Rockstar Super Sours Energy Drink

rockstar-super-sour-bubbleberryRockstar Super Sours Energy Drink is yet another flavor variation from the #3 energy drink brand, Rockstar.

With all the controversy surrounding energy drinks and kids, Rockstar seems to be laughing with the launch of Super Sours.

This line is clearly marketed to kids/teens with their whimsically colored cans and kid friendly flavors like Sour Apple and Bubbleberry.

The drink officially launches in the USA on Dec. 1st, but has been available in Europe since earlier this year.

More Caffeine to Fuel the Hyperactive Child in You

Not only do the new Super Sours Energy Drinks seem to be marketed to kids, but they also have 50% more caffeine than original Rockstar.

Bevnet reports both Sour Apple and Bubbleberry have 120 milligrams per serving for a total of 240mg/16oz can. This is on par with Rockstar’s Punched line of energy drinks.

A Candy-Like Energy Drink Trend?

rockstar-super-sours-sour-appleI wonder if Super Sours will start a new candy-like energy drink trend as they compete for younger, less refined palettes. Kids want drinks that taste good and completely hide the energy ingredients. From reports so far, it seems like these new drinks have accomplished this nicely.

Rockstar needs to do something to set them apart from Monster and Red Bull who both far surpass them in sales.

However, it just seems a bit strange that in light of the ever increasing scrutiny regarding the safety of energy drinks and teens, Rockstar would develop Super Sours, which are obviously marketed to teens and those even younger.

I can’t think of any kid that wouldn’t want to get their lips on a can of Sour Apple or Bubbleberry and I pity the parent that allows that to happen!

240mg of caffeine + Sugar + Child = 1 long night.

Have you tried Rockstar Super Sours yet? What did you think of the new flavors and extra caffeine?

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  • Matt S.

    I live in Seattle. Found a can of it in a gas station at Bellevue, WA. Bubbleberry isn’t too bad actually. I had no idea what to expect but I had to get one and try it. It seems that just by going to out of the way mini marts or gas stations you can find weird new flavors of drinks like Monster and Rockstar, almost as if they are the test grounds. Big stores like QFC or Safeway usually don’t carry them. 😛

    As for it being for kids: I would probably NEVER let my kids have them until they are in their late teens at least.

  • Ezra B.

    Weird, Matt. I found it at, what I assume, is the exact same gas station in Bellevue. Only place I have ever seen it.

    I’m not very fond of the flavor, but considering I have never even heard of this line before, it’s kind of a fun novelty for the time being. Until it hits the larger (or any) retailers that is. I’ll be stocking up on a couple for Christmas presents to the energy drink addicts I know.

  • Luke J

    I got this today to try and I have to say its horrible.. It tastes like a diet no sugar blueberry bubble gum drink… Not good period but it was worth the try lol

  • Amanda

    i love the bubbleberry! it’s not only for children or teenagers. i think it was also developed for people like me who like sweet drinks and dont like the taste of regular rockstars. only rockstar i like is bubbleberry! yuumm(:

  • Glen

    I found the green apple flavour in a shop yesterday, I don’t know if 50% extra caffeine is safe but it tastes too good to worry about. It’s like liquid Apple Cocaine, It’s such a nice buzz.

  • Geh

    I have tried both of the SUPERSOURS range so far… I am a bit of a caffiene addict, so I must have at least one can of energy drink a day. Rockstar are my favourite for three reasons; they have a real genuine flavour unlike most energy drinks which seem to have the same taste, the cans look great, they’re not expensive like Monster and Relentless.

    So what did I think of the new Super Sours drinks?

    Well, I tried the Green Apple one after it caught my eye in the shop with it’s bright, alluring colour. It really stood out. At first when I tasted it, I thought it was a little weird and my tastebuds were just like ‘I don’t know where I stand on this.’
    But after drinking the rest of the can, the flavour lost it’s unfamiliarity and strangeness and began to taste really nice. I bought 3 more cans after that.

