Wired Energy Drink Reviews

Here we review Wired Energy Drinks including Wired X505, the once most caffeinated energy drink.

Wired Energy Drinks are a bit of a fading brand, but they still produce 10 different energy drinks.

Wired X505

wiredx505.jpgWired energy drinks don’t know when to quit. What is this – the caffeine wars?

The stats: in a single 23.5 ounce can

  • 505mg Caffeine (note this figure apparently includes caffeine from Guarana seed and White tea)
  • 365mg Guarana Seed Extract
  • 4400mg Taurine
  • 145mg Inositol
  • 88mg White Tea Extract
  • 730% RDI Vitamin B12
  • 290% RDI Vitamin B6
  • 235% RDI Vitamin B3
  • 145% RDI Vitamin B5

The web page gives the polite warning “if you can’t handle massive Caffeine, then stay away from this one!”

Yeah no kidding. Are there any shops actually stocking this thing? Or do you have to get a doctor’s prescription first? Is this drink even for real?

We Caffeine Informersters like our caffeine – but we know how to hit the sweet spot – and that doesn’t mean 505mg of caffeine in one hit.

Be careful with this one folks.

Wired 505x has been discontinued.

Wired X B-12 Rush

wired-xb12-rushWhen it comes to the energy drink market, no one really cares about being healthy with vitamin C.

No one cares about building strong bones with D. Nobody even cares about vitamin A and… well whatever A does.

The golden vitamin is that of the B variant. I don’t know why this vitamin ranks between A and C, or why categories 6 and 12 matter the most. I just know that when a sustained energy boost is your craving, vitamins B6 and B12 deliver.

Chaser 5 Hour seems to be the first to commercially harness this state of affairs, and Wired X B12 Rush is the first energy drink I’ve ever seen to travel down this road.


It’s just another face in the crowd. First up, citrus. Second up, energy blend bitterness. Third up, fake sugar cover up. I do not see this taste as one meant to offer a singularly pleasurable experience. Rather, I see it as a taste that works functionally as a vessel to deliver a powerful energy blend under your taste bud radar.


The top of the can reads, “MAXIMUM CAFFEINE.” Woah there, cowboy, hold your horses. We’re only talking 100mg of caffeine total. The top of the can also reads, “MAXIMUM B VITAMINS.” All of this caps-lock label screaming had me whispering “EXTREEEEEME” under my breath when I first plucked it out of the vending cooler. The drink offers up 3,000% of your B12 DV and 500% of your B6 DV. As far as energy drinks (not shots) are concerned, those figures are impressive.


Most of the B shots out there, in my experience, seem to kindly present an optional energy boost to you on a silver tray. They seem to say, “hey there good buddy, I’ve got some energy for you, You don’t to have to take it, it’s ok, I just wanted to let you know that you’re swell and if you’re feeling down, I’m here for you”. This drink takes the silver platter of energy and mashes it into your face. The monologue of this drink would better spoken by Gunnery Sgt. Hartman from Full Metal Jacket. Down this drink and you’re going to get a classic B-vitamin boost, and you have absolutely no say in the matter. I don’t why it does this better than shots, it just does.


This has become a local go-to drink for me because of its reliable energy boost. Really these days, isn’t that what matters? Sure taste is nice but you have a busy life to live. If an energy drink fails me when I really need it, it can threaten my ability to have a successful and productive day. My only question now is what happened to B-Vitamins 1-5 and 7-11. Poor little guys are always getting left out.

Reviewed by Dusty Smith

Wired X 3000

wired-x3000Wired X 3000 somehow had the foresight to label their cans as an Energy “Supplement” instead of an Energy “Drink”.

Why is this good? Well, they set themselves up as a drink that can be easily exported to countries with a caffeine content in drinks restriction.

They didn’t have to adjust can size, change formulation, or do a can reprint. Wired X just had to find a distributor and load the boat.  A few weeks later a new energy “drink” has landed on New Zealand and Australia’s shores.

Supplements don’t have the same guidelines as drinks do and whoever discovered this loophole should get a round of applause from all the energy fiends down under as it has opened up a whole new world of choice here. Let’s just see if it lasts as there is already a push in Australia to have these “supplements” banned.

