Advocare Spark Energy Drink Review

advocare spark energy drink mixAdvocare Spark Energy Drink Mix is a popular energy supplement sold by independent Advocare distributors.

I happened to discover this drink in a strange way…….

Have you ever been to an electronics store and found a great deal on men’s cologne?

No?  Well how about a two-for-one deal at a car lot, have you seen one?  I wish.

What about a farmer’s market?  Ever been to one and found an incredible energy drink product you’ve never seen before?  No?  Well nah nah in your face I have!

This summer I took a trip to the local farmer’s market with my mom, my greatest excitement being the possibility of finding a flawless eggplant to complete my cornucopia crafting project.  Sarcasm.

Anywho, I walked by a table where a nice lady was selling Advocare performance products.

This table just reeked of multi-level marketing, but I couldn’t resist inquiring about the “Spark” energy drink powder packets.

Without even telling the saleswoman about my status as an energy drink reviewer, she grabbed a bottle of water, filled it with a whole packet of Spark, and let me continue on my way while I drank the bottle down.

Less than 20 minutes later: holy organic cucumbers Batman!

Look here to find out how many packets of Spark it would take to be dangerous!


I later bought three flavors of my own Spark packets: grape, fruit punch, and mandarin orange.  They also offer citrus and cherry.  All you need is a cold bottle of water,  one of these packets mixed into it, and it will plaster a smile onto your lethargic face.

The experience was better than I could have even expected, especially after E-Boost set my standards so low.  Not one stage of the show can be categorized as bitter, transparent, overly sweet, or overly tart.  Delish!


spark-canister/begin list/ 120mg caffeine, 750% B12, 750% B6, 300% niacin, GABA /end list/

Quite small compared to the 17 active ingredients in Optimind Energy Supplement.


No matter how you consume a packet of Spark, whether it be straight, snorted, mixed into your Easy Mac flavor packet, or… oh ya mixed into water, you are guaranteed the perfect long-lasting energy boost.

No joking around here, these packets are simply the perfect pick me up.  This will be my first product review where I end up purchasing more of what I sampled.


Advocare Spark changed my energy drink life.  I can now truthfully say that given the immediate availability of a Spark packet, I would choose a bottle of water from a cooler instead a stand-by favorite energy drink.  That’s right, a flavored bottle of water over, say, a NOS or Rockstar Punched Citrus.

Up until Spark, that’d just be crazy talk.

Reviewed by Dusty Smith

Advocare also makes Slam Energy Shot which is a ready to drink, 2 floz shot of caffeine, vitamins, and amino acids as well as Slim, which is a caffeinated weight loss supplement.

Drinks are reviewed by an independent drink reviewer and do not necessarily reflect the views or beliefs of this site.

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  • John Y

    First Of All You Need To Review What The Chemicals In This Drink Are And How Harmful In The Long Run These Can Be For The Body ??? Second Of All If You Need Artifical Stimulants In Your Body Then I Think You Need A Check Up…..All These Boost Drinks Do More Harm To Ones Body Than Good….Its As Bad As Using Cocaine

  • me

    so whats so bad about advocare spark?

  • Eric

    There is nothing bad about advocare spark. It is nothing like the others out there such as 5 hour energy drink and monster just to name two well known energy drinks. The nice thing about spark is it isn’t just a energy drink it is a mental focus drink. You will feel the difference immediatly and there is no crash later and you have a much better focus and drive after drinking the wonderful drink!!! There is an entire sci-med board that formulates all of advocares products and you are allowed to talk to any of the scientists and doctors about all the products. The number one UNPAID endorser for advocare products is Drew Brees!!! Our products are tested for all known banned substances and they make you feel amazing!!!

  • Keith

    Drew Brees is compensated as the national spokesman



  • Kristen

    It is an energy form of drink which is why on the package it’s called advocare spark energy drink. Mental focus requires more than just a drink. There are 120mg of caffeine which is more than double of caffeine in a coke. If you have cardiac issues consuming this could be a problem. I personally have cardiac problems but like this drink. Think it taste good and woke me up. I’m not saying it was the best energy drink I’ve ever had but it wasn’t bad. If you want more energy and to lose weight get off the couch and workout. It’s a good pre-work out boost if you’re not working out late in the day as caffeine can interfere with sleep habits.

  • CW

    Drew Brees is NOT compensated as the national spokesman. Advocare does not pay for endorsements like Gatorade does. That is why NFL players drink Advocare Rehydrate out of coolers with Gatorade labels–because Gatorade pays them, but Advocare won’t.

  • CW

    I stand corrected. Drew Brees is compensated, but other endorsers are not.

