Caffeine in Drinks

Meth Coffee

Meth Coffee
Unknown mg
per 8 fl oz
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Unfortunately the manufacturers of Meth Coffee have not disclosed the levels of caffeine in their product.

Discontinued? This item may no longer be available.

Meth Coffee is from acoffee company in San Francisco.

Meth Coffee is advertised to have a "super-caffeinated" blend of beans (99.99% Arabica - certified organic). They have also added Yerba Mate to the mix.

According to their site:

METH COFFEE may promote feelings of mania, zania, euthanasia, fantasia, and all manner of paranoia. DO NOT DRINK ALONE. METH COFFEE SHOULD NOT BE CONSUMED BY minors, bilious baby handlers, hazelnut-flavor whores, swill consumers, anger management seminar attendees, road ragers, or cup-cradling hand warmers unable to handle upward shifts in speed and mobility.

Meth coffee can be shipped (whole beans or a specified grind) anywhere in the US within 48 hours.

Caffeine levels are unknown.

Yerba Mate tends to have 0.7 to 2% caffeine content while a coffee bean has 1-2.5%. With a combination of both, Meth Coffee must be a seriously strong brew.

Ingredients in Meth Coffee

Arabica Coffee And Yerba Mate