Quite Possibly the Most Powerful Energy Drink Ever


With so many energy drinks on the market, officials and consumers alike are concerned with the amount of caffeine in energy drinks and shots.

This has a lot to do with the reports of the recent deaths that have been blamed on energy beverages.

One of our goals at Caffeine Informer is to educate the consumer about how much caffeine is in the beverages and products that fill our store shelves.

Consumers can go to our Caffeine Database and find the most caffeinated drinks, but because there’s a lot of drinks, in varying sizes and caffeine content we’ve made things easier.

Based on caffeine/ounce alone, we list below the most caffeinated energy drinks and energy shots listed in our database.

Top 10 Most Powerful Energy Drinks/Shots

With the update to this list we now only include RTD energy shots and drinks. Mix ins like Liquid Caffeine are highly caffeinated but dependent on the user as regards to the amount of caffeine the “created” drink would contain.

Energy Shots

  1. DynaPep  714.3mg/floz
  2. Vital 4U Liquid Energy 305.6mg/floz
  3. Sreamin Energy Max Hit 303.9mg/floz
  4. ALRI Hypershot  250.0mg/floz
  5. Cocaine Energy Shot 140mg/floz
  6. Redline Power Rush 140mg/floz
  7. 5 Hour Energy Extra Strength 125mg/floz
  8. Mana Energy Potion 118.5mg/floz
  9. Eternal Energy Shot 115mg/floz
  10. Street King Energy Shot 112mg/floz

Energy Drinks

  1. Redline Energy Drink 39.5mg/floz
  2. Spike Shooter 35.7mg/floz
  3. Cocaine Energy Drink 33.3mg/floz
  4. Monster M3 32mg/floz
  5. Redline Princess 31.2 mg/floz
  6. Speed Shot Intensity 29.4 mg/floz
  7. BANG Energy Drink 22.3mg/floz.
  8. Spike Shotgun 21.9mg/floz
  9. Wired X344 Energy Drink 21.5mg/floz
  10. CoMotion Energy Drink 20 mg/floz

Drink Feature: VPX Redline History

VPX Redline used to be #1 with their concentrated VPX Redline Fat Burner. However, this version has since been taken off the market.

The below account is based on The Original Redline which was a 240ml concentrated liquid.

Redline now distributes Redline RTD, Redline Extreme, Redline princess, and Redline Power Rush some of which are listed above.

All of these new version contain the original formula, but watered down.

One of the most powerful energy drinks is called VPX Redline Fat Burner. Amazon is lacking a little information, so here’s a little more:

Check out this freaky scientific VPX breakthrough: RED LINE®: is the only matrix ever developed to shred fat through the shivering response in the body. By shivering the body burns huge amounts of stored body fat for energy in an effort to keep the body warm. That’s not all! In addition to shivering, you’ll also be sweating up a thermogenic storm. The combined mechanisms of these two processes results in unparalleled fat loss!

What fun. Now, it’s pretty obvious looking at the ingredients that there’s caffeine. But get this: all of the aforementioned goodness, and the serving size is FOUR ml. About one TENTH of an ounce. The whole bottle has 240 ml, or 60 servings. Basically, a bottle of this, less than the size of a normal can of coke, WILL kill you. This is nothing to be playing around with.

I have friends. Not just normal friends, mind you. The kind of friends that voluntarily live on the streets. The kind of friends who, when drinking, race to forgetting. The kind of friends who take caffeine pills, ephedrine pills, and aspirin.. all at once. One, in particular, drinks and consumes over a gram of caffeine daily, to stave off the headaches. So you know this is a serious review:

oh yeah, it’s definitely 90% caffeine. the aftertaste is unmistakeable. the best part is that since i didn’t have my normal “dose” this morning, i probably won’t actually feel sh*t.

[10 minutes later]

the caffeine kicked in a lot faster than i expected. though in retrospect, it normally does when it’s in syrup form and tastes like ass.

feel oddly cold too. took me a minute to realize that while i still was warm, it was that ‘shiver’ reflex kicking in. it’s a lot like when
you get a chill at the back of your neck, but somewhat continuous.

So what’s in this magical bottle of awesome? Caffeine, Green Tea, Yerba Mate, 5-HTP (5 hydroxy-1-tryptophan), cAMP, Yohimbe, Evodiamine, and Vinpocetine. And a few other things.

