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Reload Energy Drink

reloadCompeting with other well established brands like Bawls, Reload is a soda-like energy drink. However, it’s not just another copycat drink – it differs by focusing on mental and physical performance with healthy ingredients.

Omitting Taurine, glucuronolactone, and other ingredients commonly seen in popular energy drinks, Reload thinks their drink can outperform the best – we’ll see if it can prove itself.


The standard red Reload tastes very good. Sweetened with standard glucose-fructose, there’s a nice sweetness to it, but it definitely doesn’t go over the top. A subtle bit of bitter flavor can be noted, probably because of the caffeine content. This is definitely one of the better tasting energy drinks out there.

The black, “extreme” Reload sacrifices a bit of flavor for its heightened caffeine content, but a pleasantly sweet taste is still noticeable, and there is no odd aftertaste or anything of the sort.

The clear sugar-free Reload is just like the standard red – just add the sucralose aftertaste just like you’d get in sugar-free soda. I’m not a big fan of sugar-free drinks, but most people will like it.


Reload combines standard soda ingredients with a blend of guarana, ginseng, echinacea, and ginkgo biloba to make a potent mix of good taste and big energy. The standard Reload (red) and Reload clear contain 130mg of caffeine, and the “extreme” Reload contains 175mg of caffeine, all sourced from guarana.


Both standard and sugar-free Reload give a very quick and potent caffeine rush. Whether you’re downing this for a mental or physical boost, rest assured, this will do the trick. I was able to plow through math problems with ease, and still have enough energy to do a workout afterward!

Reload tastes awesome and gives a great energy boost. I especially enjoyed the standard red Reload – I’d highly recommend this, especially to people who are skeptical of the taste of energy drinks!

Reviewed by JD

It looks like Reload has been discontinued.

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Written by Ted Kallmyer, last updated on May 8, 2012