Java Monster: Coffee-flavored Monster Energy

java-monster-coffee-energy-drinkJava Monster is a line of coffee flavored energy drinks from the makers of Monster Energy Drink.

Java Monster is available in 7 flavors; Loca Moca, Kona Cappuccino, Kona Blend, Vanilla Light, Irish Blend, Mean Bean, and Toffee but most locations don’t have them all in stock at the same time.

This, from an Caffeine Informer reader:

The Mean Bean has a mild vanilla flavor, and the Mocha is slightly chocolaty! The two taste very similar and resemble a coffee flavored milk more than anything else.

In terms of formulation, Java Monster appears to contains the same “Energy Blend” as regular Monster. However, it has always been a bit of a mystery as to how much caffeine the coffee extract added.

Mystery solved. Monster has begun to print the caffeine content on their new cans. According to the new cans there is 188mg of caffeine per can.

The coffee extract adds just 28mg of caffeine. Here we review Java Monster Mean Bean and Kona Blend.

Java Monster Mean Bean

Canned iced coffee drinks can sometimes be a hit-or-miss deal with today’s consumers who like a fine-tuned coffee or espresso from home, or a place like Starbucks.

The particular flavor of Java Monster we tried was Mean Bean. Formulated with a sweet taste paired with a creamy consistency, it’s easy to drink and would appeal to more than just the coffee connoisseurs out there.

Mixed with filtered water and skim milk, it’s not too heavy or too thin, having the depth of what would be an average bold roast. At fridge temperatures, Java Monster has a nice “iced coffee” taste, especially for those who love a sweet cup of coffee.

Those who prefer black coffee or unsweetened coffee would probably find Mean Bean and other Java Monsters sickeningly sweet  (33g of sugar + Sucralose)!

Just A Moderate Energy Boost

Java Monster provided a moderate energy boost that didn’t have us bouncing off the walls, nor feeling lethargic. However, the high sugar content caused a bit of the jitters and a 15 fl.oz. coffee would contain more caffeine without all the artificial ingredients found in Java Monster.

Java Monster probably appeals more to non-hardcore coffee drinkers who like their coffee on the mild side and very sweet. Just don’t expect to be exalted into an upper state of consciousness.

Kona Blend

kona blend
Mmmmmm. Monster has really done it right with their Java line. Kona Blend is no different. Very smooth and rich, it’s almost like a chocolate milk.

It has the coffee aroma, yet a chocolaty taste with a touch of coffee, just right if you ask me. And did I mention that it’s sooooo smooth?


Each 443ml can will pack 200 calories and the usual amounts of Vitamin A, B, C, and D, along with slight amounts of Calcium, Phosphate, Sodium, and Potassium. The energy comes from a mix of 2000mg of Taurine and 400mg of Panax Ginseng along with 5000mg of their Energy blend made up of 188 mg Caffeine, Guarana, Inositol, Glucuronolactone, L-Carnitine, Glucose, and Matlodextrin.

Good Flavor and Good Rush

You can always count on Java Monster for not only a good flavor, but a good energy rush. I drank my Kona after dinner (kind of a dessert) and saw a solid alertness, with a boost in my energy levels lasting a bit over 4 hours. The crash was very slight, matching the usual crash of the other Monster drinks, yet nothing to worry about

Reviewed by Brandon Trouten

Java Monster Verses Other Coffee Energy Drinks?

How does it compare to other coffee energy drinks caffeine-wise?

What do you think of the Java Monster Line?

UPDATE: You can Buy Java Monster Energy Drinks in bulk online.

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  • Josh

    Just saw these things today, and it left enough of an impression on me to actually google it, rofl. I found it at a Casey’s in Holdrege, NE (not where I live), hopefully I am able to find it in places I live close to soon 🙂 The Casey’s in my city does have the M-80 flavor though, tasty tasty. But still not as tasty as the Loca Moca I thoroughly enjoyed today.

