Monster Ultra Energy Drink Reviews

Here we review the Monster Ultra Energy Drink Line: Zero Ultra, Ultra Red, and Ultra Blue, Ultra Sunrise, and Ultra Black.

Monster Ultra Sunrise

One of the newest additions to the Ultra line is Monster Ultra Sunrise.It tastes as you would expect based on the color of the can and the association with a morning beverage. It is orange flavored with hints of tangerine.

It isn’t overly sweet just like most of the other Ultras and it is easy to drink.

Sunrise’s Energy Blend

Surprisingly, Sunrise lists 151 mg of caffeine per can which is 11mg more than the other 4 Ultras have. Everything else seems the same.

Taurine, Panax Ginseng, L-Carnitine, Caffeine, Guarana, Glucuronolactone, Inositol, and B-vitamins.

The caffeine kicks in pretty fast and is about the same as an 8 fl oz of brewed coffee. I like that it is sugar-free and sweetened primarily with Erythritol, which is a natural zero calorie sweetener.

If you like an orange flavored beverage in the morning then Monster Ultra Sunrise may be a good way for you to wake up.

Sunrise doesn’t contain any real juice, so you’ll be disappointed if you were expecting that.

Ultra Black

Monster Ultra BlackMonster Ultra Black is for those that love black cherry flavored soda.

It has a good black cherry flavor and isn’t overly sweet. The flavor and sweeteners do a good job covering the energy ingredients and there is just a slight after-taste.

Ultra Black is different than any other flavor in the Monster Energy Drink Line, but is a bit niche. Since black cherry soda isn’t hugely popular, I suspect this flavor of Ultra will have limited appeal.

Ultra Black Energy

With 140 mg of caffeine just like the Ultras that came before it, Black provides the same boost of energy. The caffeine kicks in fast and lasts for a couple of hours.

It is also zero calorie and sweetened with erythritol, sucralose, and ace-k.

Overall, this is a good addition to the Monster Ultra Line and will likely appeal to those who like cherry flavored beverages.

Zero Ultra Energy Drink

monster-zero-ultra-energy-drinkMonster Zero Ultra is the company’s 4th low/no calorie addition to their energy drink line.However, this drink seems to be clearly marketed to female Monster fans.The can says that “our team riders and our Monster girls had been dropping hints on what they want” and there is definitely a feminine design on the white can.

Could Zero Ultra be Monster’s attempt at competing with the popular Rockstar Pink?

I grabbed a can at my local 7-Eleven to see what Zero Ultra had to offer.

If Squirt Were an Energy Drink….

I couldn’t believe how much Monster Zero Ultra tasted like Squirt Soda.

If you aren’t familiar with Squirt, it’s a grapefruit/ citrus flavored soda.

When I used to drink soda Squirt was one of my favorites, so Zero Ultra’s flavor is a win with me. It’s light, refreshing, and they did a great job covering up the energy ingredients. The artificial sweeteners were blended well with just a slight after-taste.

I could have stood it a little less sweet, perhaps more like Fresca, but I imagine the sweetness is needed to cover the bitterness of the caffeine.

Monster Zero Ultra is a Tamer Beast

No surprises in the ingredient profile of Zero Ultra and it contains both Sucralose and Ace-K to round out its sweet taste.

As far as energy is concerned, Zero Ultra doesn’t have the same amount of energy blend as a Regular Monster does. Zero Ultra clocks in at 1400mg per serving or 2800mg per can. This is the same as Monster Absolutely Zero and puts the caffeine content at 140mg per can.

With no sugar and less caffeine, this energy drink provides a smooth, even lift, with no sugar crash. Zero Ultra didn’t provide a huge buzz, but it did give me a nice lift for my afternoon.

Girl or guy, I think Monster Zero Ultra is a good tasting energy drink for folks that love the energy, but hate all the sugar in standard energy drinks.

Ultra Red Energy Drink

monster-ultra-red-energy-drinkMonster Ultra Red Energy Drink has pretty much saturated the country now.In its early days of release Ultra Red was in such high demand a guy was selling a can on eBay priced at over 100usd at auction!

Energy drink connoisseurs were sure eager to get their hands on Ultra Red!

I picked one up at the gas station to give Monster’s latest Ultra version a try. 

Monster Ultra Red’s Flavor?

It seems like Monster is following Red Bull’s lead and creating a silver (zero), a blue,  and an Ultra Red. Zero is citrus, Blue is berry,  Red is cranberry.

While there has been much debate in our comments as to what the flavor of Ultra Red is, I definitely taste Cranberry, but with some other berry flavor thrown in to mellow out the tartness of the cranberry.

The flavor of Ultra Red is ok, but a little too artificial for my liking despite its “natural flavors” listed..

