Monster Absolutely Zero Review

Absolutely Zero  by Monster EnergyMonster Absolutely Zero Energy Drink is yet another zero calorie beverage from Monster.

In a world where it seems every new energy drink that comes out is a copy of another and where the market seems to be watered down by generic garbage drinks, the leader and grandfather of the energy scene “Monster” continues to create fresh drinks to continue to stay on top and ahead of the market.

Monster’s newest drink is Absolutely Zero, apparently a improved version of their Lo-Carb, with the Zero proclaiming NO SUGAR and NO CALORIES. Really, no sugar? Is it even an energy drink?


Excited to get this new Monster on my taste buds, I pop the can open and begin to throw it back. Hmmmm, I’ve tasted this taste before…… Yes, that’s it! Monster Lo-Carb!!

With the zero edition having less sugar, less carbs and less calories, the taste seems to be almost identical.

If you’re a diehard, Lo-Carb freak, then you may taste a bit of a difference, but for the masses, the taste of the new Monster Absolutely Zero will be a mirror image of the Monster Lo-Carb, so take that for what its worth…

Absolutely Zero Ingredients

Many of the ingredients are the nearly the same as Lo-Carb with a few differences besides the lower calories and sugar mentioned earlier. They promote a retooled 2800 mg of energy blend (consisting Taurine, Panax Ginseng, L- Carnitine, Glucuronolactone, Inositol, Guarana and Maltodextrin), a new sweetener system (ace k and Erythritoll), and a new flavor.
Update: We Just heard from the folks at Monster and Absolutely Zero has 135mg of Caffeine per 16oz can.  Monster has adjusted this since to 140 mg of caffeine per 16 fl.oz. can.


The effect from Monster Absolutely Zero was pretty much inline with the rest of the Monster family. Within about 10 minutes of consumption, I got the nice boost/jolt I was looking for and expecting.

A new difference was no real jittery feeling sometimes received from the other Monsters (assuming because of the 0 sugar) and even though I never really felt a big crash from the others, Absolutely Zero had a nice slow fade still leaving me feeling good after with no effects.


I think this verdict is one of the easiest I’ve had to write. If you’re a fan of Monster Lo- Carb, then you will be a fan of its newly improved twin Monster Absolutely Zero.

If diet energy drinks don’t feed your need or treat your taste buds, then you may want to feed that need with something else and just sit back until Monster’s next gift to the energy drink scene.

Reviewed by Brandon Trouten

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  • Ted

    Have you seen our death by caffeine feature? This tells you how many would have to be in your system at one time to cause death based on caffeine alone. However there are many other factors involved and some could have severe health consequences from consuming much fewer. Is this for a school project?

  • Stew Bickle

    Basically what many people don’t realize, is that caffeine without sugar will contain EXTREME energy boosts. Sugar is an additive used solely for the purpose of flavor. We have this idea that sugar gives us energy- it doesn’t. Fructose gives us energy(no, I’m not talking about high fructose corn syrup either), and sorry folks, granulated sugar doesn’t contain any of that.

  • Ted

    Sucrose (table sugar) is fructose combined with glucose. The body uses glucose for energy and both sucrose and fructose are converted to glucose pretty quickly by the body.

  • Felix

    is it ok to drink this everyday for work?

  • hhog

    To copypaste from an article elsewhere on this site;
    “Consuming caffeine daily quickly causes the human body to build up tolerance. The same dose of caffeine then causes a person to achieve a sense of normal rather than the euphoric feelings it once did.”
    So I wouldn’t recommend drinking it every day, no. Caffeine works best when used sporadically, at moments when it’s truly needed.

  • White Wolf

    But what if you’re not using it for a caffeine boost, and you just like the taste?

  • hhog

    Then I suppose there’s always decafe?

  • hhog

    (Sorry, that previous comment made no sense, I had coffee itself on the mind.)
    I suppose you could, but you’d probably have to be mindful of -when- you drink it, so that you’ll at least be able to get to sleep properly when the day’s over. Plus it wouldn’t hurt to skip a few days every so often, to let your body work away the excess adenosine (the chemical that your body produces to make you sleepy – which caffeine blocks out from your brain’s receptors).
    If you’re a regular drinker of caffeinated beverages, it wouldn’t hurt to inform yourself with this short and easily-explained video.

  • Reaver Draven

    i have been drinking for 3 years and i havn’t died yet and i only limit it to 1 per work day and work idk maybe 5 days a week and days off in between those days so I would say its fine.

  • Ayla77

    strangely enough i found this one sweeter then the regular

  • Susan Arnold

    Can diabetic type 2 drink monster zero will it give you a sugar spike because original zero spike my sugar up to 29

  • It’s been 6 months, and you probably don’t care any more, but here goes.

    A 500ml can contains ~5g of carbs, most of which are sugar. Not being really “zero carb”, it will spike your blood glucose by a little bit. But it should at the very least be safe to try. You’re not going to spike by a lot. Try a small can and monitor your blood glucose.

Last Modified: December 19, 2014