Caffeine in Citrus , Pepper, and Cream Flavored Soda

Store Brand SodasThis data showing caffeine in “Citrus”, “Cream”, and “Pepper” flavored beverages is from a large laboratory test of caffeine in carbonated beverages.

It covers mainstream brands and many store/ generic brands of these sodas.

See all the cola’s here.

In most cases, the actual amount of caffeine is quite close to what the manufacturer said. Except for Vault Zero which seems to have a bit more.

The Popular Beverages

Beverage (12 fl oz)Caffeine (lab test)Caffeine (manufacturer)

Diet Dr Pepper44.1mg41mg
Dr Pepper42.6mg41mg
Diet Dr Pepper Berries & Cream42.0mg41mg
Dr Pepper Berries & Cream41.1mg41mg
Diet Cherry Vanilla Dr. Pepper40.1mg37mg
Cherry Vanilla Dr. Pepper39.4mg37mg
Diet Dr. Wham41.9mgn/a
Dr. Wham41.6mgn/a
Pibb Zero41.2mg40.5mg
Pibb Xtra40.3mg40.5mg
Vault Zero74.0mg70.5mg
Diet SunDrop71.5mg69mg
Vault Citrus70.6mg70.5mg
Diet Mountain Dew Code Red55.4mg54mg
Diet Mountain Dew55.2mg54mg
Ski Citrus Soda69mg
Mountain Dew54.8mg54mg
Mountain Dew Code Red54.3mg54mg
Mello Yello49.5mg52.5mg
Faygo Moon Mist19.7mgn/a
Diet Sunkist41.5mgn/a
Big Red34.0mgn/a
A & W Cream Soda28.6mg28.8mg
Barq’s Root Beer22.4mg22.5mg

Private Label / Store-brand Pepper-type Beverages

Beverage (12 fl oz)Caffeine
Dr IGA59.8mg
Diet Dr Pop56.8mg
Dr Pop47.5mg
Dr K41.2
Diet Dr K40.7
Dr Topper34.0
Dr Publix31.6
Dr Bob31.3
Mr. Pigg31.2
Diet Dr Bob30.9
Dr Thunder30.6
Dr Chilli29.9
Diet Dr Thunder29.9
Dr Chek24.4
Diet Dr Chek22.3
Dr Lynn19.3
Dr Perky18.8
Diet Dr Lynn18.2

Store Brand Citrus Beverages

Beverage (12 fl oz)Caffeine
Chek Kountry Mist55.1mg
Ramp Red54.6mg
IGA Spring Mist54.2mg
Publix Citrus Hit54.1mg
Mountain Chill53.5mg
Chek Red Alert53.2mg
Mountain Holler53.1mg
Mountain Yeller53.1mg
CloverValley Citrus Drop52.0mg
Sam’s Mountain Lightning46.5mg
Chek Diet Kountry Mist46.3mg
Mountain Lion30.9mg
Laura Lynn Mountain Moon Drops27.5mg
Big K Citrus Drop26.2mg
Big K Diet Citrus Drop25.1mg

Many of these store brand sodas come and go. However this large collection of lab tests gives a good indicator of the amounts of caffeine you are likely to find in various sodas.

Make sure you check our huge caffeine database of all drinks (includes coffees, tea drinks, energy drinks, and sodas).

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  • I was disappointed yesterday that these drinks weren’t included. I didn’t realize it was coming out later. Now I am ecstatic, because I drink these store brands all the time, but I assume they have the same caffeine content as the name brand.

    Wonderful! Thank you so much for providing this!

    However, I would like to note that Big K (Kroger) Drop Red and Diet Drop Red are not included. This is Kroger’s version of Code Red Mountain Dew (the name is related to their sweet Mountain Dew clone “Citrus Drop”), and it’s a really nice drink. Strangely, in my area you can only get the Diet Drop Red in a 2 liter, not in cans, and you can only get the real Drop Red in cans, not a 2 liter.

    Also, I do wish they’d tested Dublin Dr Pepper separately. I’m curious. And yes, I have some right now. 🙂

  • kev

    I have another drink their marketing big here in Milwaukee,Wisconsin-Its called Gold Peak diet or regular Iced Tea! 16.9oz glass bottles. Its suppose to have 12mg of caffeine per 8ozs-so thats about 25mg of caffeine. Their 1-800 number is on the bottle.