  • SG

    Do you know what is in your fast food, cereal, any food from a restaurant? No. Everyone consumes food or drinks daily that they have not the slightest clue what is actually in what they are putting into their bodies. Here you have Spark. A drink that was created by the top doctors and nutritionists out there, full of vitamins, and things that are actually GOOD for you, and everyone is all concerned about what is in it? Look at the ingredients if you’re concerned. But also look into what is in all of the other foods and drinks that you’re consuming on a daily basis. Also, Advocare has hundreds of unpaid athletic endorsers. They don’t get paid a penny for endorsing the products. Why do they endorse them then? Because they work, are some of the top products and safest products on the market, and because they CARE about what they put into their bodies because they require their bodies to perform top notch. Do research on Advocare as a company, their science and medical adivsory board and then make an informed opinion. Bottom line is that the products are some of the best that you can find on the market and the company is built on 100% integrity.

  • Firstname Last name

    Personally, I don’t do energy drinks. I have never had a cup of coffee, rarely drink pop and avoid caffeine like the plague but that is not the point of my comment.

    The OP wrote: “This table just reeked of multi-level marketing, but I couldn’t resist inquiring about…”

    My question is, what’s your point? m-l-m is just business model. It’s an efficient distribution system to get product in the hands of consumers. In the end, if the product meets or exceeds the OP/end users expectation does it matter to him that the company business model happens to be m-l-m?

    The comment just struck me as odd, open ended and empty as if an m-l-m company couldn’t possibly offer up a quality product. In the end he loves the product in spite of it coming from an “m-l-m”

    As a headhunter with 20+ years of experience servicing national companies with traditional business models, I can tell you the world is changing and you WILL be seeing more of this ‘m-l-m’ business model. It’s putting people more in control of their own destiny and changing their lives in ways corporate America never dreamed of.

    I am not nor will I be associated with advocare or Spark but if your career is less than fulfilling on any level Shoot me a note and I will be happy to enlighten you.


  • Sidelle Brown

    I had 2 Samples pkts. 1 I took on a Thursday which in an hour made me clammy & sweating & feel lightheaded. Than I waited till yesterday, Tuesday to take the other in the Morning. I nearly FAINTED AFTER 1 HOUR!!! I stumbled to my steps & practically crawled to get a Bottle of Cold Water to sip & Put on the BACK of My NECK!!! It’s DANGEROUS & I’M GOING TO REPORT IT

  • Theresa

    I love spark!!!! gives me great energy for my long runs helps me focus in class. Its the best energy drink I have ever consumed…… Let alone I have taken most of advocare products and they are AMAZING!!!!!!!!!

  • Jesse

    Spark is awesome. I usually take it 30 minutes before a meal and i feel energized throught. If you feel dizzy or feel like you are about to faint then you must be sensitive to caffeine or might have a health problem. I started consuming spark along with their 24-day challenge and I will be taking their products forever! They have changed my life and I LOVE IT!

  • S

    A suggestion. Next time, mix it with water first, then consume, instead of snorting it and drinking the water after. Not as dangerous. 😉

  • I and my entire family (from my 10 yr old to my grandmother) all use spark and all the other advocare products!! They are the best and safest on the market..they have there own scientific advisory board and all ate enformedchoice tested (olympic drug testing committee) the spark is awesome, but so also is the pre-work out drinks (argenine extreme and muscle fuel )

  • Delusion Dispeller

    I went to an Advocare hype meet tonight. I drank the Spark and YES IT DOES GIVE YOU ENERGY FROM CAFFEINE!!! I ended up with a major headache and sick to my stomach! They never asked me if I have a problem with caffeine, which I normally don’t but in that amount??? it’s ridiculously high in the drug! Of COURSE people will lose weight on that! Not to mention the garbage sucralose and all the sugars they use to sweeten it! I will NOT be selling this junk to ANYONE and will keep WARNING PEOPLE AGAINST IT!

  • Robin

    Spark and Slam are both worthless products. Do not waste your money on Advocare products.

  • Connie

    I recently tried Spark and I am sensitive to caffiene. I felt fine drinking it other than it gives me diarrhea. Is that how you lose weight?

  • ben

    This stuff is garbage, to think of trying to get energy from caffeine is outright nauseating. Now to get your boost from vitamin b 12 is something else entirely. They almost had the right idea by trying to concentrating b12 but didn’t quite reach the best I have seen. Xs energy drink is what was shown to me from a friend, still had caffeine but that is not where my boost came from it came from the b12. I too have a caffeine problem and can’t drink coke though I love the taste, but the cola flavored xs hit all the bases.

  • MRM

    The caffeine is the same amount as in one cup of coffee, and it’s a natural caffeine. You guys are weird.

Last Modified: June 17, 2015