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OK Energy Drink

OK Energy Drink
80 mg
per 8.45 fl oz
This drink contains moderate levels of caffeine.
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Ok Energy Drink is a Swiss brand that was launched in America. It is the second highest selling energy drink in Switzerland behind Red Bull, but is much cheaper. Those who have tried it, describe it as similar to the taste of many classic favored energy drinks. The drink is available in a sugar free version as well an Exotic flavor.

OK Energy Drink Review (NOTE: Old formulation)

We were recently sent a few cans of OK to try out. I agree with others who said that OK is similar to classic flavored energy drinks i.e. Red Bull. The flavor is pretty much identical, but OK Energy Drink is a tad sweeter. OK has 66 grams of sugar per 16.9 ounces and Red Bull has 54 grams of sugar per 16.9 ounces. The sugar-free variety is also pretty similar to sugar-free RB and has the same artificial sweetener profile (ace-k and aspartame).

Standard Energy

There's nothing unique in the energy ingredients profile of OK energy drink that makes it stand out either.

OK Energy Drink contains the typical energy drink ingredients; caffeine, B vitamins, sugar, and amino acids. It will provide the same lift as RB does per volume. The real advantage of OK Energy Drink is the value. For those that love RB, but want a much more affordable product, then OK could be just what those people are looking for.

In Europe, Ok makes a whole line of products from energy drinks, other beverages, and snacks to mobile phone service and credit cards.

Ingredients in OK Energy Drink

Water, Sugar, Glucose, Acidulants: Citric Acid, Carbonic Acid, Taurine (0.4%), Acidity Regulator: Sodium Citrate, Caffeine (0.032%), Glucuronolactone (0.024%), Inositol, Vitamins (niacin, Pantothenic Acid, B6, B12), Aroma , Colorings (caramel, Riboflavin).

Includes 27.5 grams of sugar (per 8.45 ounces) for a total of 113 calories.

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Is OK Energy Drink high in caffeine?

OK Energy Drink contains 80 mg of caffeine in a 8.45 fl oz can.

This equates to 9.47 mg of caffeine for every fl oz and 32.01 mg for every 100 ml.

80 mg
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160 mg
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