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EBOOST Energy drinks are a special blend of vitamins and minerals and designed to activate the 4 vital elements of performance: ENERGY, IMMUNITY, RECOVERY, and FOCUS.

EBOOST Offers 3 Product Lines

The first product is called Your Daily Power Up. (Listed above)

You simply mix each sachet with 6-8 fl oz of water and EBOOST turns into an effervescent energy supplement.

Your Daily Power Up is available in 3 flavors:

  1. Orange
  2. Acai Pomegranate
  3. Pink Lemonade

The second product line is called Your Workout Crusher.

It is a pre-workout powder designed to enhance your workouts with 175 mg of caffeine and other ingredients like Beta-Alanine, DMAE, and 5-HTP which are believed to enhance performance. 

Your Workout Crusher is available in 2 flavors:

  1. Berry Melon Fizz
  2. Tropical Punch

EBOOST has a third product line called Your Instant Lift.

This product is a 2 fl oz RTD energy shot. It contains 150 mg of caffeine per bottle and is available in 3 flavors: 

  1. Superberry
  2. Berry Melon
  3. Extra Strength Fruit Punch (250 mg of caffeine)


The company sent us samples of their product line for review and I find EBOOST to generally be a good product as an alternative to coffee, tea, energy drinks or other pre-workouts on the market.

As for flavor, all their products are naturally flavored and are fairly easy to drink. They are all sweetened with Stevia so there is a bit of an after-taste. The powdered products do get pretty fizzy so for those that decide to mix it in a plastic bottle just use caution when opening the lid. 

Of their three product lines, I thought that their energy shot had the best taste and was the easiest to consume. 

The caffeine is a bit varied but I felt a nice boost from the samples I tried. I did feel a tad more focused than I do from my usual coffee so perhaps the other ingredients are making a difference. 

I also like that their pre-workout is a more moderate in caffeine than many popular pre-workout powders, which can sometimes contain excessive caffeine amounts in a single serving. 

Overall, EBOOST is a nice product for those looking for an energy supplement with a little more than what coffee or tea would offer and EBOOST is a "cleaner" product compared to popular energy drinks like Monster and Red Bull. 

Where To Buy Eboost Energy Drink

EBOOST SUPER POWDER Mind + Body Energizer, Acai Pomegranate Flavor, 20 Count

Price: $22.84 $20.70Available from Amazon / EBOOST

EBOOST POW Pre-Workout Powder, Berry Melon Fizz Flavor, 20 Servings Tub

Price: $32.99 $26.99Available from Amazon / EBOOST

Eboost Eboost Nat Pwdr Orange .25 Oz Case_20

Price: $25.22 $25.22Available from Amazon / EBOOST

EBOOST SPRUCE Daily Green Powder, Green Apple Ginger Flavor, 15 Servings Box

Price: $17.99 $17.99Available from Amazon / EBOOST

Ingredients in Eboost Energy Drink

For Your Daily Power Up

EBOOST ingedients

Sugar content: Contains no sugar.

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Caffeine Concentration

Eboost Energy Drink contains 13.75 mgs of caffeine per fluid ounce (46.49mg/100 ml).

Caffeine (mg) per Ounce
10090807060 5040302010 0 Eboost Energy Drink 5 Hour Energy Coffee (Espresso) Coca-Cola Classic Spike Energy Drink


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