NOS Energy Drink Sends Teen to Hospital

Reports of energy drinks causing adverse health effects on teens are becoming more common. Some have even been linked to deaths.

Several versions of NOS Energy Drink contain about 100mg more caffeine than the typical energy drink, and therefore, teens could possibly find themselves overdosing more readily.

One Such NOS Overdose

A Carl Junction, Missouri teen recently had quite an experience after he drank NOS Energy Drink.

Dakota Sailor came home from school and decided he would throw back not one, but two cans of NOS Energy Drink. That is the last thing he remembers as his parents found him unconscious on the sofa aspirating. He was rushed to the hospital and recovered a few days later.

The doctors ran various tests but concluded that it was probably the energy drink that was the culprit in this incident. The doctors said that  high doses of caffeine could have caused his seizure.

Checking out the Caffeine Database, we see that NOS has 260 milligrams of caffeine per can so that puts Sailor at 520mg of caffeine from NOS plus he admitted to having additional caffeine earlier in the day. Note: NOS has reformulated their energy drink to contain 160 mg per can.

Normally, this amount of caffeine isn’t anywhere near a toxic amount. According to Death by Caffeine it would take around 45 cans of NOS to send you packing for the afterlife, but everyone is different and some are more sensitive to caffeine than others. The teen obviously had a reaction to something.

Teens and Parents are Urged to Heed Can Warnings

It is evident in the case above that the teen did not responsibly drink the product and heed the warnings clearly printed on the NOS can.

This case really highlights the importance of not only reading but following the recommended and max dosage warning printed on NOS as well as other energy drinks.

Energy Drinks are NOT soda and shouldn’t be consumed as such. Often teens may need some guidance in this area as they don’t always make smart decisions for their health and wellbeing.

Steps parents can take to prevent teens from consuming too much.

  1. Ask questions. Talk to your kids and find out what they are drinking throughout the day. Some parents may not even be aware their kids are drinking energy drinks.
  2. Accountability. Make your teens accountable for what they spend their allowance or money on. Make them save receipts and keep a budget. This teaches them money management and allows you to see what they are buying.
  3. Don’t buy energy drinks for your teens. Or, only buy them as an occasional treat and buy them ones with moderate levels of caffeine. A daily safe limit of caffeine for teens is about 100mg.
  4. Teach them how to read product labels and to look for warning information.

The reason this site exists is to educate the consumer about the caffeine levels of most of the energy drinks that are out there. This helps people be aware of how much caffeine they are consuming and hopefully works to prevent accidental energy drink overdoses, such as what happened with this young man and NOS Energy Drink.

Source: The Joplin Globe

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  • ‘Raine

    I really doubt it’s even the energy drinks that did it to him, unless it was a reaction to a combination of things he took. If he’s left at home alone and chugging down multiple energy drinks trying to get a buzz, then chances are he’s getting into other things too either at home or at school.

  • Phill

    Raine, I know a lot of people that love energy drinks that are not “getting into other things either at home or at school”.

  • Tim

    It’s a shame that our society demands the right to have everything be made to idiot-proof standards. And this isn’t even clear-cut idiocy (like those kids that got Spike Shooter banned in Boulder), this is obviously a reaction. Either that or he’s an extreme caffeine lightweight, and is therefore an idiot for not reading the can (or more likely reading it, and ignoring it). Too bad that the energy industry will always be blamed for the stupidity of junior-high punks, and the random medical reactions of a microscopic percentage of consumers…

  • Bob

    I drink 2 NOS 16Oz cans before work every night and have for quite some time, before that it was 2 cans of Wired X344 (344mg per can), but the stuff tastes so awful that I had to change. It’s never done anything bad to me, I must be a heavy weight caffeine addict. Or like ‘Raine said, the kid might have had more than the NOS, like a couple NoDoz tabs or drank several cans and claimed it was only 2. Teens are constantly testing their limits, unless their parents happen to be nice enough to explain that’s not always a good idea and why.

  • Dark Kitsune

    Eh… such a lightweight. I’ve drunk four cans of Monster in a row and (aside from the obvious energy boost and increased heart movement) haven’t had a single bad side-effect.

    It’s unfortunate that this happened, but I really don’t feel much pity for the kid, especially considering that he *was* such a lightweight. He should stay within his limits…

  • caffeinated midget

    Great, just in time to give the “caffeine awareness month” people something else to bitch about and use to their advantage. *mumbles incoherant curses*

  • Tejas

    Whaataa pooosiiee 😛

  • MBS

    Lol, he is just made of fail.

  • Danielle

    Was this instance the day where this kid lost his energy drink virginity or something? Gawd, 520mg shouldn’t send you into seizure mode. He must have had an allergic reaction or prexisting condition. Silly boy.

  • NOS

    I drank 3 monster BFC’s in a 4 hour period and pulled 2 all nighters getting ready for exams.

  • April

    I drank 2 Monster energy drinks in a row once…I felt kinda drunk actually and I was more shaky than energetic, haha 😛

    After that, I decided to try to go past the limit of 3 (like it says on the can) and I ended up puking it all out later on around 3 in the morning >.< I guess my stomach doesn't tolerate more than one…that, or I'm really sensitive to caffeine XD

  • Carrie

    I’m only 125lbs and i drink two or three 16 oz NOS EVERYDAY and I have NEVER had any kind of reaction or side effect. This kid probably took a diet pill, or an energy pill along with th 2 NOS…b/c nos gives you energy with out the jitters and side effects that other energy supplements do.

  • Barry

    I am 59 years old and have at least 1 NOS a day. It kick starts my day and I can run circles around most guys half my age at work. “Energy” drinks are now a part of our culture and not just a fad that appeals to only the under 21 crowd. It is important that people read lables and be informed of contents and hazards (and make sure children are informed as well). In the end, however, we must all be willing to be responsible for our choices and stop the easy way out of blaming someone else for our stupidity.

  • Random Teen

    LOL 2 NOS sent this guy to teh hospital? tsk tsk kid i drink 6 – 7 a day and im usually still tired afterwords keep u p the good work NOS also INFERNO are good 3k mg of taurine + like 300mg of caffeine yehh

  • Skeptical

    Media should really have looked at his toxicology (blood analysis) before posting bullcrap stories.

  • Darius

    No one cares how much caffeine u can drink. The shits dangerous. You guys are so caught up on thinking its cool to overdose on shit you dont even see things right in front of your eyes. grow up its not cool.

  • kumba

    I drink 3 nos’s a day and im 14. Nothing like this ever happened to me and to be exact thats 780 mg of caffeine a day I’ve never had a bad crash or a siezure this kid is just a retard and doesnt know his limits

  • Bradley Pellegrini

    I’m sorry if this offends anyone, but this guy is an idiot. If you over drink them, then yeah, you’ll get hurt. I know my limits, and don’t push them. I can drink 4 22oz NOS bottles, or 3 24 oz Mega-Monsters and be very hyper, but still safe. I usually cut myself short at 2 a day. If I’ve gone more than a week without any, I’ll drink slower. Its just stupid if you don’t set your limits and keep below them.

  • Gunnar

    Wow im 83 and i drink 6 or 7 a day. Usually i pass out if i drink 8 in a day. By the way I love a good pussy!

  • Alec

    Homestly? this kid is lame, he must be one of those kids that has a problem with every thing, i drink energy drinks before every thing i do. Sports, parties,tests,vacation, they dont do that much for me, i have yet to find a energy drink that makes me more “awake” energy drinks are fine, i personly drink two red bull a day for the taste

Last Modified: October 22, 2015