    As I am writing this, I sit here with a can of the BubbleBurst Supersour drink. I was interested about the taste of it so I cracked it open. All I can say is, OMG NOSTALGIA.
    It literally tastes like you’re drinking bubblegum.
    It’s amazing.

    I would probably rate them.
    Apple: 7/10
    Bubbleburst: 8/10
    I love both the flavours, as they are odd and unique. The ratings for them would have been higher, but I don’t think the SuperSours range would be something I’d drink regularly day to day as I’ve grown to like the original flavours better as they feel more refreshing and give more of a buzz- unusually. Thanks for the new flavours, Rockstar, but I think I’ll stick to the normal Rockstar Xdurance drinks. :3

    I don’t know if I really got an “extra buzz” of the new drinks, as don’t really get the buzz anymore from one or two cans.

  • Shaun

    I have got a Green Apple one now.
    (I live in the UK by the way)
    I was very happy to see when I looked at the ingredients and found Ginseng.
    The taste is also very nice I do have a bad throat but I can still taste it and it tastes really nice and sweet and sour at the same time!! 🙂 I think this could be a cool new ‘series’ of drinks possibly a lemon and lime flavour or raspberry or something?! that would be really great.

  • Jay Clarke

    I’m a little late to the party but us folks here in Chicago just got the super sour so far I have only found the blueberry one but I’m dying to get the sour Apple flavor

  • Rus

    I’ve tried Bubbleberry and it wasn’t bad. Can’t find Sour Apple. The only problem with Rockstar drinks is their distribution… Rockstar is poorly distributed by Pepsi Cola. In the energy section of the cooler, Rockstar is found on the dark bottom rack an inch off the floor. Below Pepsi’s AMP, Coke’s NOS and Full Throttle, Monster and Red Bull. For Rockstar selection, you get the black can, the white can and maybe one or two other flavors. Their cooler placement would ensure poor sales thus stores reluctance to stock a poor selling product. Once Rockstar can figure out a way to successfully offer their products to the consumer, I’m sure their good drinks will sell themselves.

  • ted

    Strange, in the 7-Eleven stores in SoCal Rockstar has eye level placement.

  • Dill.

    Bubbleberry sucks. Smells awful as soon as you open it. Greenapple is the good one.

  • Becca

    I Live In Somerset And Can’t Find It, Anyone Kno Were I Am Likely To Find The Super Sour Apple Rockstar?

  • Rokstarr

    GREEN APPLE FTW.. This flavor is ammmaaaazzzinnngg.. Downside: very limited availability, I have only found it in one Walmart around here.. Bubbleberry is everywhere but its flavor is meh.. liquid bubble yum isn’t my thing.

  • John Pacheco

    I live in Bellevue,WA what gas station carries the Rockstar sours?

  • Joseph

    Green Apple is god tier drinking material.
    The extra caffeine kicks my ass into go when I have to work after an all nighter too. Flawless victory.

  • Bart

    I don’t think it’s marketed to kids as much as ravers.

  • Wiuwiu

    Fucking delicious.

  • EnergyFreak

    Dude, I’ve been following this site since close to day one.. I’m usually a freak about no sugar and “healthy” – or at least health conscious – choices, etc.. but I must say that these are a guilty pleasure of mine.. a guilty pleasure to which I am pitifully addicted. I love these drinks. The hardest part about it is deciding which flavor I enjoy more? The only thing they could do to make this product any better is add more vitamins, herbs and all that good jazz to the mix. The flavors are unreal and the caffeine context is just right.

  • Thanks for being a loyal reader 🙂 Well, I guess there are worse things to be addicted to for sure.


    I love both… But if given a one-on-a-desert-island-for-life, green apple. By the way, I don’t know why this would be considered marketing to kids. I’m 30 and before these, the only energy drink I’d touch was Rockstar Punched. Maybe a colored Amp sometimes but 99% Punched. It’s not marketed to kids, it’s marketed to people who don’t like the flavor of cold, carbonated urine.

Last Modified: September 11, 2014