Guide to Caffeinated Gum: Varieties, Price, and Caffeine Levels

Gum laced with caffeine! It can be a great way to get a pick-me-up without having the inconvenience of guzzling down an energy drink or a coffee.

Sometimes drinking just isn’t an option, so a good caffeine gum can be the answer to get you through boring lectures/meetings or even keep you energetic for those special times with your significant other with fresh breath to boot.

Update: The caffeinated gum market was hit hard a few years ago by the FDA, which sent out a warning to caffeinated food product manufacturers. Many pulled out of the market including gum giant Wrigley’s.

However, not all caffeinated gum is created equal and some deliver more kick for your money, so we put together this handy caffeine in chewing gum chart so you can make informed decisions when choosing that perfect energy gum.

When flavor, caffeine, and price come together in the right combination, you have found a winning gum that should wake you up as you chew.

Update: We’ve indicated the gums discontinued by using a Strikethrough.

Popular Caffeine Gum Available

Caffeine/piece Flavor Price/pack
Military Energy Gum
(Formerly Stay Alert Gum)
100 mg mint, cinnamon $1.28
Viter Energy Gum 60 mg Wintergreen or Cinnamon $4.70
Apollo Energy Gum 80 mg spearmint $2.60
Zenergy Gum 50 mg mint $3.66
X8 Energy Gum 50 mg mint $4.99
Jolt Gum 45 mg mint $2.49
Vibe Energy Gum 40.5 mg mint $3.99
RockStar Gum 40 mg mint, orange $1.99
Amp Energy Gum 40 mg citrus $2.99
Mad Croc Gum 40 mg peppermint, cinnamon $2.12
Mini Thin Rush Gum 40 mg spearmint, cinnamon $1.99
Wrigley’s Alert Energy Gum 40 mg fruit, mint $2.99
VE2 Energy Gum 35 mg mint $1.69
Think Gum 10 mg peppermint $2.99
Black Back Gum 5 mg mint $2.31
Plow On Energy Gum 100 mg spearmint $2.99
Java Gum 65 mg peppermint or spearmint $2.99
OneGum (Europe) 50 mg mint €3.50
Superfast Energy Gum 50 mg mint/menthol varies
Neurogum 40 mg fresh mint $2.90 or less
Zestel Energy Gum 20 mg spearmint $2.98
Energy Bombs Chewing Gum 40 mg mint, cinnamon $2.99
Drive Gum 25 mg bittermint varies
Bold Gum 100 mg arctic mint, spearmint, cinnamon $2.99
Run Gum 50 mg mint, fruit, cinnamon $1.87
Vivarin Gum 40 mg mint $2.67
Rev Energy Gum 100 mg spearmint $3.00
Game Gum 20 mg spearmint $2.50
Zenergy Gum 50 mg mint $3.75
Alert 5 Gum 40 mg mint $2.48
Simply Gum – Awaken 12 mg peppermint $3.33
Fly Gum 80 mg mint $3.40
Solar Energy Gum none mint $14.50/100ct
Golf Gum 80 mg spearmint $3.40
Block Head Energy Gum 50 mg peppermint $3.40
On-Demand Chew Pod 50 mg mint $3.99

Energy Gum Negatives?

The most common complaint people have about caffeinated energy gum is the flavor. Most of the ones I’ve tried lose flavor pretty quickly and what’s left isn’t that appealing.

Caffeine and other energy ingredients tend to have a bitter taste, so as soon as the sweetener is dissolved, what remains can be unpleasant to the palate. Some are better than others and the mint varieties last a bit longer than the fruit-flavored energy chewing gums.

The other danger with caffeine gum is ingesting too much caffeine.

The varieties that list more than 50 mg per piece could be potentially dangerous for those with low caffeine tolerance or if the gum gets into the hands of children.

Caffeine energy gum can be a great alternative to energy drinks, but chew the gum responsibly and don’t expect the caffeinated gum to last as long as regular chewing gum.

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It will be interesting to see if this energy product market segment will last in the USA.