Califia Farms Coffee Caffeine Amounts

califia farms caffeine

Califia Farms began as a nut milk alternative to dairy and has since grown in popularity because of the quality of their product offerings.

Califia helped set the industry standard in regards to taste and ingredients and they continue to expand their product offerings.

Lately, they have been making a lot of additions to their ready to drink coffee products and now have over 25 different offerings including seasonal editions.

Caffeine Content in Califia Coffee Products

Product NameCaffeine AmountServing Size
(fl oz)
Multi Serve Bottles
Café Latte50 mg8
Mocha50 mg8
Salted Caramel60 mg8
XX Espresso90mg8
Pure Black Lightly Sweetened270 mg12
Pure Black Unsweetened270 mg12
Black & White90 mg8
Pumpkin Spice Latte20 mg8
Peppermint Mocha50 mg8
Concentrated Cold Brew80 mg4
Single Serve Bottles
Cocoa Noir105 mg10.5
 XX Espresso150 mg10.5
 Salted Caramel80 mg10.5
 Triple Shot Espresso170 mg10.5
 Dirty Chai125 mg10.5
 Mocha Mexica110 mg10.5
 Black & White120 mg10.5
 Full Shot80 mg10.5
 Nitro Latte185 mg10.5
 Nitro Mocha135 mg10.5
 Nitro New Orleans has 115 mg/10.5 fl oz115 mg10.5
 Black Label Signature Blend has 260mg/10.5 fl oz260 mg10.5
 Black Label Mocha has 160mg/10.5 fl oz160 mg10.5
 Black Label Single Origin has 250mg/10.5 fl oz250 mg10.5

A Cold Brew Coffee Base

Califia Farms uses cold brew coffee as the base of all their RTD coffee products.

In light of this, some of their product labelings are a bit misleading. The products named “Espresso” and “Full Shot” aren’t really accurate. The word espresso refers to a brewing method and espresso isn’t used in their products, but rather, cold brew coffee is. There is no such thing as cold brew espresso.  Sometimes the word espresso can refer to very darkly roasted coffee beans but these are generally purposed for use in an espresso machine.

califia cold brew coffee flavors caffeine amount

How Does Califia Compare?

Cold brew coffee has been flooding the marketplace over the last couple of years. Here’s how Califia compares to other brands.

Cold Brew Concentrate

  • Califia:  80 mg / 4 fl oz
  • Chameleon: 270 mg / 4 fl oz
  • Kohana: 320 mg/ 4 fl oz

RTD Plain

  • Califia (Black Label): 260 mg / 10.5 fl oz bottle
  • Chameleon (black): 270 mg / 10 fl oz bottle
  • Steep 18: 90 mg/ 8 fl oz cup
  • Starbucks: 150 mg/ 12 fl oz cup
  • Stumptown: 279 mg / 10.5 fl oz bottle
  • Dunkin Donuts: 174 mg / 10 fl oz cup

RTD with Milk

  • Califia (Black and White) 120 mg/ 10.5 fl oz bottle
  • Starbucks with sweet cream  140 mg / 12 fl oz cup
  • Stumptown with milk: 319 mg/ 16 fl oz

Note that no dairy is used in Califia Farms coffee products but instead almond milk is used.

Califia Farms Coffee is available throughout the US and can be found in select locations in both the UK and Australia.  It is also available on Amazon.

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Last Modified: July 18, 2017