I know, I know, so here’s some more info:

cAMP is cyclic adenosine monophosphate. It supposedly “sparks many intercellular processes.” Whatever that means. Increased concentrations supposedly raise thyroid horomone levels, and help fat burning (would help explain why it’s in a fat-burning supplement).

Yohimbe is a bark extract from a tree in Africa. It’s considered a natural aphrodisiac, and sold here to treat impotency, dilate pupils, and stimulate fat loss. It can also mess with your blood pressure, so watch out.

Evodiamine is derived from some Chinese fruit called Evodia Rutaecarpa. Supposedly burns fat.

Vinpocetine is an alkaloid derived from some periwinkle plant. It is used in Europe, Japan, and Mexico to treat crebrovascular and cognitive disorders. Some people claims it elevates metabolism, but with no proof.

And the interesting one in the group: 5-HTP. I made sure to spell it out, so the smart ones in the group have already figured out the key: Tryptophan. It’s the same stuff in turkey that makes you sleepy, and there’s scientific evidence of it. The 5-HTP compound is sometimes used to treat mild depression since, somehow, it can increase serotonin levels. It can also affect appetite, which may be part of why they put it in here. The other part? When you’re jacking up a drink with this much caffeine, you’re going to get jitters and “scatterbrain.” This may actually cut the disconnected thoughts out and allow you to think normally, but still give you the energy effects of caffeine. Awesome.

Apparently you can buy this stuff at places like Super Supplements, GNC, and even some 7-11s. The concentrate isn’t something you should take a guzzle of. Or even a large sip. If you search on the internet, you can see some people who took the recommended dose, and started blacking out towards the end of a workout. Blacking out. 4 mililiters. Damn. There’s also a ready-to-drink version (I would bet that’s the one at 7-11), and half a bottle is all that’s recommended. Pay attention to it. People are comparing the 1/2 bottle to a full hit of ephedra. Unless you’ve done that before and know the effect it has on your body, don’t go doing anything macho with this one.

Just for poignant measure, look at this review:

I recently purchased the liquid form of redline at a local 7 Eleven store.

It was the first time I have ever drank an energy drink that had such an affect. With in a few minutes , I started to sweat and shake. Being familiar with the effects of narcotics, I must say the feeling felt a lot like cocaine feels.

The most disturbing trait is that my penis shriveled up like I just got out of the icy cold ocean. I can’t help but think that this product will be taken off the market. The effects are too strong for some minors and may not be safe for people on certain medication which are yet to be known.

And this one:

I tried Redline today while heading to work. I am a huge fan of RedBull & Diet Rockstar. I am 33 years old & in excellent condition.

Having not read the warning label I drank the whole bottle within 5 minutes. Within 10 minutes I was blacking out behind the wheel & shaking uncontrollably. I pulled over at a gas station — I was having difficulty in swallowing and could not stand, breathe or see straight.

I could not even walk for the convulsions. A bystander called the paramedics. Needless to say – my blood pressure was sky high & I thought I was on my way out.

I feel this drink is extremely dangerous & should not be on the market. There needs to be a very visible warning label not to drink the whole bottle for beginners. It has been 5 hours now & I still do not feel normal.

This drink could seriously kill someone if not informed.
I am sorry but I will never drink this again nor recommend it to fellow peers.

Drinks are reviewed by an independent drink reviewer and do not necessarily reflect the views or beliefs of this site.

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  • Redline Flatline

    Redline or Flatline? haha jk
    This review is geared toward the recreational use of redline, not the fatburning or workout aspect of it.

    Half bottle:
    I took the recommended dose of half a bottle (with food) to test the effects on me. Before the drink I was up for approximately 20 hours so I was feeling tired. The drink hit me in about 30 minutes and really woke me up. I did feel a high/rush/buzz feeling. Some of the mental feelings I’ve experienced reminded me of taking two Ephedra-Stackers, and also mental feelings associated with the effects of snorting cocaine. I didn’t feel comfortable around sober people, and felt like talking and moving alot. I did not experience nausea, shakes, sweats, or hot cold flashes. My face did feel a type of flush/numb feeling similar to when drinking large amounts of alcohol. I actually felt a little overwelmed. After about 3 hours I crashed hard, I was literally nodding off while sitting watching TV, and nodding off mid conversation with my friend which I attribute to being exhausted before the drink. During the next day I felt sober however I felt irritated, similar to the irritated feeling the day after taking either pain-killers or heroin.

