DNA Energy Drink

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DNA Energy Drink is an energy drink produced by DNA Brands. This drink has become more popular over the years and now includes 5 fruit flavored energy drinks and 3 coffee flavored varieties, which will be released soon. DNA has also changed their energy formulation from originally 200mg per 16 fl.oz. can down to 170mg per 16 fl.oz. can.

DNA Energy Drink Varieties Caffeine Content

Flavor Caffeine per Can
Original 170mg
Molecular Melon 170mg
Cellular Citrus 170mg
Cellular Citrus Zero 170mg
Cryo Berry 170mg
Mocha coming soon
Caramel Macchiato coming soon
Latte coming soon

The drink is promoted to the motocross, surf, and skateboard communities and distributed in the Southeastern USA as well as few other states.

Ingredients in DNA Energy Drink


Sugar content: 58 grams (per 16 ounces).

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Compared to Other Items

DNA Energy Drink contains 10.62 milligrams of caffeine per fluid ounce (35.93 mg per 100 ml). A 16 fl oz can has a total of 170 milligrams of caffeine.

Total Caffeine (mg)