Advocare Spark Energy Drink Review

advocare spark energy drink mixAdvocare Spark Energy Drink Mix is a popular energy supplement sold by independent Advocare distributors.

I happened to discover this drink in a strange way…….

Have you ever been to an electronics store and found a great deal on men’s cologne?

No?  Well how about a two-for-one deal at a car lot, have you seen one?  I wish.

What about a farmer’s market?  Ever been to one and found an incredible energy drink product you’ve never seen before?  No?  Well nah nah in your face I have!

This summer I took a trip to the local farmer’s market with my mom, my greatest excitement being the possibility of finding a flawless eggplant to complete my cornucopia crafting project.  Sarcasm.

Anywho, I walked by a table where a nice lady was selling Advocare performance products.

This table just reeked of multi-level marketing, but I couldn’t resist inquiring about the “Spark” energy drink powder packets.

Without even telling the saleswoman about my status as an energy drink reviewer, she grabbed a bottle of water, filled it with a whole packet of Spark, and let me continue on my way while I drank the bottle down.

Less than 20 minutes later: holy organic cucumbers Batman!

Look here to find out how many packets of Spark it would take to be dangerous!


I later bought three flavors of my own Spark packets: grape, fruit punch, and mandarin orange.  They also offer citrus and cherry.  All you need is a cold bottle of water,  one of these packets mixed into it, and it will plaster a smile onto your lethargic face.

The experience was better than I could have even expected, especially after E-Boost set my standards so low.  Not one stage of the show can be categorized as bitter, transparent, overly sweet, or overly tart.  Delish!


spark-canister/begin list/ 120mg caffeine, 750% B12, 750% B6, 300% niacin, GABA /end list/

Quite small compared to the 17 active ingredients in Optimind Energy Supplement.


No matter how you consume a packet of Spark, whether it be straight, snorted, mixed into your Easy Mac flavor packet, or… oh ya mixed into water, you are guaranteed the perfect long-lasting energy boost.

No joking around here, these packets are simply the perfect pick me up.  This will be my first product review where I end up purchasing more of what I sampled.


Advocare Spark changed my energy drink life.  I can now truthfully say that given the immediate availability of a Spark packet, I would choose a bottle of water from a cooler instead a stand-by favorite energy drink.  That’s right, a flavored bottle of water over, say, a NOS or Rockstar Punched Citrus.

Up until Spark, that’d just be crazy talk.

Reviewed by Dusty Smith

Advocare also makes Slam Energy Shot which is a ready to drink, 2 floz shot of caffeine, vitamins, and amino acids as well as Slim, which is a caffeinated weight loss supplement.

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  • Jen

    Wow…The people who do not like Spark…There is a solution…”Don’t Drink It”! It is not rocket science people. Spark is safe. For all you so-called caffeine sensitive people, My son is caffeine sensitive and he is able to drink Spark…Can’t drink tea or eat chocolate without symptoms but he can drink Spark. Spark works on your chemical brain…not physically! That is why you don’t get jittery!

  • Melissa

    I am a HUGE Spark drinker also! Haven’t had a cup of coffee since I first tried it 6 months ago. My favorites are Pink Lemonade and Fruit Punch. I love and believe in the product so much that I now sell AdvoCare Spark and their entire line of great health and wellness products! My hope is to show everyone you can have a great sugar free energy drink with no “afternoon crash”. I promise you will love it as much as the rest of us!

  • Jane

    I am trying Spark. actually my 7th day. I do not have more energy.

  • laura

    I don’t care for it. I feel wired and slightly nauseated when I drink it. Some may like that, but not me! I am finishing the supply I purchased just so as not to waste the money.

  • laura

    I forgot to mention that I in fact do experience a crash once the product wears off. 🙁

  • lorenia

    I love this product. I like the mango strawberry flavor. Before spark, I was drinking, green tea, coffee, energy drinks, whatever made me get the energy I needed. Cut no matter what, I always ended up having a a crash. And I also felt guilty for drinking stuff with no nutritional value. Well, after my friend introduced me to spark, I can honestly say it’s the best things I have ever tried in terms of energy and focus. And that’s the seller too. Focus. I’m feeling sharper, happier, focused. Energized. People always ask me, why I’m smiling. Lol. Anyway, some people may not have had the experience I have but I will say, I don’t drink spark to site around. I drink it because I know I have a lot ahead of me. A lot of physical work, or even an active day with the kids etc. You prob shouldn’t take it if your not going to do much. Or maybe take a small serving. So! That’s my experience. I love it I share it, I recommend it! Love Spark!

  • Robert

    I started using this product after my son started using it before he would play his hockey games. I have found that taking it in the morning and sometimes in the afternoon makes me feel good, sharp and focused especially since my days start at 8 and end at around 9 at night. The whole family uses the spark now and we have even started using some of the other products when we workout to get a higher intensity and longer workout which has made a big difference for me (O2 gold, muscle strength & protein shakes). I would recommend it to anyone. Safe and Healthy!!

