Monster Punch (DUB Edition) Review

Monster DUB Energy Drink first launched back in 2009, but has since added a couple of additional flavors. Recently, Monster rebranded DUB to simply Punch.

Current Monster Punch (formerly DUB) Flavors

  • Ballers Blend
  • Mad Dog

Monster has teamed up with DUB magazine to create a drink marketed to the custom car enthusiast.

So did the #2  leader in energy drinks outdo themselves with their recent creation of a custom energy drink?


Not in a long time have I been so excited to get my taste buds on a  new drink, yet Monster Dub got me there.  So I took the can, popped off the plastic rim, and pressed my lips to the can.  I slowly poured the contents down my throat, and then began a roller coaster of flavor.  As the icy cold liquid hit my mouth, I tasted grape,(ok not bad, another grape drink), yet as it slid past each taste bud I caught a hint of the original Monster, especially in the aftertaste.  Many different feelings and tastes within one can, not sure how they do it, but I enjoyed it!

DUB Ingredients

As with most energy drink, you get your normal ingredients, yet Monster Dub amped up with an extra helping to get you through the day, and night, and probably the following day as well if your a lightweight.  4000 mg of taurine, 800 mg Guarana and a healthy dose of B vitamins. Same Caffeine as Traditional Monster.


To be honest, the Monster drink line doesn’t give me the boost I’m looking for, (maybe just becoming immune) and was slightly disappointed in the boost from DUB.  Don’t get me wrong, It had a little energy buzz, yet only lasted about an hour or 2.  Nothing to get excited about.


In my eyes Monster DUB fits right in line with the rest of the family of Monster drinks.  The Taste was there and pleasing, yet the kick was lackluster.  So if you’re a fan of the other Monster drinks, then you will be pleased with DUB, but if Monster isn’t your thing, then save your cash and gamble on another drink.

If you want to try Monster DUB you better act fast because it’s not listed on Monster’s new website so it most likely won’t be around for long. Maybe buy two cans one to drink and one to sell 10 years from now on ebay.

Reviewed by Brandon Trouten

Drinks are reviewed by an independent drink reviewer and do not necessarily reflect the views or beliefs of this site.

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  • Dusty

    Lucky you, I still can’t find this anywhere

  • Evan

    This is just like when Import came out. They didn’t have it where I live until it had been out for months. Monster rarely disappoints in terms of flavor, so I’m excited to try this one.

  • bob

    Did you drink the whole can? Surely that would give you a boost(and diabetes). I mean that is a huge can.

  • April

    Where did you find it?

  • Michael

    Maybe its just me, but at first I sisn’t tast any flavor. After a few drinks though I thought it was like a raspberry. Then after hearing your take on it, I agree that its grape. I think it tastes amazing, I do not have an opinion on the energy effect, b/c I am always tired and am always anxious.

  • Garrett

    I finally got one from new Mexico and I live in Colorado haha. But this was one of the better monsters I’ve tasted in a while

  • Trogdoroth

    I couldn’t actually tell it was grape until you said so. As for the energy I make sure I don’t drink an energy drink every day so I always get a buzz from monster but then a really bad sugar crash but I thought the DUB buzz was pretty good but maybe that’s because I haven’t crashed yet (and it’s been like 7 hours)

  • John

    i went to the philadelphia auto show yesterday and they gave out free ones…its 32 ounces and the guy said if there is high demand it will be sold in stores..

  • John

    and i love it

  • Zach

    I got a can at the Philadelphia auto show. They wer giving them out for free tonpromote the drink. It’s my fab. One to date but since then I can’t find a single place that sells them!!

  • Jeff

    Picked up a can at a gas station by my local smoke shop. I have to say I am very pleased with it.

  • Taylor

    I found them at my Air Force Base 🙂 I definitely enjoyed it.

  • brock

    u can find them at most 7-11 stores

  • i just bought this today and its awsome… me it taste like grape mixed with pomagranate and a lil hint of regular monster

  • Brad

    I just bought one today. I just saw it at the store yesterday but had no money. I’m waiting till i go to my friends to try it and so im excited.

  • juvy

    i had never seen one of thees cans of monsters before till yesterday when i was at work (work in a grocery store) there was only one in stock and i was lucky enough to get it.

  • this one is AMAZING! the bigger can is the best part. i dont like the import cans though, they take away from the sentimental value. love ya Jimmy Sherer for introducing me to em! (yes you Jim in Cali)

  • Nick

    Found this last night at a gas station, didn’t know they still made it, but it was in the “Imported” can so maybe it was a re-release, tastes amazing though.

  • Pat

    Big Lots in Columbus, OH is selling these for $1.50 each.

  • ted

    oh no, looks like the death of Monster DUB edition 🙁

Last Modified: September 20, 2017