Caffeine in Drinks

Caribou BOUsted Sparkling Water

  • Caffeine Amount
    75 mg
  • Caffeine strength
  • Calories
  • Serving size
    Caribou BOUsted Sparkling Water
    11.5 fl oz can

Caribou BOUsted Caffeinated Sparkling Water is made by Caribou Coffee.

It's available is both grapefruit and wild berry flavors which both have the same amount of caffeine.  The drink is available in-store - but the product described here are the RTD (Ready-to-Drink) cans.

The caffeine in Bousted is derived from coffee and guarana. 

*NOTE - We believe the values listed on Caribou's nutrition information PDF on their site is incorrect (it lists a 20 oz sparkling water as having 210 mg caffeine). This is hignly unusual for a sparkling water - and possible incorrect.

Caribou have a large product offering in-store - many of which are caffeinated - see the full list of caffeine in Caribou drinks here.

Ingredients in Caribou BOUsted Sparkling Water

Carbonated Water, Natural Flavor, Citric Acid, Guarana Extract, Caffeine From Coffee, Ginseng Extract.

Is Caribou BOUsted Sparkling Water high in caffeine?

Caribou BOUsted Sparkling Water contains 6.52 mg of caffeine per fl oz (22.05 mg per 100 ml). A 11.5 fl oz can has a total of 75 mg of caffeine.

Total Caffeine (mg)

400360320280 24020016012080 400 Caribou BOUsted Sparkling Water (75 mg) Bang Energy (300 mg) Monster Energy (160 mg) Red Bull (80 mg)Starbucks Triple Shot Energy (225 mg)

Sources and their customer service. See other references.