  • Java Junkies

    Can’t get enough or find it very often. Need to send out mass quanities to all Monster suppliers!!!!!!

  • eileen

    I had the mean bean that a friend got in southern utah we would like to find it in our area it is the best we re in ogden utah 84404

  • Devin




    Only 1 spot in all of tallahassee carries it. now I have 800.000 college kids battleing be for the same can. Are they MAD

  • claire

    I whent to my gas station, right by my house this morning, to get a drink, and the monster java caught my eyes(got me all excited)! These drinks are the best!! I love coffee and I love enery drinks! Two in one…Perfact! THESE TASTE JUST LIKE THE FRAPICCINO STRABUCKS DRINKS..BUT WITH ENERGY IN THEM, AND ALOT BIGGER! THEY KEEP ME GOWING AT WORK. THANKS…YOU GOT ME HOOKED!

  • Lillie

    Given one as a sample at our local Harley dealership. LOVE at first sip-gulp-chug-slug-that-puppy-right-on-down-beg-for-another! My husband and friends laughed themselves crazy at my very unladylike gluttony! Now, I search every cooler I come across looking for my Monster Java fix! Love em! You’ve got that “other” canned coffee beat!

  • I didn’t like the mean bean flavored. I guess it was vanilla. I didn’t realize it though. The mocha and bean are available at some 7-11’s in Chicago, but these were too sweet for me and I didn’t like the 1/2 the caffeine thing.

    What’s up with that?

  • Mike

    the “Big Black” Java Monster is also good, not quite as good as the Mean Bean, in my opinion, but still… all three taste very similar to the Starbucks cold coffee drinks.
    Monster FTW

  • Cindy

    also love this new java monster. can only find at 7-Eleven. $2.79 a can. this is in the Las Vegas area.

  • christine

    oh my god this is the best drink like ever i am in love with them now and am very addicted !!!!!!

  • Kamikaze Kyle

    Like Suz said “Note to MONSTER – MASS Distribute Please!!!!” Monster Java is the best canned/bottled “Coffee” I have ever had. After my first can it nearly dethroned my favorite monster Assault. I’ve only seen it once, at a small deli in butler. I’m shocked I cant find it in my haven away from home, 7-eleven.

  • Paul

    I have found these at an exon station in Milton VT. these drinks are great. Monster really should increase production.

  • Casey

    very good! Had one this morning. I live about an hour north of NYC. strange they dont advertise for it on the monster website.

  • Matt

    I am a huge fan of energy drinks and since Ive started drinking them Monster has always been my favorite. I usually grab a couple of them before I start my evening shift at work. To my suprise I walked into a local Caseys and happened to see the Loca Moca. Bought two cans and I am hooked! Great flavor all around. Nice and smooth with no bitter, sharp, or overpowering taste whatsoever. Completely floors the Starbucks brand cold coffee drinks…hands down. I have only been able to find the Loca Moca but will try the other two flavors as soon as they are available in my area.

    Two thumbs up to Monster for creating a fantastic new coffee energy drink!

    too bad everyone stole all of it from the only store (redners in PA) that carried it.
    dear monster. masss distribute.
    yummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm coffeemonsterrrrr!

  • paul

    this is the only energy drink that keeps me going from the morning through the afternoon. the only thing wrong is that i cant find it everywhere:(

  • i got one at block buster and it was like three dollars but it was GOOOOOOOOOOD!

  • Gary & Nicole

    We live in Northern Michigan and they can’t keep it on the shelves. It is $2.00 a can here and well worth it. Now if we can just get the company to drink their own product and put production into high speed we would all be happy!!!!

  • Andrew

    i found them when i was camping up in Georgia and i fell in love with them and so did my friends now im back in central florida and i cant find them anywhere, does anyone know where i can get them at around the orlando or cocoa beach area?

  • Caffeine Fiend

    You can now get Java Monster in bulk ($1.62 per can) here from EnergyThis.

Last Modified: September 20, 2017