active ingredients and they range from common ingredients like caffeine to less common ones that are nootropic in nature. I like that Phoenix discloses exactly how much of each ingredient is in their product. The complete list is below.

With 280 mg of caffeine per bottle, Phoenix packs a punch in that department. So much so that consumers should use a bit of caution when using Phoenix. First-time users or those without a caffeine tolerance may want to start with half a bottle.  

I felt the effects within 10 minutes of drinking Phoenix and although there is a lot of caffeine, I didn't feel nervous or jittery. The other active ingredients did a great job of balancing out caffeine's less desirable effects. I experienced an elevated state of alertness and a positive mood for about 6+ hours after consuming Phoenix.

Overall, I'm impressed with Phoenix Energy Shot and they should be commended for bringing something different and something more to the table. 

Because of the high levels of caffeine in Phoenix, it should only be used as directed and used by healthy adults only. 

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Ingredients in Phoenix Energy Shot

phoenix energy shot ingredients

Sugar content: Contains no sugar.

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Compared to Other Items

Phoenix Energy Shot contains 140.00 mgs of caffeine per fluid ounce (473.40mg/100 ml). A complete serving has a total of 280 milligrams of caffeine.

Total Caffeine (mg)

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