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Complete Guide to Sugar Free Energy Drinks

Glass with sugar cubes and measuring tape.

Sugar-free energy drinks fall into the following categories:

  • Carbonated ready-to-drink cans from the big brands (Monster, Red Bull, Rockstar).
  • Niche brands (with limited availability).
  • Energy drink mixes (powdered sachets to mix in water).
  • Workout supplements (highly caffeinated mixes).

Most Popular: The Top 5

The biggest selling sugar-free energy drinks, as reported in the top energy drink brands.

Red Bull Sugarfree
80 mg
per 8.46 fl oz
This item contains moderate levels of caffeine

Monster Ultra
150 mg
per 16 fl oz
This item contains high levels of caffeine

Rockstar Pure Zero
240 mg
per 16 fl oz
This item contains extreme levels of caffeine

Monster Zero Sugar
160 mg
per 16 fl oz
This item contains very high levels of caffeine

Red Bull Zero
80 mg
per 8.46 fl oz
This item contains moderate levels of caffeine

Complete List of Sugar Free Energy Drinks

A comprehensive list of sugar-free energy drinks, showing sweeteners used, and caffeine amount. Searchable and sortable.

Name fl oz Caffeine (mg) Sweeteners
3D Energy Drink16200Erythritol, Sucralose, Ace-K
4C Energy Drink Mix16.9170Ace-K, Sucralose
A Shoc16250Sucralose, Ace-K
ABB Turbo Tea Zero18120Ace-K, Sucralose
Accelerator12150Sucralose, Ace-K
Advocare Slim8120Sucralose
Alani Nu Energy Drink12200Erythritol, Sucralose, Ace-K
AMIN.O. Energy Drink12100Sucralose
Amino Force Energy Drink22200Sucralose, Ace-K
AXIO Energy Drink Mix12100Stevia
Bang Energy16300Sucralose
Bang Natural16250Sucralose
Bang Sweet Tea16300Sucralose
BE Beyond Energy Drink12160Sucralose
Berocca890Ace-K, Aspartame
Berzerk Energy Drink Mix16200Sucralose, Ace-K
Best Choice Strawberry Energy Drink Mix8120Aspartame, Ace-K
Bucked Up16300Sucralose, Ace-K
C4 On The Go12200Sucralose
C4 Performance Energy16200Sucralose, Ace-K
C4 Smart Energy Drink16200Sucralose, Ace-K
C4 Ultimate Energy Drink16300Sucralose, Ace-K
Celsius Energy Drink12200Sucralose
Celsius Stevia12200Erythritol, Stevia
Crave Energy Drink (UK)8.4380Stevia
Crystal Light Energy Mix1660Aspartame
EBOOST Energy Drink Mix8110Stevia
Gatorade Fast Twitch12200Sucralose
GFuel Cans16300Sucralose, Ace-K
GFuel Energy Drink Mix16140Sucralose
Ghost Energy Drink16200Sucralose, Ace-K
Go Fast High Octane Energy Drink16300
Goat Fuel12200Sucralose, Ace-K
Great Value Energy Drink Enhancers850Sucralose, Ace-K
Great Value Energy Drink Mix16120Aspartame, Ace-K
Hyde Xtreme12400Sucralose
Kill Cliff Energy X Recover1225Erythritol, Stevia
Kill Cliff Ignite12150Erythritol, Stevia
Liquid Help Energy Drink16300Sucralose
Marquis Energy Drink12100Erythritol, Stevia
Meltdown Ketone Drink12225Sucralose
Monster Ultra16150Erythritol, Sucralose, Ace-K
Monster Zero Sugar16160Sucralose
Moose Juice Energy Drink16.94200Ace-k
NOCCO Energy Drink (EU)11.17180Sucralose
Octane Energy Drink Mix12225Sucralose
PerformElite Pre-Workout 8225Sucralose
Perk Energy Beverage8100Sucralose
Prime Energy Drink12200Sucralose, Ace-K
Propel Zero Powder160Sucralose, Ace-K
Protein2O + Energy16.91125Sucralose
Pure Boost Energy Drink Mix16100Erythritol, Stevia
Pure Kick Energy Drink Mix16.980Aspartame, Ace-K
Quake Energy Drink16250Sucralose, Ace-K
Raze Energy Drink16300Sucralose, Ace-K
Red Bull Sugarfree8.4680Ace-k, Aspartame
Red Bull Zero8.4680Sucralose, Ace-K
Redline Princess8300Sucralose
Redline Xtreme Energy Drink8316Sucralose
Reign Storm12200Ace-K, Sucralose
Reign Total Body Fuel16300Sucralose
Rockstar Pure Zero16240Erythritol, Ace-K, Sucralose
Rockstar Sugar Free16160Ace-K
Rockstar Thermo 16300Sucralose, Ace-K
Rockstar Unplugged880Sucralose, Ace-K
Rockstar XDurance16300Sucralose, Ace-K
Rockstar Zero Carb16240Ace-K, Sucralose
Rogue Energy Drink16200Sucralose, Ace-K
Rogue Energy Drink Mix16175Stevia, Sucralose
Rowdy Energy Drink16160Erythritol, Stevia
Ryse Fuel16200Sucralose, Ace-K
Sneak Energy Drink Mix16150Sucralose
Solimo Energy Drink16152Erythritol, Ace-K, Sucralose
Spark Energy Drink Mix8120Sucralose
Spike Hardcore Energy16350Sucralose
Spike Shooter12300Sucralose
Strike Force Energy Drink Mix16.91160Sucralose
Triton Energy Drink16200
True Lemon Energy Mix16120Stevia
Ugly Energy Water16160
V8 +Energy Drink880Sucralose
Virtue Clean Energy Beverage8.4680Erythritol, Stevia
XS Energy Drink8.480Ace-K, Sucralose
Xyience Energy Drink16160Sucralose, Ace-K
Zevia Energy Drink12120Stevia
ZipFizz Energy Drink Mix16100Xylitol, Ace-K, Sucralose

In addition to sugar-free energy drinks, there is a small market for energy shots. Most energy shots (low-volume high caffeinated non-carbonated drinks) are almost all sugar-free. See the caffeine database for energy shot information.

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Aspartame, acesulfame potassium (Ace-K), and sucralose are all FDA approved food additives – if taken in acceptable quantities daily.

Stevia has a status of GRAS (Generally Regarded As Safe).

Sugar or Artificial Sweetener?

The debate and research around sugars and artificial sweeteners has continued for decades.

Sugar free or low sugar drinks are chosen for perceived ability to aid weight loss. Unfortunately, research suggests the opposite is true: there is a correlation between use of artificial sweeteners and weight gain.

Why would artificial sweeteners lead to weight gain?

It is due to overcompensating your eating in response to the disconnect between the sweetener and its calorie content.

In other words you drink something really sweet, and your brain-body does not receive the expected reward of calories. This in turn drives up appetite, and you find the sugar reward somewhere else.

That said, a smaller trial in 2019, showed that sucralose consumption was linked to lower body weight. Bewildering!



  • Yang Q. (2010). Gain weight by "going diet?" Artificial sweeteners and the neurobiology of sugar cravings: Neuroscience 2010. The Yale journal of biology and medicine, 83(2), 101–108.
  • Higgins, K. A., & Mattes, R. D. (2019). A randomized controlled trial contrasting the effects of 4 low-calorie sweeteners and sucrose on body weight in adults with overweight or obesity. The American journal of clinical nutrition, 109(5), 1288–1301.