VPX Redline Putting People In Hospital


Redline Energy Drink may be racking up a history of sending some people to the hospital with health problems.

After all, Redline is one of the most powerful energy drinks and has even been pulled from some retailers’ shelves.

Redline is really intended to be used as a workout aid and energy drink enthusiasts know that Redline is a drink that you don’t mess with.

The label on the bottle says to only drink a half of a bottle at a time.

However, some fail to heed or read these warning and have found themselves in the hospital because of Redline.

Health Problems Linked to Redline

Here are some reported cases of people drinking Redline and then experiencing negative health consequences.

  1. A guy drinks two 8-ounce cans of Redline RTD (along with a burrito). Minutes later he collapses, shaking violently (via SacBee). He got Redline from a 7-11.
  2. A teenager who drank several Redlines per day had the following problems revealed by an endoscope. Severe inflammation, bleeding and ulcerations in a the upper part of the small intestine, which was causing severe stomach pain. src.
  3. A Texas man filed suit against Redline because within 10 hours of drinking the energy drink he experienced “excessive heart rate, extreme chest pain, lost sensation in his hands and had extreme nausea” . He had to be hospitalized until they could get his heart rate under control. src.
  4. A 57 year old man suffered a hemorrhagic stroke after consuming a Redline. He reported that his symptoms began 15 minutes after consumption. The man in question did not follow the recomendations on the bottle to only consume half at a time and to avoid consumption if suffering from high blodd pressure. Here’s the abstract and a more detailed article about the event.

Is It just the Caffeine in Redline?

Besides the caffeine Redline contains (250-316 milligrams), it also contains Yohimbine, which is another powerful stimulant. According to drugs.com the side effects of Yohimbe are as follows.

  • Nervous system side effects have included excitation, increased motor activity, tremor, and dizziness.
  • Cardiovascular side effects have included elevation in blood pressure and increase in heart rate.
  • Gastrointestinal side effects have included nausea and vomiting, commonly reported after parenteral administration of yohimbine.
  • Psychiatric side effects have included irritability and generalized anxiety.
  • General side effects have included headache and increase in sweating.
  • Dermatologic side effects have included skin flushing reported with oral administration.

Who’s to Blame?

At Caffeine Informer we believe there is shared responsibility on both the part of the manufacturer and the consumer.

The manufacturer must clearly post warnings and directions of use as well as not promote the product where it could fall into the hands of minors.

However, it is the consumer’s responsibility to heed warning labels and use products only as directed.

Some may not understand how his/her body will react to the stimulants in Redline and that is why consumers are directed to consume only half a bottle at a time.

We hope the reports of the hospitalizations as the result of Redline, will teach people to follow the energy drink’s warning label and prevent history from repeating itself.

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  • spazysteve

    so i assume this will be going on the database soon?

  • Caffeine Fiend

    Yep. Just awaiting confirmation.


    so thats 250 for the 8 ounce, right?

  • Meg

    Last October I drank half a bottle of Redline and the only thing that happened was my hands shook slightly. A few hours later I was disappointed and drank another bottle, the whole thing. And STILL nothing happened. >.> Why is it some people are just completely unaffected by this thing while others pass out all over the place?

  • KarlieMildraed

    Redline RTD formulation is 250mg per bottle (approx). If someone took two caffeine pills and a Red Bull, they’d be over that caffeine content by 30mg. It’s all relative to the person that is taking the Red Line RTD. It’s like all things, your tolerance level to certain drugs determines your reaction. So let’s stop blaming and let’s take more responsibility.

  • spazysteve

    You guys are forgeting about the ephedra they put in there, it’s listed under a different name, but i can’t remember it.

  • Dr.nuke

    Um…spazysteve…there’s no ephedra in Redline. I just googled all the ingredients, and they are all diferent herbs/chemicals than ephedra. Many of the effects are similar to ephedra, but there is no ephedra in the product.

  • Caffeine Fiend

    There is no ephedra. Here is the blend: Caffeine Citrate, Caffeine Anhydrous,
    Evoburn™ (Pure Evodiamine), N-acetyl-tyrosine, Yerbe Mate, Green Tea, 5-hydroxy-L-tryptophan, CAMP (adenosine cyclic 3′,5′-monophosphate), Vinpocetine, Yohimbine HCL.

    We now have confirmation of caffeine. It’s finally in the database.

  • I picked up Redline RTD at GNC after seeing an article on Energyfiend about it. I had the day off of work and school so I decided I was going to buy a four-pack of the 8oz size… somewhere along the way I ended up staying up all night and day and playing a Wii in a busy Gamestop for 3 hours. I eventually lasted 35 hours awake on this stuff, during which I felt mentally completely fine and only noticed a slight pain in my joints from the lack of sleep I suppose.

    My hypothesis on the burrito man: The label warns you not to drink it on an empty stomach, and from what I learned in a past EF article, that herb evodiamine will affect your body really negatively if you drink on an empty stomach. The guy was probably starving (why he grabbed a burrito) but his stomach wasn’t coated with food, so it absorbed all the Redline (already 4 times the recommended dosage for a first-timer).

    I have always been careful to eat before I drank this actually.

  • Caffeine Fiend

    35 hours awake? Impressive.

    Good point about the food. There should be another warning: Don’t drink this on an empty stomach.

