Caffeine Pills

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    200 mg
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    Caffeine Pills
    1 pill

Many medications, pills, and tablets contain caffeine. Some as part of a blend of other medication, and some are straight caffeine pills.

A typical caffeine pill contains 100-200 mg caffeine, with the most popular brands, such as NoDoz containing 200 mg.

Caffeine pills promise everythings from weight loss, to pain relief, increased physical performance, and mental acuity.  There is some truth to these claims, given that caffeine is one of most well-researched substances. However caffeine also has a number of negative side affects

It is very important for each individual to be aware of their own tolerance and sensitivity to caffeine BEFORE taking a caffeine pill. The caffeine from the pill hits the system all at once (compared with a coffee or energy drink), and many people may experience side effects (in the form of jitters, anxiety, insomnia).

Caffeine in NoDoz

NoDoz is the most popular caffeine pill, with a worldwide market. All NoDoz tablets have 200 mg of caffeine.

The Strongest Caffeine Pill

PEPTIME Energy pills contain 350 mg per pill. This exceeds the suggested safe single dose of 200 mg (or 400 mg per day). Clearly these pills are dangerous if misused.

List of Caffeinated Pills

These supplements and medications contain caffeine.

Name Caffeine Type
Anacin 32 mg Pain relief
Arthriten 32.5 mg Pain relief
Arthriten Maximum Strength 65 mg Pain relief
Bolt 260 110 mg tablets
Dexatrim Max Daytime 200 mg Weight loss
Diurex Water Pills 50 mg Diuretic
Diurex Ultimate 100 mg Diuretic
EQ Tablets 80 mg tablets
Excedrin 65 mg Pain relief
Excedrin Migraine 65 mg Pain relief
Flow by Nooflux 84 mg capsules
Good Morning Pill 130 mg supplements
Green Coffee Extract 20 mg supplement
Green Tea Extract Capsules 32 mg supplement
Greencoffex Caffeine Capsules 200 mg capsules
Hydroxycut Hardcore 270 mg Weight loss
Jet Alert 200 mg tablets
Magnum 357 Caffeine Tablets 200 mg tablets
Mega T Green Tea Supplement 50 mg capsules
Midol Menstral Complete 60 mg Pain relief
Mini Thin 205 mg Weight loss
Nature's Measure Energy Tabs (Dollar Tree) 80 mg tablet
No Doz 200 mg pills
One a Day Energy 90 mg pills
One a Day Womens Active Metabolism 120 mg pills
OptiMind Energy Supplement 75 mg supplement
PEPTIME 350 mg tablets
Pic Me Up 200 mg tablets
Prolab Caffeine Supplement 200 mg pills
ProPlus Caffeine tablets 50 mg supplement
Razorwire Energy Capsules 112 mg supplements
Red Chinese Super Cap 200 mg capsules
Redline Gel Caps 97 mg capsules
Rite Aid Stay Awake 100 mg pills
Sprayable Energy 100 mg supplements
UPTIME Energy Tablets (maximum) 108 mg supplements
Vivarin 200 mg pills
Voke Chewable Tabs 77 mg supplements

Ingredients in Caffeine Pills

Typically Caffeine Anhydrous (dried Caffeine Powder).

How Does It Compare With Other Foods?

Caffeine (mg) per Item

200180160140 120100806040 200 Caffeine Pills Awake Chocolate Hershey's Special Dark Bars Jolt Gum