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How much of your favorite energy drink, soda, or coffee should you consume?

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Coffee drinker? We have a calculator that will figure out the optimum amount of coffee you should be drinking.

How Do You Calculate Daily Safe Maximum?

We’ve used the latest research to determine what’s appropriate for your body weight. See more about your daily caffeine limits.

Why Only For Over-18s?

Recommendations for caffeine levels are different for aged 18 and under. The calculator is intended for use by adults over 18. See more about caffeine limits for children and teens.

What Are The Most Popular Items?

Typically, the top 10 items selected are: Red Bull, 5 Hour energy, Monster, Coca-cola Classic, Mountain Dew, Coffee (brewed),Espresso Coffee, Doctor Pepper, Rockstar, and Diet Coke.

Do Any Foods Contain Caffeine?

There are plenty. We maintain an extensive list here.

How much Caffeine is in These Drinks?

Once you calculated your item, just click it for more detailed caffeine information.

Can Caffeine Really Kill You?

Yes. Caffeine can be lethal with a high enough dosage, and you can get very sick from over-consuming caffeine. People have died from over-consuming caffeine (when other health issues are present). Please be very careful.

What’s The Time Frame For Lethal Dose?

A lethal dose is based on the amount of the caffeine in your system at one time. More…

Medical Disclaimer

By using this calculator you agree to our terms of use. This tool demonstrates the risks of caffeine in high doses. Overdosing on caffeine can make you very sick. Do not be stupid. If you have any concerns over your caffeine consumption you should see your medical professional. The contents of the Caffeine Informer site should not be construed as medical advice or information, and the owners of the site take no liability for the caffeine consumption of individuals using the site.