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Waka Instant Coffee

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Waka Coffee is an instant coffee that's designed to taste like freshly brewed coffee, but without the time it takes to brew coffee.

It's made from 100% Arabica coffee beans sourced from Columbia and uses freeze-drying technology to capture the flavor and properties of the coffee. (Waka also offers a light roast Indian Instant Coffee.)

Each 1-ounce packet of instant coffee contains between 56 and 84 milligrams of caffeine with the average amount being 70 mg.

The company recently sent us some samples of Waka for review. 

Waka Coffee Review

I don't typically drink instant coffee except for backpacking trips or occasionally I like decaf instant if I want to have coffee with dessert in the evenings. However, I was curious to give Waka a try since it claims to taste like freshly brewed coffee. 

I made a cup of Waka according to the directions and added some milk and a teaspoon of sugar just like I do when I drink brewed coffee. I was happy with the result. Waka tastes nice and in some cases better than the brewed coffee I've had but overall pretty much on par with brewed coffee.

It does have a citrusy note which isn't typical in brewed coffee unless it's single origin. 

Overall, Waka is a high-quality instant coffee and seems like it would be great for camping trips and other occasions when brewing coffee isn't an option. 

I have a nice espresso machine and this is what I typically drink in the mornings. Would Waka replace this? No, but, it's a great tasting product and I would choose it for camping or other occasions in which my espresso isn't available or convenient. 

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Ingredients in Waka Instant Coffee

100% Freeze-dried Arabica Coffee Beans Sourced From Columbia.

Is Waka Instant Coffee high in caffeine?

Waka Instant Coffee contains 8.75 mg of caffeine per fl oz (29.59 mg per 100 ml). A 8 fl oz cup has a total of 70 mg of caffeine.

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