Energy Drinks

Energy Drink Mixes: Caffeine, Calories, and Varieties

Strawberry Energy Drink MixAn energy drink mix is a caffeinated flavored dry powder mixed with water. This creates a non-carbonated energy drink at a fraction of the price of a ready to drink (RTD) variety.

The Energy Drink Mix market is over $100 million in size, and the Crystal Light brand (sold by Kraft) holds over 50% of this market.

All mixes are sweetened with artificial sweeteners (aspartame, sucralose, or Ace-K), and some contain surprisingly high amounts of caffeine.

Here is a complete list of energy drink mixes, ranked by caffeine content.

It’s clear there are a number of markets: The tubs (Gfuel, Berserk, Rogue) are marketed to gamers (and some as pre-workout mixes) The other mixes are aimed at consumers who want a pick-me-up but don’t want to spend all the money on carbonated energy drinks.

Most Popular Energy Drink Mixes

According to research, in 2018/19, the top 5 selling drink mixes were (in order)

  1. Crystal Light Energy
  2. Private Label Energy Drink Mix (e.g. Great Value from Walmart).
  3. Zipfizz
  4. 4C Energy Rush
  5. True Lemon