Caffeine Addiction Diagnosis

addictThis quiz will give you an idea of just how addicted to caffeine you really are.

Note: This quiz is for informational purposes only and not intended to professionally diagnose caffeine addiction.

Do you consume a caffeinated beverage daily?

Do you get a headache if you haven't had caffeine by lunchtime?

Do you take caffeine pills if drinking a caffeinated beverage isn't possible?

Do you consume at least 500mg of caffeine daily? (i.e. 4-5 coffees or 3 energy drinks)

Do you use caffeine instead of sleep?

Do you get irritable and impatient if you haven't had your morning caffeine dose?

Does your current caffeine consumption no longer give you a boost, but just a feeling of normal?

Do you spend at least 25 dollars a week on caffeinated products?

Do you plan your day around getting your caffeine fix?

Do you drink more caffeinated beverages than you do plain water?

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caffeine-curveThis caffeine addiction diagnosis tool can give you a good idea just how addicted to caffeine you really are.

While there is still ongoing debate as to how caffeine should be classified substance wise, anyone that has ever tried to quit caffeine can attest that the withdrawal symptoms can be quite uncomfortable.

So, in some sense, caffeine is definitely addictive. At any rate, caffeine is the most used psychoactive substance on the planet, therefore, it must have at least some grip on the billions of people who consume caffeine daily.

Should You Quit?

If you are a slave to your coffee mug or energy drink, then you already know the answer. The real question becomes, how am I going to quit without failing my day-to-day responsibilities?!wean caffeine If that’s the case, then consider a product we endorse like Wean Caffeine to help you detox without withdrawal symptoms. Wean Caffeine allows you to gradually cut down on caffeine so that you can take back control of your natural energy levels while not losing control of your life.

What’s Wrong with Being Addicted to Caffeine?

squirril-addictGenerally speaking, there is no right or wrong answer here, but instead, it greatly depends on the individual.

If caffeine is interfering with your ability to lead a productive and well-adjusted life, then cutting back may be in order.

May all be some good reasons to evaluate your addiction to the substance.

Also, if your health is being affected due to a caffeine allergy or underlying heart condition then caffeine may need to be eliminated from your diet.

On the other hand, if caffeine isn’t being abused, you enjoy it, and it helps you be productive there probably isn’t any reason to not enjoy it.

If you have to be addicted to something, I guess there are far worse addictions out there than caffeine addiction.

Get Help Quitting Caffeine

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  • addicted

    Same here !!! My mind don’t even function without daily consumption of caffeine and energy drinks and smoking … I think I need help too as I scored 10 out of 10

  • Kathy

    I think you need to do your research. Even if the FDA (which is corrupt and fixes a lot of studies) states there is no evidence does not mean there is no evidence. It just means they have not did the research or they are not releasing the evidence on certain things. Don’t be so blind to world and rely on what is supposedly “scientific evidence”. Each person is different and therefore, chemical reactions are different in the body. There is only a vague routine of chemical reactions for certain things. There are so many variables, that you can never say for certain that something is not true.

  • Kather

    Everyone is different. It is how the body metabolizes that determines side effects. You are obviously one of the lucky ones who can go with or without.

  • kathy

    herbal teas such as ginger or peppermint should be ok with your stomach. Consider getting checked for an ulcer.

  • Mrs Hall

    I completely understand. I drink more than a 12pack per day also. My doctor told me I need to stop drinking mt dew. I have been drinking coffee non-stop since in an attempt to help with the headaches.

  • Ralph Andrew Idencio

    I only drink caffeinated drinks whenever I’m on a tight schedule, usually a small bottle of Red Bull. Keeps me up for quite a while. Coffee, I drink it whenever I have the time to prepare a cup.

  • guest

    To be blunt, you will die by 30 if you keep that up.


    Hey! The person above me is wrong because science and I know better than them. I can use big words. Your chemistry is wrong, your research, your addiction is wrong. Don’t hate on the FDA, because without them and their “fixed” studies, a lot of people would be dying of botulism (look it up). The only fucking scientific evidence the average person needs about their coffee is that it makes them wake up. I bet all three of you up there wear fedoras!

  • EdwardKenway

    I’m not addicted to caffeine! Whoo! Fuck ya’ll!!!

  • Collin

    You are partially correct. Most energy drinks have a caffeine content of about 30mg/l, so by the time you got anywhere near a lethal dose, you would have vomited, thus preventing absorption of the caffeine into your bloodstream. HOWEVER, there are many reported cases of deaths from so-called “fortified” energy drinks (i.e. where caffeine powder has been added to a base drink). A very small error could easily result in an overdose and subsequent death.

  • Collin

    Sorry, missed the “d” for decilitre. *32mg/dl

  • Josh


  • Josh

    I drink a 2 oz expresso with starbucks dark roast expresso set the maker on strong. Just right where it’s not too much caffeine where I get shaky and have to do something it makes me through the day…

  • curious

    Dew is loaded with sugar.its all sugar and we can tell if a patient drinks that..we ask if rampant cavities or erosion on teeth..thats a double whammy…not good for you at all…

  • curious

    i switched to chai with creme as a substitute for coffee…now tying teas..i was sick as ever..I cant take these withdrawal symptoms causing me not to have an appetite plus i had the flu….2 weeks no caffeine..

  • shroom

    Yes, they do.

  • Reece Oleśen

    I am highly addicted to Monster Energy
    I don’t don’t need help because it’s not effecting my everyday life. I drink about one to two cans everyday and I don’t get a buzz from it nor do I get anything from it anymore. When ever I try to cut down I feel so sick and get this bad cramps and I get angry or violent if I haven’t had my fix. I also smoke and I am only 18 and I started smoking when I was 16 and started drinking energy drinks at 15 or so. I don’t really need help and I’ve pushed away people who have tried to help me. I am addicted and proud of it too.

  • Ted

    everyone is free to make their own decisions, however, if you were to detox for a couple of weeks, you would find that the energy drink would start “working” again. To be honest, if you are drinking 2 Monsters, caffeine wise, it’s no different than someone else having a 16oz Starbucks everyday. The smoking would concern me way more than the energy drinks. Have you considered switching to e-ciggs?

  • Robert Stephen Yula

    Hi Tommy,
    I’m wondering how you’re doing with the caffeine intake..
    Write back.



Last Modified: November 13, 2017