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Ritual Energy Bars

Ritual Energy Bars
100 mg
per bar
This item contains high levels of caffeine

Ritual Energy Bars are designed to be all natural, healthy snack bars with as much caffeine as a small cup of coffee.

Ritual Snack Bars are sweetened using dates and honey as well as contain zero artificial flavors or preservatives. The caffeine they contain is derived from green coffee beans but the bars do not have a "coffee" flavor. 

The company  sent us some samples of their peanut and chocolate flavored energy bars for review.

Ritual Energy Snack Bar Review 

I'm a big fan of snack bars that have simple ingredients and often choose Lara Bars because of this. When I discovered that Ritual was similar to my favorite snack bars but with added caffeine, I was excited to try this product.

Ritual Bars are everything that I hoped they'd be. A great tasting bar made from dates, peanuts, dark chocolate, sea salt, and a little honey. And, some green coffee extract. 

My only complaint is that they are small (About 1/3 the size of a Lara Bar). Luckily, I was eating Ritual as a replacement for my second large coffee so I could eat two bars! 

I always have my second coffee before going to the gym or exercising so I used Ritual in the same way. It was definitely a different caffeine hit than my coffee. It seemed Ritual provided a slower caffeine release than one would expect from coffee. But, because of this, it seemed like I felt the total effects a little longer.

Overall, Ritual Energy Bars are a great product that I felt good about putting into my body, unlike many of the heavily processed snack bars flooding the shelves at the supermarket. 

Just remember, Ritual Bars aren't suitable for kids and since they are delicious and small, don't make the mistake of eating too many of them at once!

Ingredients in Ritual Energy Bars

Peanuts, Dates, Organic Dark Chocolate Chips (organic Sugar, Organic Chocolate Liquor, Organic Cocoa Butter, Organic Soy Lecithin, Organic Vanilla), Honey, Vanilla Extract, Caffeine From Coffee Beans, Sea Salt, Ascorbic Acid (vitamin C)

Is Ritual Energy Bars high in caffeine?

Caffeine (mg) per Item

200180160140 120100806040 200 Ritual Energy Bars (100 mg) Awake Chocolate (110 mg) Hershey's Special Dark Bars (20 mg) Jolt Gum (45 mg) Jolt Gum (45 mg)