Celsius: Calorie Burning Energy Drink?

Today I have for you two reviews in one. Celsius was kind of enough to send me two new flavors to try out, Iced Tea Lemon and Strawberry Kiwi.

The intriguing catch with Celsius energy drink is that it is said to be able to burn 100 calories when consumed 30 minutes before exercise. Of course I had to try this beverage for it’s recommended use, and since I had a second flavor to explore I wanted to try a second form of energy test, that being a morning wake-up scenario.

Now I shall retell the tales of the Celsius energy drink trials.


Celsius Iced Tea Lemon:
Upon the first sip I was somewhat taken aback by the strong, sour, bitter lemon. Quite a bite. This is followed by a sweeter iced tea flavor and finishes with a medicinal “diet” aftertaste. There is an earthy quality to the flavor. I am not a big fan of this Celsius flavor, so I chug it to get it down. Luckily it is not carbonated so it goes down easily.

Celsius Strawberry Kiwi:
Very fruity and light, slightly pale aftertaste with a sour finish. Reminds me heavily of watered down fruit juice. The taste is exactly what the name suggests, strawberry and kiwi. Possibly a slight hint of berry. All in all, this Celsius flavor is by far my favorite of the two.


Celsius Iced Tea Lemon:
To my surprise and praise, this 12oz. can contains 200mg of caffeine. The usual energy supplement contenders are there as well, 2mg of Vitamin B6, 6mcg of Vitamin B12, 20mg of Niacin, and Taurine, Guarana, green tea leaf extract, ginger extract, and Glucuronolactone in a 1810mg Proprietary Blend.

Celsius Strawberry Kiwi:
This can also shared the 200mg total of caffeine, as well as every other ingredient as the former.


Celsius Iced Tea Lemon:
I drank this thirty minutes prior to one of my nightly rituals, a long midnight walk around my town. Boy howdy, I was not in the least bit disappointed. While walking around I actually did a little dancing to the music I was listening to since I had so much energy. Celsius was a truly power-packed boost. Also I would like to note this was not in the midst of a caffeine tolerance break. So to be honest I was stunned at the wonderful energy I had to burn up. After I got home about an hour and half later from dancing around my town and out-running a skunk, I could barely get to sleep. Luckily this is where the next beverage comes into play.

Celsius Strawberry Kiwi:
Finally I was able to force myself to sleep at around 7 AM, knowing I had to go somewhere at 12:30 that day. I awoke fuzzy and groggy, as usual, and immediately reached for Celsius Strawberry Kiwi. Within 20 minutes I was bright eyed and bushy tailed and ready to take the day head-on.

Celsius Energy Drink Verdict:

I am extremely impressed with amount of energy I was given from drinking these two new flavors of Celsius, but the taste of each was barely passable. Although, I will still grab one of these if I need a fast and powerful boost. Since they are non-carbonated they are extremely easy to get down, far surpassing the bitterness of the dreaded energy shot gulp and quite possibly the energy obtained from energy shots as well.

In the end, the kick wins over the taste for me. Because if you are drinking an energy drink for flavor, aren’t you essentially just drinking glorified soda?

Reviewed by Taylor Fruits

Drinks are reviewed by an independent drink reviewer and do not necessarily reflect the views or beliefs of this site.

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  • Evan

    I assume that the extra 100 calories burned come from working harder due to increased energy.

    “Because if you are drinking an energy drink for flavor, aren’t you essentially just drinking glorified soda?”

    I wont drink an energy drink unless I want a good kick, but I also wont buy an energy drink that doesn’t taste good unless the effects are uniquely great (Dynapep, Spike Shooter, ect.).

  • Jacob

    I pride myself on NOT being effected by most energy drinks. (I think I either just ignore the effects well, or have a high natural tolerance.)
    But, I didn’t know there was that much caffeine in there!
    What I did know, is that Celsius kinda warms you up, and should not be had on an empty stomach! (It’s kinda like having vinegar on an empty stomach.)

  • Taylor Fruits

    Evan: Yeah, I have no way to prove the calorie burning claim at all.
    Jacob: The caffeine amount surprised me as well. Also, I actually drank both of these on an empty stomach and suffered no ill effects.

  • amanda

    I like your wit and honesty about this drink Taylor!

  • kammie jackson

    I love this drink and makes 45 mins to 1.20 mins doable…

  • ppgfreak

    I love these drinks. The Orange is my favorite. It’s not like soda at all, there’s no sugar in them at all. I like them for the clean energy, good taste and the fact that it has 10 calories.

  • Kara

    In high school I was drinking celsius and water and lost around 20lbs in two weeks. This is partially due to the fact that I was always in motion and never felt like eating anything. So unfortunatly I no longer drink celsius. I only gained back ten lbs after stopping, but the fact that this drink works is amazing.

Last Modified: June 27, 2014