Caffeine Content of Drinks

Find caffeine amounts and calories of most drink brands and types.

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Branded and Outlet Coffee

Complete charts of caffeine amounts for popular coffee outlets.

Caffeinated food and candy

Caffeine can be found in many foods, supplements, and medications.

Caffeine in tea

Tea has caffeine but at much lower levels than coffee.

Store-brand soda

There are many white-label or in-store labels of soft drinks that contain caffeine.

Is this per serving or bottle/can?

The caffeine amounts listed are always for the entire container. 

We only list a suggested serving for a multi-serve container, like a gallon-sized jug of iced tea or a 2-liter jug of iced coffee.

Data sources

Compiled by hand using the nutrition label, directly contacting the manufacturer, or from lab tests. See more sources here.

For many store or boutique brands, data is scarce. Some manufacturers don’t test their products as it isn’t required by law. This is especially true of naturally caffeinated products like coffee or tea.

See older discontinued drinks.