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Costa Coffee

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Costa Coffee is the largest and most popular coffee house chain in the UK.

The above caffeine amount is what would be expected in a Costa Medium Size Flat White Coffee.

Costa began in 1971 when brothers Sergio and Bruno Costa poured their first cup in London and has since opened shops in 29 countries.

Costa Coffee's caffeine revolves around the shot of espresso since all of their coffee beverages are espresso based.

NOTE: Costa changed cup sizes in late 2019.

1 shot equals about 92mg of caffeine.

Most of their coffees then use the following shot amounts.

  • Small = 2 shots
  • Medium = 3 shots
  • Large = 4 shots

But, some like their latte use these shot amounts.

  • Small = 1 shots
  • Medium = 2 shots
  • Large = 3 shots

Based on this, here are how many of Costa's most popular coffees break down.

Caffeine in Popular Costa Coffees

Beverage Small (12 fl oz) Medium (16 fl oz) Large (20 fl oz)
Espresso 92mg (single) 185mg (double) 277mg (triple)
Flat White 277mg - -
Americano 185mg 277mg 370mg
Caffè Latte (also flavors) 92mg 185mg 277mg
Caffè Mocha (also flavors) 190mg* 287mg* 395mg*
Cappuccino 185mg 277mg 370mg
Cortado 185mg - -
All sweetened or syrup flavored Coffees 185mg 277mg 370mg
Caffe Caramella 185mg 277mg 370mg
Iced Latte 92mg 185mg 277mg
Iced Mocha 190mg* 287mg* 395mg*
Iced Cappuccino 185mg 277mg 370mg
Iced Americano 185mg 277mg 370mg

*Estimated based on the amount of cocoa in the beverage.

Costa Coffee has high caffeine amounts for espresso-based coffee, so caution should be exercised by some if choosing the Massimo size.

Note: Some of the Costa espresso based drinks have longer or shorter espresso extraction times. This will cause the caffeine content to vary in some of the drinks, but the above information shows the average amount of caffeine to expect. Caffeine in espresso can vary depending on the quality of the coffee beans, exact extraction methods, and exact grams of ground coffee used. Therefore, Costa Coffee's caffeine amounts could vary from what's listed above.

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Ingredients in Costa Coffee

Coffee, Water

Is Costa Coffee high in caffeine?

Costa Coffee contains 31.88 mg of caffeine per fl oz (107.78 mg per 100 ml). A 256 ml cup has a total of 277 mg of caffeine.

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