  • Wondell “Dell” Mackey

    I, too, would like to see Dublin Dr Pepper results.

  • Roadiepig

    Well, this explains my lack of morning caffeine buzz since I switched to Diet Citrus Drop (Kroger brand) after Mountain Dew screwed up their flavor with the “Tuned Up Taste!”

    Can’t get over the odd aftertaste the new Dew leaves me with – that’s why I changed over to Kroger brand.

    Looks like I might have to look elsewhere for my morning wake-up. Diet Pepsi Max, maybe?

  • Tiffany Watson

    Does anyone know how much caffeine is in Dr. Choice? I just found out I’m pregnant and I love Dr. Pepper products and really crave them and have to really watch my caffeine.

  • Susan

    Why in the heck would they put caffeine in a citrus drink? I am trying to go caffeine-free so I switched to Diet Sunkist Lemonade. Who in their right mind would guess there was caffeine in lemonade?!? No wonder I have not been sleeping well if I have one for supper!!!

  • Susan

    I hate that they put caffeine in citrus drinks. I know I could avoid caffeine by drinking plain water, but why put caffeine in lemonade?!? I think it’s crazy and it makes me mad. I’d like some flavor and carbonation WITHOUT the caffeine!

  • does ribena have caffeine?

  • PRG

    @CaffeineFiend – on my 12″ 1024×768 monitor the chart does not line up as (mainly the Dr Peppers) sodas’ text wrap, but the data columns don’t skip a corresponding line. You might add a fixed width, or preferably change to the separated rows format others of your charts use. Thanks. 🙂

  • Amy Irish

    Very informative can you list the Dollar General version of Mountain Dew and Vitaminwater has a new one out with caffeine they used to carry at Target but I haven’t seen it lately unless it is for limited time. It is called Vitaminwater Connect. It is supposed to have 80mgs in the whole bottle! It has a great cherry-lime flavor and I hope we get more in after all it is the facebook favorite. Thanks

  • Geoff Grimes

    How about A&W and MUG Root Beers? I think they’re caffeine free, but they should still be on the list, shouldn’t they?

  • Amy Irish

    The name of the mountain dew like beverage from dollar general is Clover Valley Mountain Explosion what is the caffiene content please?

  • michael

    So i currently drink about 3 leaters of mtn dew and a 5 hour energy any one got a solution that might help me slow down at least with out the caffine withdrawl

  • ce

    You must suffer to get better.

  • deuce1527

    Bargs rootbeer is the only kind i know of that contains caffeine A&W and mug do not


    What kind of douchewand qualifications do you have ?

  • Crenshaw

    Drink Sanka Decaf mixed with regular coffee. Then change the ratio of Decaf to regular, getting more decaf each day, and a little regular. Pare it down to where it is all decaf only. Should take about 7-10 days. That way, you’re not quitting cold turkey.

  • mim62

    I used to drink a lot of Diet Pepsi. My husband thought I was addicted to it, so he challenged me to stop drinking it for 2 weeks. I did and was amazed at how many severe headaches I had and how tired I got for about a week. Once I got the stuff out of my body, I began to see many changes in my cognitive ability, my energy levels were higher and I I felt much better overall. I have now dropped 110 pounds, and I mainly drink water. Occasionally, I add lemon to my water and a little local honey, I drink hot tea regularly and once in a great while, especially if I am up late doing homework, I will have a cup of 1/2 and 1/2 coffee. I feel 1000% times better since I gave up cola’s. Also, I don’t have heartburn and indigestion like I used to, I’m guessing it’s from increasing my water intake, and I don’t feel bloated or have gas like I did, I’m guessing this was from the carbonation. I know how hard it is to give it up completely, it took me more than 2 years to completely quit drinking cola’s but I am so thankful for the improved health and weight loss I have achieved. I am 100% convinced the diet cola’s were causing me to keep the weight on and to not focus on healthy eating and drinking water. I would encourage anyone to try to take steps to give up cola’s altogether, but to know up front it won’t be easy, but you can do it. I was at least, a 12 pk a day or two drinker.

  • J

    What about Hy-Vee’s MD knockoff ‘Heee-Haw?’ (yes, it’s got three e’s)

  • Theroux Feld

    At hy vee they have a drink called bawls. Does anyone know the content on that.

Last Modified: September 17, 2014