  • Brandon

    I took a couple of the Redline pills and ran a few miles on the treadmill. Afterward I was burning hot and sweating all over the place. It also gave me a nasty stomach ache and a pounding headache. I strongly recommend everybody to stay away from this stuff.

  • Andrew Biehl

    where can i get this shit? i live green bay wisconsin…looking, where to find

  • Caffeine Fiend

    You can get it online from Body Building

  • I still don’t understand how extreme my caffeine tolerance is. I chugged two redlines and downed two rocket shots and had a mild energy rush. The kind you get from doing four hundred mg’s of no-doz, only it was short.

  • zach

    yea i live in madison wisconsin and i have not found this energy drink newhere and so far i have had at least 20 different energy drinks and still cant find this one or the cocaine one

  • Sabrina

    I assume the food has an effect also. I have free Red lines here.. So I drink that often, mainly at work to get through the day after a ruff night. Normally, just keeps me awake, a bit shaky, nothing more.

    But last weekend, I had one in my car.. I felt like I just took two speeds! haha Was very joyfull, spoke to everyone, a lot more shaky then normally.. And had the dry/weird mouth feeling you get with speed.

    Think it might have to do with the empty stomach theory, otherwise I don’t know why sometimes I can take two cans with almost no effect, and that night I was VERY affected by it 🙂

  • KarlieMildraed

    Redline (in Canada) is usually found at Sports Supplements stores (independents and GNC). I have yet to find any form of Redline in con. stores like 7-11. Sometimes you have to get it ordered in, but most times it’s on the shelves in the back. Also some stores refridgerate it for you.

  • Debbie

    OK….I am one of the many people who ended up in the hospital….can’t believe my dx was “Overdose. Caffeine.” and dehydration. But mine is a story of PURE stupidity. Long story short….in the morning I took phentermine…around 3pm, I had 1/2 a diet rockstar. Wasn’t feeling any kick, and so at about 4 or 4:30pm I had only 1/4 (2 oz.) bottle of the Redline(I never had used it before)…waited about 20 or 30 min…still felt nothing, and had another 1 -2oz. NOTE- I disregarded the empty stomach warning (since I always take things on an empty stomach with no ill effects). Within 10 minutes I was uncomfortably bouncing off the walls…. By 6pm, I had a really bad migraine and my neck muscles were killing me…so idiot me takes 1 Excedrine migraine (1/2 the normal dose). So it’s about 6:30pm and I have yet to eat, and all of a sudden my mouth starts salivating excessively and I’m beyond nauseaus….I run to the toilet but cannot throw up—yet I keep salivating like my body wants to puke. I try to eat something (a few bites of salad) to coat my stomach…but it’s too late to reverse the effects. I start shaking profusely, sweating and shivering at the same time, having muscle twitches, basically feel like I’m about to die—and the damn salivating will not stop. I am so nauseaus that I can’t even drink a sip of water. I try to sit it out and hope the stuff will all wear off…little did I know that while caffeine seems to only lasts about 4 hours in your body, it actually has a half- life of 12-15hours. As I’m pacing around the house and about to jump out of my skin, my chest starts tightning up painfully. I noticed that my pupils were huge and fixed (they did not react to light). I realized that I might actually die—which I never thought anyone could die from too much caffeine. I call my med helpline from my insurance plan, to see if the nurse thinks I’m in danger and might need to go to the ER. She doesn’t know and has me speak to Poison Control. The funny thing is that while the person was not familiar with Rockstar, as soon as he heard that I had some Redline, he advised that I go to the ER. He said that since Redline has been on the market, 1 15-year-old kid died and hundreds have been admitted to the ER with actual heart complications. And while the hospital can monitor your heart and blood pressure (mine was averaging 157/70 even at 5am the next morning), there is no reversal drug for caffeine overdose…the best they can do is sedate you and monitor you. I entered the ER at around 11pm and made them check me out by 6am—I never took the sedative b/c then I would actually get checked into the hospital and I was already humiliated enough by just doing the stupid shit I did that day. So they gave me an Ativan, I went home and it did nothing. I took some melatonin for sleep (I know that I abused my body so badly already but I just wanted to wake up feeling even a little better).I finally fell asleep at arond 1o or 11am.
    And even while I got an IV for fluid loss, medicine for the nausea, and a sedative…..it took me 2 days to get over the crappy feelings.
    Well, I thought I’d write a quick blurb, but I guess this ended up a lot longer.
    My stupidity has let me learn to believe the labels when they warn you of something…and never to mix so much shit, even if I pace out the amounts of caffeine over the whole day.
    I still went out and bought more Redline for another time–so that I could try it with food on my stomach—heehee—-I don’t learn lessons very well. I do know one thing, though…..that was the worst experience/feeling I’ve ever had in my life(I’m 30)….and I wouldn’t wish it on my worst enemy!!!

  • Nasser

    Are you sure that he did not have previous health hazards or a calcium defiency? its kind of weird for someone to collapse due to the high amount of caffiene.sick we beleive, but actually collapse?

  • Shane

    Ive been drinking a can of Redline for about 3 weeks daily. Im not sure if it is even doing anything to me. Ive read the reviews so im staying away from drinking more than one can (plus that is an expensive way to go). But I think alot of it might have to do with a persons diet. If your not ready for the caffine your body will reject it

Last Modified: November 29, 2016