Caffeine Amounts in Soda: Every Kind of Cola You Can Think Of

Cola Cans

We are proud to present this excellent list of caffeine in Colas.

The lab tests (carried out by Auburn University allow us to gauge caffeine levels for drinks where the manufacturer has not even listed them.

To see all drinks, check out our exhaustive database of caffeine amounts.

Popular Colas

NOTE: Caffeine amounts are in mg per 12oz.

Beverage (12 fl oz)Caffeine (lab test)Caffeine (manufacturer)
Pepsi One57.1mg54mg
Diet Cheerwine48.1mg
Diet RC47.3mg
Diet Coke46.3mg46.5mg
Diet Coke with Lime46.3mg46.5mg
RC Cola45.2mg
Diet Vanilla Coke44.5mg46.5mg
Shasta Cola42.9mg
Faygo Cola41.7mg
Diet Cherry Pepsi40.5mg37.5mg
Cherry Pepsi39.7mg37.5mg
Pepsi with Lime38.4mg37.5mg
Diet Vanilla Pepsi38.1mg37.5mg
Vanilla Pepsi37.4mg37.5mg
Diet Coke Black Cherry Vanilla36.8mg34.5mg
Diet Pepsi36.7mg36mg
Diet Pepsi with Lime36.4mg37.5mg
Coke Zero35.8mg34.5mg
Coca-Cola Black Cherry Vanilla35.1mg34.5mg
Diet Cherry Coke35.0mg34.5mg
Cherry Coke34.4mg34.5mg
Coca-Cola C234.4mg34.5mg
Diet Coke with Splenda34.4mg34.5mg
Coke with Lime33.6mg34.5mg
Vanilla Coke33.3mg34.5mg
Red Rock Cola26.1mg
Ritz Cola10.3mg
Double Cola36mg
Diet Double Cola0mg

Private Label and Store-brand Colas

None of these drinks disclose caffeine amounts, so all listings here are from laboratory tests.

It can be very difficult to track down caffeine information on store brand sodas.

Beverage (12 fl oz)Regular Cola (caffeine)Diet Cola (caffeine)
Big Fizz Cola46.4mg61.9mg
Big K Cherry Cola43mg39.9mg
Walgreens Cola39.2mg45mg
Big K Cola38.8mg30mg
Big Gulp Cola38.6mg30mg
Chek Vanilla Cola36.3mg28.9mg
Bubba Cola35.4mg42mg
Chek Cola34.7mg27.5mg
Big K Cola with Lime30.3mg18.6mg
CloverValley Cola28.8mg22.9mg
Chek Cherry Cola26.3mg
Food Lion Cola25.3mg11.9mg
Laura Lynn Cola24.4mg11.3mg
Superchill Cola24.2mg34.5mg
Publix Cola23.1mg35.2mg
Rally Cola13.3mg13mg
Piggly Wiggly Cola12.7mg11.9mg
Sam’s Cola12.7mg13.1mg
Publix Cherry Cola12.4mg
Laura Lynn Cherry Cola8.4mg
IGA Cola4.9mg10.3mg
Chek Mate Cola26.2mg
Chek Diet Cola with Lime45.8mg


NOTE: See the details on all Mountain Dew (citrus-type) and Pepper-type beverages here.

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  • SpazySteve

    Nice, I like these kind of updates. Thank you.

  • Conquerist

    Nice, too bad they didn’t test Diet Pepsi Max though, because that’s supposed to have 69 mg in 12 oz :-D. Never knew that Pepsi One had more caffeine than other cokes.

  • Dusty

    Mountain Dew?

  • Caffeine Fiend

    No Diet Coke Plus or Diet Pepsi Max… The tests were obviously done just before these drinks came out.

    A shame because I still don’t have a verified caffeine amount for Diet Coke Plus…

  • Paul

    Yeah, this isn’t the full results of the study. They tested Mountain Dew in the study.

  • videoCWK

    I can’t understand this chart

  • Caffeine Fiend

    I’ve updated the table to be a bit clearer (see the “KEY” and the column headings.

  • Chas

    I understand why Dew, Pibb & Pepper are not listed as the list is COLAs, but where is JOLT cola?!

  • Matt

    Yeah, see if you can find tested information on Mountain Dew products and Dr. Pepper.

  • Caffeine Fiend
  • kev

    Caffeine Fiend, I dont understand Do YOU or Do You not have a caffiene amt for Pepsi Max???

  • kev

    Diet Pepsi Max- is 69mg caffeine & 5.75mg/oz. Pepsi One is second with 55mg caffeine & 4.58mg/oz. Regular Pepsi is 38mg caffeine, 3.7mg/oz. Jolt cola which is suppose to be the highest content at 220mg caffeine & 9.36mg/oz.- For sodas that is. Im glad Barq’s Red Creme is 0mgs caffeine. Im on a medication for high Chloresteral which makes me sleepy I need caffeine to keep me from becoming too drowsy at times. I dont want to overdo caffeine. But I wonder what shoud be my limit.

  • Caffeine Fiend

    Kev: Yes Diet Pepsi Max is verified and in the database.

  • ed

    who cares about coke? why not rate mountain dew vs. mellow yellow vs. vault and things ppl actually drink? Pepsi max??? what is that – sounds like bottled puke

  • Steve

    Where do you get Diet Coke with Splenda?

  • zachary carlson

    where do you get Bubba cola? because my friend had it and i tried it and it was relly good so where do you get it?

  • Rick

    I would like to know how much caffeine is in the sodas labeled “caffeine free”. I know when I drink Caffeine Free Coke at night that it still keeps me awake to some extent versus something like Sprite or 7Up.

  • Leo

    I am lowering my caffeine uptake.

    Lesson learned #1: Switch to mixture of regular coffee and decaf coffee slowly increasing the percentage of decaf coffee.

    Lesson learned #2: Switch from regular tea to green tea and then to white tea. )Decaf teas are basically without caffeine.)

    Lesson learned #3: Watch out for chocolate intake as this may jump. Some craving for caffeine is expected. When craving caffeine remind yourself that this occurs when caffeine addiction is being lowered and use as positive reinforcement. Make sure that symptoms were never too severe: Headache. Lethargy and depressed mood. Muscle pain and stiffness.

    Can I go a day without caffeine? I now take in about 8-50 mg per day with an average about 25 mg. Down from over 500 mg.

  • J.J.

    You’re on the right track.
    I have been told that any drink that’s dark-colored has caffiene, and I used to say that was bunk. But not any more!
    Caramel coloring is the culprit, and the less-than-adequate labeling restrictions we have today allow the soft drink moguls to get away with this bull.
    I for one, also want to know how someone can buy a 2 liter bottle of Big K Diet Black Cherry Soda in Louisville, KY, and not have any added caffiene, then drive 100 miles north, and buy the same bottle of Big K Diet Cherry Cola in Richmond, Indiana, and it DOES have added caffiene???!!!

  • Scott

    Looking for caffine content in Clover Valley (dollar general brand) Mountain Explosion Citrus flavored soda, does anybody know? Can’nt seem to find anywhere. I see a listing for clover valley cola and clover valley sun drop but not mountain explosion citrus.

Last Modified: May 13, 2015