    Whole bottle:
    This time downed a whole bottle before hanging out at a bar. Again similar rush feelings but felt outgoing. Hand and feet/legs constantly moving/tapping to music, which at times was annoying. The alcohol took away some of the overwhelming feelings from the first time. Felt the urge to urinate more than usual which surprised me especially since I was drinking rum and cokes not beer. I did not crash this time however I did have a jager bomb (jagermeister & redbull) which as we know is an extra surge of caffiene/sugar.
    I wonder how redline would do in alcoholic drinks, however at the current price per ounce, at the bar could turn a $10 drink into a $15 or $20 drink so it might not catch on among the general public.
    The flavor of the drink is pretty good, however leaves a slight after taste in my mouth. Similar to taking a shot of Southern Comfort, or drinking NightQuil. (Redline after-taste isn’t as bad though!)

    All in all I would down a redline before going out drinking again. And would be interested in using this with other “downer” type of drugs. Howerver I would NOT even dare use this with cocaine.
    This is just my opinion from my personal experiences. Individual results will vary. hehe
    Remember when partying hard, party SAFE!

  • Max

    The first time I had a Redline it was nothing really. I only bought it cause I was 16 at the time (but I look much older) and apparently you are supposed to be 18 to buy them cause of the insane caffeine content.

    I drank one with very little food in my stomach and was shaking a little bit. Nothing too drastic or more than from any other energy drink.

    Don’t know how much caffeine it has in it but apparently it isn’t enough for me to get messed up on.

  • Amanda


    I drink redline a couple of times a week. I don’t get the shivering but I definitely get the scatterbrain.

    Just so you know, some stores actually ID you and are not supposed to sell this product for those under 18. I live in CA and everytime I purchase it at a 7-11 I get carded.

    Therefore I believe they already know that this is a strong energy drink/fat burner and isn’t intended for children under 18.

    It is very strong, quite effective and semi-addicting seeing that without the redline you will be very tired in the morning.

    Also, those that have used narcotics, welcome to a nice controlled substance sold over the counter with stimulating results…without all the negative side effects like jail.

  • mr fatty

    I have been using red line for months and though I am concerned about it’s potency I agree this product is as effective for helping you in your workout sessions as visine is to getting the red out.

    I take 3 capsules mind you I am 6 feet 4 inches 190lbs.

    I have noticed (((((SIDE EFFECTS))))) days after I have taken it I feel this strange sensation inside my carotid artery mid neck area definitely a feeling like something is wrong. Thats why I am searching the forums for information. I will be consulting my doctor also.

  • Heather

    hi i have just had a bottle and i have felt nothing and it has almost been an hour now! hmm everyone made it out to be such a big deal, but i am not feeling anything so yeah i dont know what the big fuss is!

  • c money

    I’m a cop and work graveyards. I drink two redlines a night and do jiu jitsu before work. I’ve had no problems, it has a little bit more kick than a red bull but that’s all.

  • frum behind

    your probably thinking Redline RTD not Redline VPX, 2 cans of VPX would probbably kill u in a matter of minutes

  • lil larry damit

    i resintly purchased one of these redline drinks at a local 7-11 and i was worried about the effects it had on me i had the shakes as if i was a drug addict having withdraws and thats not to mention all the tricks it had my mind playing on me, the only thing i could think of is you should only use it when working out wich i wasn’t i was going to work, mybe you get the shakes because you need to be doing some type on movement

  • As an employee at a local Vitamin Shoppe, I can vouch for this stuff. It’s the store favorite and most highly-recommended fat-burner/energy-booster we carry.

    The RTDs don’t play, but they’re not quite as strong as the pills. I’m a healthy 200# at over six and a half feet tall, and after a cycle of Redline capsules at the recommended dose (3 caps 2X daily), I was starting to tire early and build a tolerance to it. If you notice, they say on the bottle not to take it if you’re more than 15# overweight–you can, of course, and people do, but this is their legal disclaimer because it has the potential to dangerously elevate your blood pressure. An adult male with a background in competitive sprinting, cross-country running, and weight lifting, this stuff still makes my heart literally ache if I exceed the recommended dose.

