Red Bull Editions: Red, Blue, Silver, Yellow, Cherry, Orange

2015 Red Bull Editions Line
The Red Bull Edition line started with three flavor variations: Red, Silver, and Blue. Soon a Summer Edition was released and more recently Orange and Cherry Editions were released under the Total Zero label.

For over a decade Red Bull has relied on their simple product line. They tried cola and even an energy shot in the USA, but reverted back to just the original and two low calorie versions.

However, there is a multi-flavored Monster hot on the heels of the Bull and I think they are a little scared. Earlier this year there was only a 700,000 million dollar gap between Red Bull and Monster and this gap has been closing as Monster spreads world-wide.

The Solution? A more diverse flavor line like their biggest competitor.

Here’s what Red Bull Red, Silver, Blue, Summer, Cherry, and Orange Editions are all about.

Total Zero Orange Edition

orange edition
The Orange Edition is formulated with Red Bull’s Total Zero formula.

  • It is tropical orange flavored and described as orange mango.
  • Same energy formula as Red Bull Total Zero
  • Sweetened with sucralose and Ace-K
  • 12 floz can
  • 114mg of caffeine

Taste: Orange Edition has a lightly sweet strong orange/mango flavor and is pretty easy to drink. I couldn’t taste any of the energy ingredients, but there was a slight aftertaste from the artificial sweeteners used. All in all, a nice edition to the line and I love that it is zero sugar.

Total Zero Cherry Edition

cherry editionThe Cherry Edition is also formulated with Red Bull’s Total Zero formula.

  • It is Cherry flavored and described similar to a black cherry soda.
  • Same energy formula as Red Bull Total Zero
  • Sweetened with Sucralose and Ace-K
  • 12 floz can
  • 114mg of caffeine

Taste: Cherry Edition has a slightly sweet tasting cherry flavor that finishes a little on the sour side. It wasn’t bad, but not as nice as the Orange Edition in my opinion. Cherry also has a slight aftertaste from the artificial sweeteners used, but I do see this appealing to those that like cherry flavored soft drinks.

Red Bull Yellow Edition

yellow editionRed Bull Yellow (previously called Summer) Edition was only available in the summertime, but look for it all year long soon.

  • Yellow (Summer) edition is tropical flavored
  • Same energy formula as original Red Bull
  • 8.4 floz -or- 12 floz can
  • 80mg -or- 114mg of caffeine

Taste: The Yellow has a nice tropical flavor and it reminded me of Orange but Yellow is heavy on the mango and light on the citrus, while Orange tastes the other way around.

This one is sweetened with sugar and sucralose, which cuts down on the aftertaste as well as the calories. It has the same energy blend as original Red Bull, but a little more caffeine if you choose the 12 floz can. All in all a nice tasting beverage.

Red Bull Red Edition

red edition
  • This version is cranberry flavored.
  • Same Energy Formula as original.
  • Sweetened with sugar.
  • Same price as the original.
  • 8.4 floz can.
  • 80mg of caffeine

Taste: Red has a light cranberry flavor, yet artificial at that. It is definitely better than Original Red Bull. The can says “artificially flavored” yet in the ingredients it only lists “natural flavors”. It wasn’t bad, but I wouldn’t choose Red on a regular basis.

Silver Edition

silver edition
  • This version is lime flavored.
  • Same Energy Formula.
  • Sweetened with sugar.
  • Same price as the original.
  • 8.4 floz can.
  • 80mg of caffeine

Taste: Silver is the citrus flavored version and this comes through nicely. It reminds me of Sprite, which is a lemon/lime flavored soda. This was my favorite Edition and what I feel is the most enjoyable to drink.

Update 4/9/2015: This was just sent to us by Red Bull….

The Red Bull Silver Edition is still available in select markets; however, with the introduction of our new Cherry, Orange, and Yellow flavored Editions, the Red Bull Silver Edition will no longer be offered in the U.S. after stocks are depleted.

Blue Edition

blue edition
  • This version is blueberry flavored.
  • Same Energy Formula.
  • Sweetened with sugar.
  • Same price as the original.
  • 8.4 floz can.
  • 80mg of caffeine

Taste: Blue is blueberry flavored and it was my least favorite. I love blueberries, but hate artificial blueberry flavor, which comes through pretty heavily. It even kind of tastes a little like anise (licorice) to me. I’m definitely not a fan of Blue Edition.

