Caffeine in Food

NRG Potato Chips

NRG Potato Chips
175 mg
per bag
This item contains very high levels of caffeine
Discontinued? This item may no longer be available.

NRG Potato Chips  combine Taurine, Caffeine, and even B Vitamins into their potato chips.

The energy chips are made by Golden Flake - a company that already has a range of snacks.

Flavors of NRG Chips

  1. Phoenix Fury
  2. Overload

Both flavors have the same caffeine content. 

The bags come in two sizes - 1.75 oz and 3.5 oz.

The 3.5 oz  would contain about 350mg of caffeine.

Please keep this snack out of the reach of children who could confuse NRG for regular potato chips. 

NRG Potato Chips are available at convenience stores across the Southeast USA

Ingredients in NRG Potato Chips

Potatoes, Vegetable Oil, Salt, Caffeine, Taurine, B Vitamins, Flavorings, And Preservatives.

Is NRG Potato Chips high in caffeine?

Caffeine (mg) per Item