    5-hydroxytryptophan (5-HTP) is the chemical precursor to the neurotransmitter serotonin, which is responsible for elevated mood, decreased appetite, and “warm” emotional feelings. It is absolutely novel to include this in a fat burner, and usually you couldn’t get away with it because it would make the user feel tired; but as it is, in combination with the caffeine and yohimbe, it just balances. (Yohimbe, also listed in some supplements by its chemical form as “yohimbine HCl,” has been indicated to shunt blood to the pelvic region and also clinically shown to *induce anxiety* in higher doses–the latter effect it shares with caffeine.)

    You can purchase 5-HTP from a local health/supplement store; look for “griffonia simplifica seed extract” on the label. This is not to be confused with L-Tryptophan, the amino acid of which 5-HTP is a metabolite, which can help induce sleep (but is not indicated for anxiety/depression).

    As far as amphetamine buzz, it’s actually not the strongest stuff out on the market now as far as the RTDs go (c.f. “Hollow Point: Adrenaline Activator”), but for those of you who are not caffeine sensitive and don’t have blood pressure contraindications, you will probably notice that the comedown from Redline is much gentler than most supplements, which tend to drop the user like a rock after four to six hours. One first-timer reported that she was alarmingly awake for an eight-hour road-trip only to fall asleep like a baby when she got home, but never had a “crash”–this is typical.

    cAMP is synthesized by your body from ATP (adenosine triphosphate, the rawest form of energy/fuel your body ever has) in order to transmit signals from hormones like adrenaline and so forth through cell membranes. It also turns glycogen into glucose–the sugars that your muscles can use immediately for energy. This is probably the chemical responsible for the shivering response.

    Vinpocetine increases cerebral blood flow and is indicated for memory and cognitive impairments (and incidentally in higher doses can help with tinnitus, or ringing-in-the-ears). This, in combination with the caffeine, is probably the chemical responsible for the arcs of euphoria that start at the base of your spinal column just before you start shivering–and also why many people compare it to the effects of ephedrine HCl.

    [Disclaimer: I’m not paid by the Vitamin Shoppe to say any of the above, and my opinions are wholly my own and do not necessarily reflect the corporate policy, &c., &c.]

    Hope that helps! Enjoy it–in moderation. 😉

  • hayley

    In my city they now only sell red lines to ppl over the age of 18. If that is the case then duh they are dangerous.One of my friends drank more than 3 in one day and ended up in the emergency room.

  • I drank a whole bottle of this stuff and i didnt feel anything at all.

  • erich

    i just purchased and drank a redline RTD from a GNC and chugged the entire bottle in less then 10 seconds… i did not feel any effects and its been an hour since i drank it… i did not shake or start sweating… but maybe its because i normally drink 3 redbulls a day for the last month… if this is why i didnt feel the effects someone let me know because i heard this stuff is supposed to be crazy

  • Alana

    I drank a whole 8oz. bottle of Redline for the first time a while back, and I didn’t really feel much. If anything, I might have been a little more energetic. That’s about it.

  • Redline is one of the most biochemically active and ambitious products on the market. It falls into the category of “smart” energy drinks, with ingredients that are meant to enhance the pleasurable and productive experience of caffeine. Two of the central ingredients towards this end are 5-HTP and L-Tyrosine.

    The 5-HTP is the direct precursor to Serotonin (the brain’s feel-good/chill neurotransmitter), meaning that when the body wants to make more Serotonin, it uses 5-HTP as the central building block. It is really good stuff (you can get 5-HTP in supplement form at most health food store or GNC). Tryptophan, in turn, is the central precursor to 5-HTP. Unfortunately, with all of the “fat burning” ingredients and the relatively sky high amount of caffeine per oz, I don’t feel the positive effects of the 5-HTP when I drink it. It gets lost in the intensity of the other reactions – too bad.

    The L-Tyrosine, in contrast, is a precursor to Dopamine, Adrenaline, and Nor-Adrenaline (the brain’s euphoric and “energy” neurotransmitters). Its inclusion can also positively enhance the experience of caffeine. And again, its effect gets lost in the experience of the other ingredients.

    Although I have had over 100 energy drinks and love them, I stopped drinking redline after about 2 weeks because it was simply not a pleasant experience for me and distracted me from focusing on my life.

