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Go Fast! was created with athletes in mind, and includes a number of additional ingredients such as Milk Thistle, Ginseng and honey.

The drink is available worldwide in various sizes.

There is also a Go Fast Light - that is sweetened with Sucralose (Splenda).

Ingredients in Go Fast Energy Drink

(Go Fast original 11.9 oz) Australian Honey, Taurine (1400mg), Ribose (700mg), Ginseng(350mg), Vitamin B-6, Vitamin B-12, Ginkgo Biloba, Guarana, Riboflavin, Niacin, Milk Thistle Herb (70mg), Caffeine (120mg), Sucrose.

Calories: 130.

Sugar content: 25 grams (per 11.9 ounces).

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Caffeine Comparisons

Go Fast Energy Drink contains 10.08 mgs of caffeine per fluid ounce (34.10mg/100 ml).

Caffeine (mg) per Ounce
10090807060 5040302010 0 Go Fast Energy Drink 5 Hour Energy Coffee (Espresso) Coca-Cola Classic Spike Energy Drink
Total Caffeine (mg)
400360320280 24020016012080 400 Can of Go Fast Energy Drink Can of Coca-Cola Classic Can of Rockstar 2x Energy Drink Can of Monster Energy Drink Can of Red Bull
Data Sources: From information sent to EnergyFiend from a representative at Go Fast Sports - http://www.gofastsports.com/