Muscle Monster Energy Drink


Muscle Monster Energy Drink is the latest product from Monster Energy.

Basically, these drinks are a line of creamy energy drinks that also are infused with liquid protein. Muscle Monster launched with three flavors; Chocolate, Vanilla, and Coffee.

Update: There is now also Strawberry Muscle Monster.

Other protein infused energy drinks like XAPP Energy Drink  add protein and still keep the supplement light and carbonated, but Muscle Monster is more like Muscle Milk beverages.

The sports supplement industry is huge, so it will be interesting to see how Muscle Monster competes with giants like BSN and Muscle Milk. We recently bought a can at 7-Eleven to try for ourselves.

Here’s What We Thought

We tried the coffee flavored Muscle Monster and despite the words “Energy Shake” on the can, shaking the beverage causes it to “squirt” and make a small mess.

It has a light coffee flavor and is pretty sweet to the taste. Although Muscle only contains 16g of sugar per can, it is further sweetened by the use of Sucralose and Ace-K.  

The drink overall reminds us a lot of Java Monster, except this one has a dose of protein.

Ingredients in Monster Muscle Energy Drink

From what is printed on the can, Muscle Monster Energy contains the following per 15 fl.oz. can:

  • 25 grams of protein.
  • Milk: skim milk, reduced fat milk, and calcium caseinate.
  • Monster’s standard energy blend, which puts the beverage at 156mg of caffeine. (looks like the coffee flavor adds about 2mg of caffeine per 8 fl.oz.
  • Along with the protein is some sugar and fat for a total of 200 calories per can.

Two in One

Muscle Monster is a pretty good two in one supplement for those that like both protein shakes and energy drinks. Muscle Monster pumps up the protein content of this drink with casein instead of whey, giving it a smoother texture. Also, this is why the product doesn’t have to be shaken before drinking.

We bought ours at 7-11 and at $3.54 a can, Muscle Monster certainly isn’t cheap, but muscle building supplements seldom are.

Monster Energy still ranks a solid second in world-wide energy drink sales, so we’ll have to wait and see if this new product line gives them big enough muscles to catch and bring down the Bull.

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  • mitch

    I am a truck driver and I haul for coca cola and they have the muscle monsters in the warehouse now they said to expect them in stores in a couple weeks depending on your area.

  • BK

    Just had the Chocolate and it was excellent. However, these can only be bought by the can and not the case at Sams Club and Costco.

  • Kongito

    As soon as they have them by the case I’ll buy a lot. I don’t know why they don’t have them by the case of Java and Mocha, I’d buy the shit out of those. I have to go to vending machines to get them. Ridiculous.

  • cin

    where can i buy Monster Muscle energy protein shakes chocolate in new York city Manhattan upper east side??

  • Bobby Jimmy

    I am a big fan of both energy drinks and protein shakes because i have huge biceps and work long hours. However, I was not ready for this powerful combination. I shit my pants less than 15 minutes after finishing my Chocolate Muscle Monster. Nowhere on the label is there a warning stating that this product causes sudden, painful, explosive, toilet bowl shattering diarrhea. Be careful, friends.

  • Energy Fiend

    duly noted, thanks for the warning. 🙂

  • James Langford

    OMG! After drinking a can of this stuff, I tried to pass gas and instead shat myself big time. How disgusting!

  • corinth coke guy

    whats up duck

  • Phoenix Rants

    Just tried this and these are great, they taste great and i feel great when i drink them

  • lmao

    ahahahhaha shitpants

  • Jamison

    I’ve been using Muscle Monster for about two months, downing a can just before or during my workouts. I’ve noticed that the level or soreness I experience after a weightlifting routine is lessened, and thankfully I’ve yet to experience any sort of ill effects like the kind I’ve been reading from others.

    In terms of taste, I dig the Vanilla, the Chocolate is okay, and the Coffee leaves much to be desired.

    I’d love to keep a stockpile of them at home ready-to-go, but so far I can only grab them in singles at ONE filling station in my area.

    Overall I’m quite pleased with the product, and eager to be able to obtain them in bulk quantity.

  • John Smith

    Thanks for the troll, jackass. This drink is actually really good.

  • Kayla Thompson

    Where can i get these in Michigan xc

  • Rico Suave

    Check 7-Eleven. I’m from Michigan and they are stocked up in the stores in my town

  • Dallying guy

    Where do I get this protein shakes in singapore

  • Viet Guy

    Little singaporians don’t need protien, your tiny body will look funny if you put on any muscle!

  • dmscon

    The coffee is great the chocolate not so much. just bought vanilla tonight. have tasted it yet. too expensive needs to be 2 for 4 like all the other monster energy drinks

  • Carl

    See If you don’t mind ordering online it works out to about $1.61/can…

  • Carl

    Please ignore my previous post; I must have fat-fingered the calculator entry. That’s what I get for being in a hurry. It’s more like $4.11. Not worth anybody’s time…

  • Garylav5317

    I tried a can of Muscle Monster Coffee flavor and it tasted very good. I experienced no
    side effects whatsoever. The casein protein is a bit off the beaten path, however, it had its desired effect post workout for me. I am trying the vanilla & chocolate next.

Last Modified: September 11, 2014