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Blitz Energy Gum

Blitz Energy Gum
55 mg
per piece
This item contains moderate levels of caffeine
Discontinued? This item may no longer be available.

Normal caffeinated gum has one flaw: most of its caffeine is in the gum shell, which gets quickly dissolved, swallowed, and destroyed by stomach enzymes. Blitz Energy Gum uses science to solve this problem. Using high tech compression technology, the masterminds of Blitz have infused the entire tablet of gum with caffeine. That means you get a controlled and steady dose of our favorite stimulant absorbed by your buccal membrane (in your mouth) as you chew - which gets to your brain 3 times faster than energy drinks. But that's not all.

You also get extreme, long-lasting taste, Taurine, and Vitamins B2, B3, B5, B6, and B12! This gum is all about delivering power and energy quickly. One package (8 pieces) has as much caffeine as 6 energy drinks. Yeah, you read that right. And this gum is so powerful, it's packaged in metal blister sleeves to contain the energy (and look cool!) It also comes in two flavors: Original (tastes sort of like Red Bull) and Peppermint (tastes like...well, peppermint).

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