    Your Smart Energy Drink Watchdog

  • Sunharra

    I just tried a Redline for the first time. CRAZY STUFF!!! It doesn’t taste all that great..and I was definately feeling ill.. had to eat some toast to soak it up a little. Great energy, I liked that it didn’t make me hungry, but too much exertion of any kind and I was feeling ill again. I had to eat something!! AND!! The thirst!!! OMG! I think I drank a river. I do believe there will be some deaths and lawsuits in the future of Redline!!!

  • KW

    I drank a bottle and a half on new years eve and it made me anxious, I felt like my skin was crawling- went on for 2 days. So then one week ago I decide to just have 1/3 the bottle – figured I would be ok. NOPE – my stomach felt like it was twisting and I couldn’t eat for the rest of the weekend and am still feeling ill (Monday, I drank it on Friday). Some people can drink it up fine, others it totally messes up. I guess it depends on your make-up. I thought I would be ok because I can usually handle ephedra products with absolutely no problems.

  • Search Engine Pro

    I’m sipping a bottle of Redline VPX because I’ll be up late tonight working. It will take me 4+ hours to consume the whole bottle.

    I tried my first bottle a few weeks ago. I’ve read about it over the last several months due to the advertising in Vitamin Shoppe’s magazine.

    I’m just over 40 and have had my share of caffine products over the years. This is by far the most potent I’ve ever experienced. The first time I tried it I drank about 1/4 of the bottle and I was jumping out of my skin. I can’t imagine someone pounding down a can or two a short amount of time.
    (having had asthma as a child I know what Epinephrine type products make your body do)

    Here’s the sad part and reality about so called “health food stores”. I talked on several occassions with the folks at my local Vitamin Shoppe. They all agree this stuff is dangerous and not good for long term use, but they admit it sells out every day and is their most popular energy drink.

    Health food chains like Vitamin Shoppe and GNC are interested in profits first and health second. Cod Liver Oil never killed anyone that I’m aware of, but this stuff can kill someone. So at some point, Vitamin Shoppe, GNC, and other resellers of this product will be able to share in the responsibility of some dope’s death because he / she did not read the silly label.

    I’m actually wondering how this product ever made it onto the market.

    I agree with one of the previous posts that their will be some Redline energy drink deaths and law suits coming in the future.

  • anonymous

    drank 4 cans of it in the matter of 2 hours and i was full with energy i even mixed it with other stuff… redline is the best drink that has came out… i find it no danger my heartrate goes up but i love the feeling [:

  • Tall White Male

    I agree and disagree with the blogs that have been written.I will get straight to the point.I like Redline and I consume only 1 a day,if people are so ignorant not to read warning labels then like Kid Rock says “people get what they deserve”..I do have one ?..Is it safe for a 33 yr old male at 6’4″ 210 lbs in great shape to consume this with my prescribed medication Adderall daily.I take approx. 30 mg 3x daily and drink a redline throughout the day ranging from 7:00 A.M. -4:00 P.M.I w/out 5 times a week 45min each session,is it safe for me if I have no known adverse health problems..

    P>S> Funny how the guy that had be taken to the hospital after like an idiot slammed a full 80z in less than 10 min felt so disorientated even after 5 hrs from the time of consumption could sit down and write a 10 min. cursing the co. that has possibly manufactured the “True Energy Drink”..Some people will do or write anything due to self absorption.lolo..

  • syn

    I drank a bottle of Redline RTD yesterday for the first time and I was happy with it. I drank 4oz first, then decided to just finish it off. I then drove to the gym and the way I could desrcibe the feeling of redline after about a half hour was that everything went from normal to high definition. I’ve never taken drugs, so I can’t compare it to that or anything, but I got throguh my workout with alot more intensity and focus. I was then able to stay alert the rest of the day with no crazy feelings or anything. I took the drink at about 2:00PM and had no problems going to sleep at 11:30PM even though I was not really tired. Redline worked out well for me and gave me energy when I needed it and let me off slowly. I think problems arise when people don’t follow the labels and take something when they are physically healthy, of age, or combine it with other stuff. People also tend to overdose on things with the “more is better” mentality, and this gives things a basd reputation when it obviously works well.

Last Modified: March 25, 2015