Energy Ingredients?

Monster Ultra Red has the same energy blend as Zero and Ultra Blue. This puts Ultra Red at the 140mg of caffeine mark, which is 20mg less caffeine than their traditional line of energy drinks.

The ingredients to look much like this:

Carbonated Water, Citric Acid, Taurine, Erythritol, Sodium Citrate, Panax Ginseng Extract, Potassium Sorbate, Caffeine, Acesulfame Potassium, Sodium Benzonate, Sucralose, D-Calcium Pantothenate(Vitamin B5), Gum Arabic, Niacinamide(Vitamin B3), Natural Flavors, Salt, Ester Gum,  L Carnitine, L-Tartrate, Inositol, D-Gluguronolactone, Guarane Extract, Pyridoxine Hydroghloride (Vitamin B6), Red#40, Blue#1, Cyanogobalamin (vitamin B12).

Monster Energy Blend: Taurine, Panax Gingeng Extract, L-Carnitine, Caffeine, Glucuronolactone, Guarana Extract, and Inositol. Caffeine from all sources: 70mg per 8fl oz serving (140mg per can).

Monster uses 3 sweeteners in Ultra Red, 2 artificial (sucralose & Ace-K and one natural (Erythritol), which give it a pretty sweet taste.

Sub-Standard Monster Energy?

I’m not sure I understand Monster’s logic with their Ultra line expect to compete with Red Bull.

Ultra Red tastes better than RB’s Red, but those looking for the same caffeine dose per serving will be disappointed.

Ultra Blue Energy Drink

monster-ultra-blueMonster again here is following Red Bull and creating a silver (Zero), a Blue, and a Red energy drink just like their competitor has recently done.

Ultra Blue is a berry flavored drink that is lightly carbonated and not overly sweet. I’m usually not a fan of berry drinks, but Ultra Blue is nicely done. Much better than the Red Bull Blue, in my opinion.

What’s Inside Ultra Blue?

In Blue Ultra, expect to find Monster’s usual energy blend of caffeine, taurine, ginseng, L-cartine, glucuronolactone, guarana, and inositol along with B3, B6, and B12. However, it is a slightly tamed down version compared to what they put in their regular energy drink line.

Also, natural and artificial flavors sweetened with erythritol, sucralose and ace-k.

With just 20mg of caffeine less than a regular Monster, expect about the same effect minus the sugar rush.

Monster Ultra Safety

Monster Ultra contains about the same amount of caffeine that would typically be in a cup of drip coffee or 4 cans of Coke. Adults should consume no more than two during a 24 hour period.

Teens should consume no more than one Monster Ultra per day.

Those sensitive to caffeine, children under 12, pregnant or nursing women, or those with certain heart conditions shouldn’t consume Monster Ultra Energy Drink

Have you tried any of the Ultra line? Which is your favorite?

Drinks are reviewed by an independent drink reviewer and do not necessarily reflect the views or beliefs of this site.

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  • Lessa

    Sunrise is the best, but seems to have disappeared recently

  • Edy

    eemmm..i like this so much
    Judi Bola

  • MsPicky

    Where is did the monster absolutely zero go? I loved it, now I can’t find it anywhere :-/

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    ultra black is the only one that doesn’t hurt my stomache.

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  • amber

    i love the red white blue and orange! if i gad to choose just one thou it would be the red it taste like raspberry flavored to me and ti me nothings better than good raspberry drinks! 🙂

  • SJ Kidman

    Definitely the Ultra red! I bounce between sugar free amps to the ultra red. The first time I had the red, I liked the tart crispness.

  • Brad Porter

    Will try the orange one in the daytime.

  • Ayla77

    Don’t really like monster, but ultra black and ultra zero are delicious ^.^

  • SoRossome

    God damn

  • All the Ultras are pretty fantastic. I don’t even like other energy drinks. Even if it turns out someday that Sucralose is 10x worse for you than sugar, at least it isn’t syrupy or skunky.

  • togel sgp

    this drink is monstrous awesome, just like it’s name.. but i cannot find it anywhere at my country.. togel sgp

  • Mitchell

    Tried Ultra zero and Ultra Sunrise as I noticed them in the store for the first time and am very dissapointed, they both taste like soda. One which has stood for a while, and the other like a very cheap unopened brand. Will stick to my Ripper and Regular.

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  • ed agillacutty

    The only way I can achieve a huge morning shit is to have a can of monster Zero. Its a great stool loosener ! Boom !!

  • ed agillacutty

    Having a can of monster zero in the morning is like hooking up a shop vac to my anus .That stool just flys out my back side like monarch butterflies headed for new mexico !!

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    Enjoy your tooth decay…

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