Monster Extra Strength Reviews


Formerly Monster Nitrous

Monster Extra Strength was first launched as Monster Nitrous back in 2009, but since Monster rebranded these drinks down playing the whole nitrous thing.

Here’s most likely why…

These drinks do not contain Nitrous Oxide (laughing gas). How do we know this? Well, it is illegal in the USA to market and sell a food product containing N2O  as a ingredient for human consumption and it can only be used as a propellant such as in whip cream. 

So if you were planning on getting some type of euphoric feeling from these drinks, you will be disappointed.

The label states it uses nitrogenated water, which is usually done with nitrogen gas and this technology is also used in the brewing industry to give certain beers a frothy foam.

In any even, here are reviews for Super Dry and Black Ice.

Extra Strength Super Dry

extra strength super dryAs if Monster wasn’t already charging ahead fast enough, they’ve gone ahead and bolted a tank of nitrous in their trunk.

Here I offer a review of one of the three flavors I’ve seen of Monster Nitrous: Super Dry.  In the lustfully exciting world of aftermarket car tuning, a nitrous tank is one of the most extreme additions one can buy. 

A good shot of nitrous can temporarily give horsepower boosts in the triple digits.  The best type of nitrous is “dry” as opposed to “wet”,  hence the name of this flavor.


When you first try this drink, I challenge you to concentrate on the flavor.  It’s not easy, considering that you’re going to be perplexed by the experience, which is unlike any other on the market.

Have you ever put something in your mouth that fizzes?  Fizz candies, soda pop candies?  Alka Seltzer?  Oh you did?  You know you’re supposed to dissolve the Alka Selzter first, right?  Well anywho, this is all I have to equate the Monster Nitrous experience to.  It’s a very open, airy, and expansive carbonated beverage effect that you just have to try for yourself.

Once you get past the bubbly, it’s evident that Monster went back to the drawing board.  All evidence of the basic Monster taste has been dissolved away by the carbonated and nitrogenated water, and what’s left is a delicious citrus taste with a berry hint.  It’s a winner!


Unscrew the cap from the sweet new can and within lies a 200% DV of Vitamins B2, 3, 6, and 12 along with 2,000mg of Taurine.  Caffeine?  Rudely buried alongside guarana in what’s known as a bullshi.. err proprietary blend.  Monster, grow up and disclose the content already, you’re above this.

See the caffeine content of Monster Extra Strength here.

Leading the ingredients list is “carbonated and nitrogenated water”.  The word nitrogenated tells us nothing about how many nitrogen and oxygen molecules we’re dealing with in the bond, which is everything considering their claims.


If Monster normally gets you moving, so will Monster Nitrous.  To my disappointment, don’t expect much more than that.  In the one time I had this drink, I noticed no difference in effect from a 16oz can.  Oh, FYI the Nitrous can holds 12 ounces.


Monster Extra Strength (Nitrous) energy drinks deliver a stellar experience that will place them in a Top 20 list of almost every energy drink consumer.  I just wish we had more information about how legit their claims of nitrous oxide injection are.
Reviewed by Dusty Smith

Black Ice

monster-black-iceBlack Ice is the latest addition to their Extra Strength (Nitrous) energy drink line, which I had though they forgot about since they haven’t released anything new since the intro. of the other 3, but better late than never I guess.

So how will the new 0 calorie, 0 sugar Monster Extra Strength (Nitrous) Black Ice fit in?


I pop the top to that familiar “pop” the nitrous gives and boy does Black Ice smell good.  I’m in for a treat… not so fast.  Wow, boy is this fizzy, the taste is very sweet, maybe a hint of citrus in there, but dang is it fizzy.

It was a little to sweet and bubbly at first, found it to be better after letting the Monster Nitrous Black Ice sit for awhile and then trying it near room temp after some nitrogenated water had dissipated.

Monster Black Ice Ingredients

Monster Nitrous Black Ice ingredient wise is very similar to Monster Absolutely Zero.   Of course no calories or sugar, along with the same amounts of all the vitamin B’s. 

The energy blend is 200mg less in Black Ice compared to the other Nitrous Energy Drinks, yet made up of the same energy blend of Caffeine, Taurine, Panax Ginseng Inositol ect.  Seems like Monster just took Absolutely Zero and applied there “Nitrous Technology” to it.


The effect of Monster Black Ice was pretty good.  I took my time drinking it, which took about an hour to finish because of the sweetness, so I had a very good energy rush that lasted about 5 hours.  A very minor crash at the end, hardly recognizable.  Better rush than any of the 16oz Monster’s, in just the 12oz Black Ice.


I was very excited to get my hands on the newest Monster, yet it did leave me a little disappointed.  The nitrogenated water and artificial sweetener was a little to strong for my liking. 

I prefer Absolutely Zero, a milder version of Monster Nitrous Black Ice.  If you’re a fan of the other nitrous flavors, then go ahead and give Black Ice a try, yet if you prefer your energy a bit smoother, then stick to the other Monster varieties.

Reviewed by Brandon Trouten

Are you a fan of Monster Extra Strength with nitrous technology?

You can purchase Monster Nitrous online by clicking here.

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  • dawn

    i meant nitrous oxide not nitrogen…genius.

  • Krista

    So I found one of these energy drinks in our local market. I decided to drink one. I read the ingredients and it does say nitrogenated water? And the can says “Nictros Oxide makes your car faster at the Drags, but it pt in a drink? CAll us crazy, but we combined Nitrous Oxide with Carbon Dioxide in a precise ratio and injected it into our product Monster Energy base. Nitrous Monster has a unique texture, smooth drinkable flavor and buzz thats bigger than ever. This is no “Whip-It”, but it will whip you good. UNLEASH THE NITRO BEAST.

