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Starbucks Canned Refreshers are distributed by PepsiCo.

Not only does Starbucks have an in-store made Refresher Green Coffee based beverage, but they also have canned versions.

The canned version of Starbucks Refreshers is a bit different than their store variety because it is carbonated as well as includes a dose of ginseng and B vitamins.

The canned Refreshers come in three varieties; Orange Melon, Raspberry Pomegranate, and Strawberry Lemonade.

I Tried the Orange Mango Refresher

This drink has a light carbonated citrus flavor and was easy to drink.

They blended the flavors nicely and there was only a slight aftertaste from the Stevia used to compliment the 25% real fruit juice.

Green Coffee Energy?

Starbucks refresher did pep me up a bit from the caffeine in the green coffee extract. Starbucks customer service stated that each can contains 40-55 milligrams of caffeine.

Pepsico lists the caffeine content as 50mg. Their in store refresher has 45mg of caffeine per 12oz, but because of the ice used, I would expect the canned variety to have a bit more.

Starbucks Refreshers also come in a Via packet. According to Starbucks each Via Refreshers packet contains 40-55mg of caffeine.

Refreshers will probably be a hit for Starbucks fans who aren't a huge fan of their roasted coffee flavored beverages.

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Where To Buy Starbucks Refreshers Canned

Ingredients in Starbucks Refreshers Canned

For Orange Melon: Carbonated water, fruit juices from concentrate (white grape, apple, orange, watermelon), erythritol, natural flavors, green coffee bean extract, citric acid, ascorbic acid (Vitamin C), rebaudioside-A (stevia leaf extract), beta-carotene (color), panax ginseng root powder extract, niacinamide (Vitamin B3), calcium D-pantothenate (Vitamin B5), pyridoxine hydrochloride (Vitamin B6)

Sugar content: 13 grams (per 12 ounces).

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Caffeine Comparisons

Starbucks Refreshers Canned contains 4.17 mgs of caffeine per fluid ounce (14.09mg/100 ml).

Caffeine (mg) per Ounce
10090807060 5040302010 0 Starbucks Refreshers Canned 5 Hour Energy Espresso Shot Spike Energy Drink
Total Caffeine (mg)
400360320280 24020016012080 400 Can of Starbucks Refreshers Canned Can of Coca-Cola Classic Bottle of Redline Energy Drink Can of Monster Energy Drink Can of Red Bull
Data Sources: The can and Starbucks Customer Service