Caffeine Addiction Diagnosis

addictThis quiz will give you an idea of just how addicted to caffeine you really are.

Note: This quiz is for informational purposes only and not intended to professionally diagnose caffeine addiction.

Do you consume a caffeinated beverage daily?

Do you get a headache if you haven't had caffeine by lunchtime?

Do you take caffeine pills if drinking a caffeinated beverage isn't possible?

Do you consume at least 500mg of caffeine daily? (i.e. 4-5 coffees or 3 energy drinks)

Do you use caffeine instead of sleep?

Do you get irritable and impatient if you haven't had your morning caffeine dose?

Does your current caffeine consumption no longer give you a boost, but just a feeling of normal?

Do you spend at least 25 dollars a week on caffeinated products?

Do you plan your day around getting your caffeine fix?

Do you drink more caffeinated beverages than you do plain water?

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caffeine-curveThis caffeine addiction diagnosis tool can give you a good idea just how addicted to caffeine you really are.

While there is still ongoing debate as to how caffeine should be classified substance wise, anyone that has ever tried to quit caffeine can attest that the withdrawal symptoms can be quite uncomfortable.

So, in some sense, caffeine is definitely addictive. At any rate, caffeine is the most used psychoactive substance on the planet, therefore, it must have at least some grip on the billions of people who consume caffeine daily.

Should You Quit?

If you are a slave to your coffee mug or energy drink, then you already know the answer. The real question becomes, how am I going to quit without failing my day-to-day responsibilities?!wean caffeine If that’s the case, then consider a product we endorse like Wean Caffeine to help you detox without withdrawal symptoms. Wean Caffeine allows you to gradually cut down on caffeine so that you can take back control of your natural energy levels while not losing control of your life.

What’s Wrong with Being Addicted to Caffeine?

squirril-addictGenerally speaking, there is no right or wrong answer here, but instead, it greatly depends on the individual.

If caffeine is interfering with your ability to lead a productive and well-adjusted life, then cutting back may be in order.

May all be some good reasons to evaluate your addiction to the substance.

Also, if your health is being affected due to a caffeine allergy or underlying heart condition then caffeine may need to be eliminated from your diet.

On the other hand, if caffeine isn’t being abused, you enjoy it, and it helps you be productive there probably isn’t any reason to not enjoy it.

If you have to be addicted to something, I guess there are far worse addictions out there than caffeine addiction.

Get Help Quitting Caffeine

Reduce your caffeine intake without pain and discomfort.

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  • Brian

    12…that’s it? Well maybe I’m not so bad after all. Then again answering yes to any of those kinda looks bad.

  • James Perrotta

    You are the person who brags to their friends about a Mountain Dew-fueled tweak fest Something you may enjoy: a nice early morning jog Something you should avoid: sudden loud noises ‘

  • Taylor

    Beverage Cooler Slave

    Your energy drink hobby has transformed into a daily necessity, woopsy daisy Something you may enjoy: Jumping up and down for hours because the caffeine demons are afraid of earthquakes Something you should avoid: Anything that increase your heart rate, like jumping up and down ‘

  • Evan

    I got 10 (not the last one cause I love me some Red Bull). lol I answered yes to almost all of the last ones. Please tell me someone else here keeps their finished cans. I have over 100, but I haven’t gotten around to creating a monument to my addiction with them yet.

  • Coffee Addict

    This isn’t caffeine entirely – just the energy drink category.

  • Adam

    I only keep the cans of hard to find drinks. Does that make me a snob?

  • Chad

    Oh yeah I keep ’em all! Have them semi-arranged in my man cave!

  • Dusty

    Yep, I keep all my cans

  • Gilly

    Up and Comer – 9/16

    Makes sense.. I feel sorta sad, because I love caffeine. But I drink just short of the amount that would cause me withdrawal, so you could say I’m an “intentional” drinker. Although my intentions might not always be worthy. πŸ™‚

  • Funny thing about the cycling through convenience (gas station) stores one… That was how we found Monster Hammer and reviewed it, before it got out online.

    Well, actually, Monster Energy hasn’t yet put it on the official site, so it’s still not online.

    For those of you who don’t know, Monster Hammer is an espresso shot, made in the Netherlands like Import. We’ve got a review on it, so if you’d like, check that out.

    13/16. I keep both cans and their tabs, actually. Separately. That way, when I have doubles of a can, I can throw the can away, but still keep track of what I’ve drank. I have yet to have a mini-fridge for my energy drinks, though I do have a shelf dedicated to the cause.

    I do feel sorry for the Red Bull people, though. Those poor, poor souls. πŸ˜›


  • I am at a level your survey does not even go to. I actually thanked the checkout dude when I scored the new Monster Nitrous drinks. I believe I was actually giddy.

  • Evan

    Seriously!?!? There are 5 new Monster flavors I didn’t know about? I have some work to do.

  • Dusty

    Yep, I’m lovin the new Nitrous Monsters!

  • Hope

    this was silly.
    i rely on energy drinks everyday and i luuurve them.
    but according to this quiz i only have them when im desperate, just because i dont have a special fridge for them (i buy them on the way to work. i put them in the work fridge. i drink them.) theres never anything left to save, cuz i drink them all. and i know what energy drinks are good. i dun give a rats ass about what other people pick up in the store!
    Silly quiz man… makes me look like a damn fool πŸ™

  • Steeley

    ahaha the only reason I dont keep energy drinks in a special cooler is because I dont have one lol. If I had one beieve me theyd be their.

  • 11

  • Wolffy

    4 out of 16

    Mountain dews still give me a boost. and yes I love them.

    Red bull is okay. It works and it’s cheaper than the other, more hardcore energy drinks like Monster or NOS

  • …Borgir…

    12 0.o god i need atleased 4 monsters a day else i freak out:( monster is my life support\m/

  • mr.muhhamid

    hobbyist hmm two weeks of nothing but skittles n rockstar has made me immune to appendicidous

  • scotty of memphis

    damn i got a 15/16 what i dont have a problem

Last Modified: November 13, 2017