Energy Drinks

Energy Drink Mixes: Caffeine, Calories, and Varieties

Strawberry Energy Drink MixAn energy drink mix is a caffeinated flavored dry powder mixed with water. This creates a non-carbonated energy drink at a fraction of the price of a ready to drink (RTD) variety.

The Energy Drink Mix market is over $100 million in size, and the Crystal Light brand (sold by Kraft) holds over 50% of this market.

All mixes are sweetened with artificial sweeteners (aspartame, sucralose, or Ace-K), and some contain surprisingly high amounts of caffeine.

Here is a complete list of energy drink mixes, ranked by caffeine content.

It’s clear there are a number of markets: The tubs (Gfuel, Berserk, Rogue) are marketed to gamers (and some as pre-workout mixes) The other mixes are aimed at consumers who want a pick-me-up but don’t want to spend all the money on carbonated energy drinks.

Most Popular Energy Drink Mixes

According to research, in 2018/19, the top 5 selling drink mixes were (in order)

  1. Crystal Light Energy
  2. Private Label Energy Drink Mix (e.g. Great Value from Walmart).
  3. Zipfizz
  4. 4C Energy Rush
  5. True Lemon


Written by James Foster, last updated on Sep 28, 2023