    The drink has a very different taste from the other monsters, it’s not as carbonated, but, for the price, its not exactly the best deal, It was about $2.80 around the same as a normal energy costs, but if it’s worth it? I’m not exactly sure. I’m still kind of iffy about the nitrogenated water, kinda disgusting if they use it in cars…

  • Anthonyra

    Ok no2 body building is a supplement not a gas as the can says FYI

  • imanalchemist

    It would all have to do with how the added compound decomposes, carbonic acid decomposes to carbon dioxide gas and water, which is how a drink is carbonated. a nitrogenated drink could contain a compound that decomposes into either nitrogen gas or nitrous oxide. nitric acid for example would decompose to water, oxygen gas and nitrogen gas.

  • Jeramy

    I could give a good review of these drinks,I’m kinda hooked on the nitrous monster line of energy drinks.They’re the strongest I’ve ever consumed,and I’ve had them all.They get me going really fast,yet euphoric,and uninhibited.If I over consume,I get a pseudo-hallucinogenic change in consciousness.They’re something of their own.I don’t know what’s in it that does this,of course.This is the first Monster blend that contains yerba mate,for one thing.Whether the “nitrogenated water” does anything or not,I couldn’t tell you.

  • Nice to know about Monster “Nitrous Oxide” energy drink, really good with horse power. I believe energy drinks should provide instant energy and also should be rich in antioxidants.

  • jesse

    i think monster is smart with their marketing. i think i would have to be stupid to assume it had No2.they did mix the co2 with No and it give a different frothy texture to the carbonation. but as we know monster is about the (buzz) and if you look at the side of the can it has double the energy containing ingredients in the same size can.(2500 to 5000 in nitrous) so a lil buzz so to speak is acquired while you consume double the energy at the same pace you would a regular monster. so in essence your drinking 2 cans in one and when i did i was bouncing off the walls i also had no idea till i read the can afterwords. after i chugged the can. i love the stuff and stumbled on the web site hoping to find what stores sell it cause not all my local marts around nj do, so i figured id give a lil input. enjoy it guys

  • ted

    @jesse, that double the energy thing is a little misleading because in a regular can of monster, there are two servings and in nitrous there is only one so you aren’t getting double really as most people wouldn’t just drink half a can. Also the brain does funny things when the perception of more energy is anticipated, It’s called the placebo effect so people who think nitrous is stronger are basically being tricked by their brain…funny how that works. Very cleaver marketing from Monster I must say linking the whole NOS thing to the power it gives cars and stuff when it has no energy effect in humans…

  • chris

    they taste amazing, but are too small for the price of 3.01…but I seem addicted lol

  • Ashleigh

    The drink tastes pretty good. Makes me feel a little tingly…

    But…I really dislike the bottle. It falls over all the time and doesn’t fit into my cup holder in my car, so it can get a bit messy. Try getting that sticky residue out of the cup holder pocket after a big spill… blah.

    It’s a 12oz. packaging, not the best in design. I wish it had a wider base, such as the original Monster bottles.

  • Dude

    Ima Buy A Can Of Wooped Cream And Inhale The Gas By Not Shaking The Bottle..Lets See Monster Compete With That 🙂

  • Cameron

    Well it kind of is obvoius.. there just trying to get money and most buisnises will do anything to make money.. and that includes a little white lie.. there not inocent but it is bull shit

  • Awesome man

    Hey all! as a energy drink fanatic and as an x mlg player I can tell you that this thing gives..a different buzz. Theres more b12 in it by the feel of it, and something else. Not as potent as my drug of choice 5150 juice, but freaking fantastic taste and drinkability. Budlight can suck on that logo cause this drink is better. I have 20 of nitrogen and 20 original and a 24 pack of sugar free redbull in the box next to me. The nitrogen obviously has a different effect compared to the others. its not like the hyper awareness you get off of massive doses of caffeine, kinda mellowed, but potent is how id describe it.

  • Milk-bone

    Who cares about that? They were giving this stuff out free at the Hilton Atlanta last weekend. This stuff tastes GOOD! Better than any other Monster drink. It was no more or less energizing, though.

  • Desiree

    i think its is yummy 🙂

  • The Dood

    Just to put this whole nitrous oxide issue to sleep:
    From a non-involved objective source.

  • ted

    @The dude…Are you kidding? PR news releases aren’t a non-involved objective source…those articles are written by the company’s PR firm…

  • CoverGirl

    i have tried these and they’re actually good! the regular monsters are too carbonated whereas these have a more subtle fizz and not as sweet or “soda-y” tasting…and honestly i did feel a bit different after drinking it…dont know what it was but i felt like teh sun came out and shined brightly on my face and the wind gave me new breath! i actually FELT like doing all the errands i just so ironically had lined up that day…silly i know and probably more my own mind psyching me out but i did feel different lol

  • Bob atkins

    The gas nitrous is illegal but the liquid is not

  • wooooooooooooow u guys are actually taking the whole name and narration on the back seriously!? 1st the name soounds cool, sort of ment to sound even gnalyer than regular (which it is) 2nd the narration on the back is just for fun, one of the things that make monster unique, THEY DONT ACTULLY MEAN IT……………………..FAIL

Last Modified: September 11, 2014