Since this is the same Wired X 3000 found in the States, this review is for all you Yanks as well.


Mango, passion fruit is what Wired X 3000 promised and that’s the taste they delivered. This drink has a similar flavor to Rockstar juiced, but it doesn’t have real juice in it and has a lighter, more refreshing taste with no sucralose to be found anywhere! Good on you, Wired!


3000mg of taurine is this drink’s big boast as its title proclaims, along with 188mg of caffeine which is the most potent energy “drink” down under, at least of the ones we’ve found. There are rumors that the NOS that’s here has more but we have yet to get our hands on any. Wired offers some B vitamins as well but at very low concentrations.


I sampled Wired X 3000 as a late morning pick me up. Did it push me out of my Monday morning slump? Well, it did wake me up, but I feel a little jittery and still a little tired just under the surface. We’ll see how the gym goes this arvo. Find out how many Wired X 3000’s it would take to kill you in our new Death by Caffeine.


Overall, this drink was a nice and refreshing find.  I will definitely get Wired X 3000 again because of the flavor alone. Perhaps a bigger dose of B12 would make this drink just right.

What do you think of the Wired Energy Drink line?

Drinks are reviewed by an independent drink reviewer and do not necessarily reflect the views or beliefs of this site.

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  • Marius

    After sending an email to wiredenergy asking if the drink exists, I got a response a few days later saying that production will begin in three weeks, because empty 23.5 oz aluminum cans are hard to get. They also said that the machines were just switched from producing Wired X294 to X344.

  • spazysteve

    I can see some stupid kid killing themselves with this stuff.

  • Smampson


  • Corn Videos

    thank you jesus, for allowing this drink to exist

  • SChan

    Just some stupid kid? Heck, I can see dumb college students offing themselves by not paying attention to the labels.

    Typically, I think it’s great when they make a strong energy drink…it’s a bit excessive though when 10 cans would probably kill my 130-pound self.

  • Quinine

    Whoa, dude….whoa.

  • Progz

    Sounds amazing. I finally found a good site for energy drink news. Ima buy a case with my friend for this. The only actual strong energy drink near me is Cocaine and thats just not even! 😀

  • Marissa

    I want some!

  • Woot! Need to ge this to Germany:)

  • Nate

    Wow, that is sooooo much caffeine, I wouldn’t doubt that many companies won’t allow it to be sold in their stores, especially after there was an incident with some high school kids going to the hospital from an energy drink with 300mg of caffeine…this stuff has way more!

  • :-)CaffeineXXXnoMAD(-:

    Gotta get me some!!! I know a place that sells Wired so I hope I can get me a case or two…


  • coolcafiner

    We are all going to die in our caffeinated world… or at least the U.S.

    So I am proud to die in this drugged country.

  • caitlin

    well… I would say that’s insane, the 294 I loved, but 505… good god, no thanks.

    I just wish that I could find the 294 or 344 drinks around here, they vanished suddenly a few months ago, and there isn’t another energy drink that I’ve had that’s half as strong as those.

  • Conquerist

    The mother of all energy drinks is now available in their online store ^_^. http://wiredenergydrink.com/store.htm#row6 36 bucks for a 12 pack, including shipping.

  • Digital Anaphase

    Why does http://wiredenergydrink.com/x505.htm say Red Bull has 115mg of caffeine per can, but the caffeine database says 80mg?

  • Caffeine Fiend

    Because either Wired got it wrong, or they are referring to a bottle of Red Bull which does have 115mg

  • DaedriX

    I have looked, and the 344 actually has a higher caffeine/ounce ratio. Sure it’s only by ~.52mg/ounce. But still.

    Well, i’ll buy it anyways lol.

  • Bob

    Found this at my local mom and pop grocery store. I actually tried this one a couple times. And maybe it was just me but it just didn’t have the punch I thought it was going to have. Didn’t feel like 505 mg of caffeine….

    A bit like drinking Rock Star, almost exactly the same. But then again that might be because I have a very high tolerance for caffeine.

  • drake sanipass

    this stuff is illegal in canada

  • Knight

    Does anybody know any place in Australia that stocks this stuff? Preferably in Sydney..

Last Modified: April 20, 2016