Caffeine in Drinks

Panera Charged Lemonade

Panera Charged Lemonade
390 mg
per 30 fl oz
This drink contains extreme levels of caffeine.
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Charged lemonade is a highly caffeinated soda from Panera Bread restaurant.

According to Panera: Charged Lemonades & Splash contains caffeine from: caffeine, green coffee extract, guarana extract, and yerba mate concentrate.

NOTE: The Charged Lemonades were phased out from May 2024 onwards.

Each beverage without ice contains the following mgs of caffeine (caffeine is an approximate value):

  • Strawberry Lemon Mint: 20 fl oz with 260 mg and 30 fl oz with 390 mg
  • Mango Yuzu Citrus: 20 fl oz with 260 mg and 30 fl oz with 390 mg
  • Blood Orange Splash: 20 fl oz 245 mg and 30 fl oz 368mg.

The drink is ths most caffeinated soft drink available, and rose to infamy in 2023 after a 21-year-old woman died after consuming the drink. She had an existing condition - Long QT Type 2 syndrome that lead to heart arrhythmias.

The level of caffeine in the lemonade is highly irresponsible.

Ingredients in Panera Charged Lemonade

Includes 70 grams of sugar (per 30 ounces) for a total of 280 calories.

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Is Panera Charged Lemonade high in caffeine?

Panera Charged Lemonade contains 390 mg of caffeine in a 30 fl oz cup.

This equates to 13.00 mg of caffeine for every fl oz and 43.96 mg for every 100 ml.

390 mg
Panera Charged Lemonade
160 mg
Monster energy
80 mg
Red bull
60 mg
Instant Coffee
35 mg