Have You Tried the Red Bull Editions?

What do you think of the new flavors of Red Bull. Will Red, Blue, Yellow, Cherry, and Orange Editions propel the energy drink giant even further to the top?

Drinks are reviewed by an independent drink reviewer and do not necessarily reflect the views or beliefs of this site.

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  • Christine Jewell


  • lisa allen

    I was fortunate enough to sample all three editions at an ASCAP party in Hollywood last week and as a big fan of the original Red Bull, I think the Red edition and Blue edition are my new favorites. I know that some people like to drink Red Bull and vodka and I have a feeling when these are readily available all three new editions will be the mixer of choice. I was able to bring a few cans home of each after the event and put the Red edition in my champagne and it was wonderful. Overall, I like to just drink them ice cold from the can. Way to go Red Bull, you have made 3 new great tasting products that I think the public is going to love.

  • MeMeMe

    I’ve tried them, in the UK. I have to say that the blue one is one of the nicest energy drinks I’ve ever had, doesn’t even taste like Red Bull or an energy drink! It also looks aesthetically brilliant–the bulls on the blue can. It is the Steve Jobs -redesigned version of Red Bull. The Red and Silver/lime ones pale in comparision, and seem like poor relations… but the blue one–QUALITY, and beautiful can.

  • Joey Rico Jr

    I don’t think it’s the flavor but the price people always say red bull when I drink it is to expensive j

  • Ted

    Red Bull has apparently expanded their availability of the red, blue, and silver cans. I just bought the blueberry flavored one at a Chevron gas station in Miami. I really hope Red Bull keeps this flavor! It’s much better than the original flavor.

  • my name

    Just tried… well currently drinking the silver for the first time ever. Live in the greater Miami metropolitan area…picked up a local grocery store for a slightly reduced sale price. Taste is not bad, quite refreshing. Wouldn’t have guessed lime till I read this though… I wish they would bring back Red Bull Cola.. that stuff was the best Cola on the planet, EVER.

  • robato

    hope these are a permanent addition to the Red Bull lineup…i imagine they’ll be popular to mix drinks with.

  • Snackman

    Same here, bought all 3 at a gas station. Only drank the blue one and it tastes good. Will try lime and cranberry tomorrow.

  • Chris

    Trying all three here in Sweden now.

  • Jonah

    Here in Michigan I bought all three on 2/27. Really awesome. I like the blueberry one the best, but they’re all pretty awesome.

  • shaun

    bought all three today. They confirmed what I’ve always believed about Red Bull – the original is great, but anytime they venture into a new flavor, it’s terrible and very synthetic tasting. I won’t be buying anymore of these.

  • LaDawn

    FROM MOLALLA, OREGON (YEHAW) Just bought the blueberry and cranberry. The blueberry one is most delish!!! Definitely gonna buy more!!

  • Allyours

    I tried all three new ones and love them. I can’t stand the original one. Friday I will be trying it with vodka.

  • Jaclyn

    Tried all three! Blueberry is the best, lime tastes like transmission fluid. Regular sugarfree is still my favorite!

  • Kevin Noel

    I want the SILVER EDITION so Bad! It solves the age old issue.. “We’re outta limes!”

  • Mike Cummings

    Tried All 3!!!! They are all awesome flavors. I really love the lime( silver) edition
    It is crisp and enjoyable. Thanks REDBULL !!!

  • Curtis

    Tried the red one this morning the aftertaste reminded me of vomit!!! I think someone is trying to bring down redbull from the inside.

  • Dallas

    Just bought all three at Walmart Neighborhood Market in Arkansas. Not so sure 7-Eleven has an exclusive on this one. The silver is actually my favorite so far. The blue one was a bit too sweet. Haven’t trie the red yet. I’m a huge fan of the classic Red Bull flavor

  • Michael

    Tried all three, loved all three. +3 for Red Bull, always the best.

  • maumau

    Silver mixes great with vodka! It doesn’t have the overly sugary flavor of other energy drinks

Last Modified: April 16, 2015