  • Rob

    I mix Spark (just about any flavor) with Vanilla protein powder…makes a great shake and I have found Spark to be a good replacement for coffee. Mix with Advocare’s Slam if you want a real kick.

  • Patricia

    I actually tried my first packet of fruit punch spark and after an hour I felt jittery, shaky, and nauseated. I did have energy but then I crashed and experienced very severe stomach pains and nausea. I drink about two cups of coffee daily, and I have never had these symptoms. Needless to say, I will not be trying it again. Happy for those who like it and if it works for you, then that’s great. I will remain a coffee drinker:)

  • Paige

    I took Spark and had the same shaky, nausea effects and talked to my provider about it. She said to just add more water and take it over a longer period of time! That did the trick and I feel great after taking it. More focused, energized, and no crash.

  • Ariel

    I am a distributor for AdvoCare and if I drink my spark too fast I get a crash but if I sip it slowly I am good all day 🙂

  • lori

    I love Spark. It makes me feel great with no jitters and no crash. It has helped me kick the diet soda habit almost completely. I love the mandarin orange so much, I haven’t tried any other flavors. Working on my 3rd canister.

  • Heather

    For those who are extremely sensitive to caffeine, V16 is the “caffeine free” version that you have been referred to try… not SPARK. This product (as is with all products in any market) is not for everyone. However, if finding an effective energy supplement is something you are looking into, I would highly recommend either one of these supplements. With AdvoCare, you know you are taking safe and effective products. They are the most tested on the market, and are backed my a huge medical advisory board.

  • KC

    After reading through these comments it reminds me to mention: LISTEN TO YOUR BODY!!! I am a 2 year Advocare distributor. Everyone is unique and sometimes a certain product is not for you. There are truely some people who are advised to stay away from caffeine (I was one of them). Honor that! For those who felt they had mild, unwanted symptoms here are suggestions based on my personal experience:
    1. Take Spark with water, eat 20-30 mins after taking it.
    2. There are packed vitamins in the SPARK, so if you have symptoms with taking vitamins then maybe think of the drink as the same. Try food with it.
    3. V-16 gave me (virtually) the same effective response when trying it as SPARK did and it doesn’t have caffeine.
    Most of my benefits from taking SPARK, I dont’ try to figure out. Sometimes you just know when something works for you. If you don’t want to use it, then don’t.
    My husband calls SPARK, “I got my wife back juice!!” I became much more happier, upbeat, energetic, workouts increased, slept better, get more chores done etc. That is just my personal story. My husband was a COSTCO case of Monsters a month! He works nightshift, diabetic, and was 80lbs overweight. Within the 24 Day Challenge he lost 23lbs, but most of all he went from 3-5 MONSTER drinks a 12 hour shift to 2 Sparks a 12 Hour shifts! He so surprised that the little packet of powder would do the trick, not give him a crash (he had it with the MONSTERS), and would energize a 300lb man!! Goodluck with you all, and remember it’s about choices and it’s yours to make.

  • KB

    I love Spark, I have used it off and on for about 6 years, I am now going to start selling the product because I want to be able to help provide for my family more. For those of you that say you “crash” are you eating with the product? Have you tried to add a bit more water? I do not get a crash from Spark, I do however get a crash from soda, Monster, NOS, 5 hour energy all of the others, not this one. Everyone knows their body and if you have a sensitivity to caffiene then Spark is not for you, I urge you to consult with your distributor and talk to them about what other items would be better for you personally. If you are not honest or don’t tell someone that something isn’t working for you they can’t assist you in finding the correct products.

  • sue

    what makes this sugar-free? is there an artificial sweetener used? i am extremely sensitive to all artificial sweeteners and want to know what all ingredients are and cannot find information on the website. just the “main” ingredients.

  • Addison heine

    Look into all of the ingredients. I was drinking it everyday until I actually found out what the hard to read words were

  • Adam

    @Addison, what ‘hard to read words’ are you referring to??

  • mackenzie

    Okay to the person who said she nearly passed out- either you’re being EXTREMELY over-dramatic or there’s something in Spark you’re allergic to. My mom has been an AdvoCare distributor for almost two years. I drink Spark every day before school. It keeps me awake and focused. Spark doesn’t really help you lose weight. Sure you’ll have more energy to work out, but that’s about it. Spark also has vitamins in it.

  • Brandy

    Granted there may be 21 vitamins & minerals in it & at first glance it appears to be healthy. However if you read the OTHER ingredients they are Maltodextrin, Citric Acid , Natural & ARTIFICIAL flavors, Silicone Dioxide & Sucralose. NO they are NOT good for you .

Last Modified: June 17, 2015